. . . for Lauren and Lauren: May 2016

May 31, 2016

Tassel dress and giveaway

dress: c/o pink blush   vest: target   sandals: old navy  

I've shared my love for Pink Blush many times before and happy to do it again!  They have so many cute clothes for pregnancy, nursing and regular wear.  I forgot the struggle of finding clothes to wear that are nursing appropriate, especially in the summer when leggings are too hot.  I love dresses with thinner straps because you can just pull one side down and nurse easily.  

This dress will be a new favorite this summer!  I love the color and it's so comfy.  Perfect with my denim vest, a jean jacket and will be great with leggings in cooler weather.  

Pink Blush always has awesome sales, many time 30% off their site or extra 50% off clearance. I got quite a lot of my favorite maternity tops and dresses from there and ones that I can still wear now (that don't look like maternity thankfully!).  They always have free shipping which is always a major plus for shopping online.  Plus they have easy returns if needed! 

I get to give away a $50 giftcard to Pink Blush on instagram tomorrow morning so make sure to check it out!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

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May 30, 2016

Summer dresses under $20

one   //  two   //  three
four  //   five

I feel like we skipped right after spring here and we're full in summer mode.  Which means shorts and dresses!  Finding dresses that I can nurse in is tricky, but I think these would all work.  As long as they are loose at the top I can just slip one side down under my nursing cover.  I love the pockets, tassels and the button down trends so these are all perfect.  And they are all under $20! 

I hope you are having a wonderful three day weekend! 

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May 25, 2016

Healthier Snacks? We're trying!

I've been trying harder to find healthy snacks for both Addilyn and I to eat.  I do pretty well in terms of healthy eating with breakfast and lunch.  It's snacking and dinner where I fail, as well as giving Addi healthy options (that she'll eat).  These energy balls are a favorite.  Call them cookie balls and most of the time Addilyn will eat them up.  Of course sometimes she just picks out the chocolate chips.  But they are delicious and filling and I will eat them all! 

This week we made these and they were easy and really good.  All you do is spread greek yogurt on a cookie sheet (over parchment paper), cut up fruit and sprinkle that and granola.  Then freeze and break into pieces.  We all loved it!

What are your favorite healthier snacks for you and your toddler?  I need more!

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May 24, 2016

Lack of creativity

top: c/o shein   pants: gap   sandals: groopdealz

The bad:

Could I be any less original in my outfit after last week's?  Oops.  What can I say? I love embroidered tops.  And this one is perfect.  At least I ironed this one.  

Potty training is kicking my butt.  I think we had a two week honeymoon period, but now? Holy crap. Literally.  

I made an appointment for a cleaning at the dentist.  Hello anxiety.  Enough said.  

I wish I had a better camera.  Not sure why my pictures lately look yellow and I have no energy or money to put towards bettering the quality of my outfit pictures.  

The good:

I went on my first post baby run with my sister last weekend and it was wonderful.  Wonderful in the sense that it felt great to be back to running.  Hard and tiring, but exciting to me to work towards a new goal.  We're going to run a half marathon in October and look forward to time with Lauren and time for me! 

The weather has been so nice the last few days.  We walked on Saturday morning, I ran on Sunday, we had dinner outside with friends Sunday night, and we played at the park many times the last week. So thankful for sunshine!

Isaac is talking a ton and it is just the best thing ever.  Watch this video.  You won't be sorry.  

This sweatshirt is on it's way to me and I cannot wait. 

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May 23, 2016

Recent deals

I didn't go shopping much the last few months of pregnancy, and not much until now.  I should probably reign it in with my old navy online shopping, and the last time I went to Target (alone - happy mother's day to me!) I found quite a few things.  Like this top for $6 and these jeans.  I always find it somewhat annoying when I click on a link to a pair of jeans that a blogger shares as budget friendly and they are "only $100."  They'd have to be miracle jeans for me to spend that much.  These were $30, which is more than I normally spend on one piece of clothing, but I loved them.  They are stretchy and comfy and perfect.  

I got these sandals on groopdealz for $13 shipped and had to apologize to my Laurens for not ordering them a pair as well.  I love them.  

Now if only I could find a deal on a swimsuit.  All I want in a cute one piece or peplum tankini that is under $40.  Too much to ask? Tell me your favorite place to buy a cheaper suit?

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May 19, 2016

New & old favorites

top: nordstroms   jeans: target   sandals: old navy

I just bought these jeans from Target and love them.  They're quite stretchy around the waist, which we all know is a major plus for jeans.  And I've wanted distressed jeans forever, but can't seem to find ones that aren't way too holey, but these are perfect.  

And let's ignore my overly wrinkled shirt.  I just pulled out all my summer stuff from bins, which is a huge feat for me.  I was happy to find this top that I got last summer, and know I'll be wearing it a lot!

Here's a few other embroidered tops I love.  (I own the third one and love it!)  

one // two //  three

Happy almost Friday friends!

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May 18, 2016

You had me at brunch

tee: c/o Wake me up goods

Lack of sleep is kicking my butt this week, so all I've got today is some random thoughts . . . . .

I am in love with this shirt.  And brunch.  I could eat breakfast every meal of the day.

Today I was driving down a busier neighborhood road and it was the last day of school and the kids must have just gotten out.  This group of maybe 15 boys were taking up over half the road and wouldn't get to the side as I came up.  It was so clear they thought they were just the coolest thing in the world.  I couldn't help but laugh at how confident and ridiculous they were.

I can't get over Isaac's face in this picture.  His little smirk is just too cute!

Have you watched the show Detour?  Chris and I have been watching it.  Such a funny show.

Speaking of shows, I cried watching Dancing with the Stars.  I'm blaming post pregnancy hormones and sleep deprivation.  

I just ordered this diaper bag and am really excited to get it!

Love this sweet picture and so thankful for how Addi loves Isaac and how he's starting to smile at her all the time.  I can imagine watching them love each other be on the top of the list of having two kids.

Hope you're having a great week! 

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May 15, 2016


Dear Chris,
In years past I've written you a birthday post, an anniversary one and a Father's day one the last two years.  As life gets busy, and words seem to come to me much less easy, I'm grouping them into one letter.  But promise it'll be good.  

Thank you for pursuing me over and over when I was 15 and for not giving up when I told you I didn't think it would work out.  I can not imagine if you would've given in and not fought to convince me we belonged together. 

Thank you for always having the more positive attitude.  For being optimistic and seeing the better side of things.  I don't know what life would look like if you had my point of view in most things. I can imagine and it's not pretty.  I'm so glad I've become less worried, more optimistic and able to relax a little bit, thanks to you.  

Thank you for forgiving easily and letting things go.  I don't think there is anyone in the world that can do that better than you.  You work things out and then move on and don't hold on to anything. You love people so well.

Thank you for working so hard.  Years ago when you said you someday wanted to work for yourself and have your own business, while I supported that idea I didn't know if it would ever happen.  You tried multiple things that didn't pan out, and you just kept trying.  I could not be more proud of how hard you have worked the last four years.  When I go into your office and think about all your responsibilities, how happy your employees are and how well your company is doing, I feel so thankful you didn't give up on your dream.  

Thank you for loving me during our struggles, especially the years we fought to get pregnant. They were hard, emotional and full of a lot of learning what each other needed.  Thank you for working to figure out what I needed, for listening to me, holding me and crying with me during those times. They made our marriage stronger and I'm thankful for those struggles.  

Thank you for meeting me in the middle in so many things.  We've learned to compromise when it comes to being relaxed verses worried, spending verses saving and talking about things verses letting them go.  We are so opposite but we've become more like each other year after year, and I truly believe we make each other better.  

Thank you for being the best dad for our babies.  You are loving, silly, careful and fun.  You are tender and cry when you hold Isaac or when you talk about how much you love Addilyn.  You read books with funny voices, make up songs and build forts.  I never doubted you'd be a good dad, but I didn't know how much I'd love you because of it.  

Life looks so different now than it did five years ago.  Sometimes I miss our days of vacations and tv marathons.  Of having plenty of time for each other and plenty of time alone.  But I couldn't be more grateful for where we are now.  I still can't believe we have two kids.  We get to be parents to the sweetest little girl and boy and get to do it together.  I know I'm tired and often short with you and by the end of the day what I feel like I have left to give you is not much.  Thank you for loving me regardless.  

Eleven years ago we said I do and I know we'd both do it again and again.  Happy anniversary, happy birthday and happy father's day.  There isn't anyone I'd rather celebrate than you.  I love you.  

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May 12, 2016

Addi says what

Me: Ewwww. I smell cows.
Addi: I want to eat them. 

Looking at Isaac: "We can name this baby Molly." 

"I'm trying really hard to use my imagination to make the rain go away and it is not working!"

She looked into my eyes and said, "God made your eyes so beautiful, just like mine."

I'll always be there for you Isaac.

Me: Addi who gave those pants to you?
Addi: I don't even want to remember. 

Chris and Addi were at a park and there was a dad there with a long goatee . . . 
Addi: What's that on your chin?
Dad: It's hair, just like yours.
Addi: My hair is better than yours.

"I want to live at Target forever."  (And all the moms said Amen!)

A friends' daughter was babbling and Addi looked at me and said "She's not speaking English!"

I put shorts on Addi for the first time this year and she panicked and looked at me and said, "Where are the rest of them? I want my pants back."

"You prayed for me and God gave me to you.  He carried me around in a little box while I was sleeping.  I'd sleep in this little box and he'd carry me around before I was born."

On the toilet after sitting awhile when I made her try to pee, "I peed eventually."

During bedtime one night both kids were crying and I went in Addi's room and told her that she's a big girl, that Isaac needed me and she's old enough that she can go to sleep without my help. She pointed to her crib and said "but this is a bed for babies."  (Good point, but no.  Crib forever.)

Me: We need to stop using your pacifier or they will ruin your teeth. 
Addi: Yes, they are very fragile. 

Isaac started laughing and she said excitedly, "He said his first word finally!"

Me when we drove by a pretty house: I want to live in that house. 
Addi: It's not on sale mama.  

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May 10, 2016

You may want to know . . . . . .

 top:  c/o make me chic   necklace: noonday   bracelet: nickel and suede 

That when Isaac was a few weeks old I couldn't remember the last time we gave Addilyn a bath. Later that day I found a dreadlock in her hair.  And had to cut it out.  

That these sunglasses are covering ridiculously tired eyes thanks to maybe four hours of broken sleep the night before.  

That I made dinner this week and it was the first real dinner I've made since Isaac has been born. Real dinner not counting mac and cheese, ravioli, you know something that requires multiple steps.  I was partially proud but maybe a little embarrassed too that it's taken so long to get myself together when it comes to cooking.  

We have this old school bible songs cd that we listen to in the car.  One song says "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" and Addi was singing it and very confidently sang it  "Jesus wants me for a zombie."

That I think it should be required for moms to wear pajamas and no make up to church on Mother's Day.  Our service starts at 9, so there was little chance to stay in bed for too long if I wanted to be ready and have us all out the door on time.  Thankfully this top and leggings made it mostly easy to get dressed.  (And it's only $17!)

That Isaac rolled over today and I missed it!  He was on his belly and I went to get Addilyn and came back and he was on his back.  

Hope you're having a great week!

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May 9, 2016

Letting go of my agenda

By 9 o'clock I was totally maxed out in terms of patience and I knew I needed a redo already. It was Chris' birthday.  I wanted to make cupcakes and have Addi finish this little book I wanted to give to Chris. Isaac was napping, we got the cupcakes part baked, saving the frosting for later, and I was trying to get Addi to answer some questions to write in this book. She was making no sense (I mean she is only two - my first mistake), being uncooperative and growling at me and gritting her teeth. All while I asked a million times if she had to go pee as we're in the thick of potty training. Isaac woke up after a very short nap and I tried to continue our task. Very unsuccessfully. 

Half hour later and she'd had a few time outs for not listening.  I not quickly enough realized my impatience was rubbing off on her and back and forth it went. 10:30 and I felt like our day was already discouraging  and a disaster. 

I think all too often I set up my agenda for the day. Getting a workout video in, certain things cleaned, an activity accomplished. While there's nothing wrong with a plan or schedule I think it's easy for me to set out our day unrealistically, especially now with two kids. 

Going with the flow is at the bottom of my personality traits and I'd like to move it up a little at least. I'll never be a care free mom and I'm totally ok with it. I have many other strengths and that isn't one. But I'd love if it wasn't such a weakness. 

I want to start my day with an idea of what I'd like it to look like but to be okay when it doesn't go as planned. To let go of expectations and adjust my ideal day. Change my plans and move on. To not let a rough morning ruin my day and to start over how ever many times we need. 

And then some days knowing it's just a bad day.  And that may look like throwing in the towel. Putting a diaper on "potty trained" two year old and watching the iPad in bed for too long. Knowing that tomorrow is a new day and we'll try for a better one.  


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May 8, 2016

Isaac two months old

Dear Isaac - 

You are already two months old!  Time is going way too quickly.  You are just the sweetest, happiest little guy and we can't imagine life without you.  You really are a very content baby.  You rarely cry. Once in awhile in the car and in the evenings you've gotten worked up, but otherwise you start fussing when you want something and become happy again very quickly.  

You are getting stronger and stronger and can lift and hold your head up pretty well.  You love kicking your legs.  As soon as we take off your clothes you get this excited, happy look on your face and just start kicking your little legs so fast.  Your arms flail all around and you are so happy. You love being naked!  

You smile all the time and starting cooing and "talking."  You love looking at your sister and she loves making you smile.  Your other favorite thing to look at is the ceiling.  You love lights and fans and seem to be happier looking at them than any toys we have.  I keep forgetting to get out the "baby" toys so you look at Addilyn's my little pony toys, her blocks and trains more than anything else.  But really the ceiling is your favorite.  

Very slowly we're getting into a somewhat routine for you, but mostly it depends on what we're doing that day.  I've started putting you down for a morning nap, usually about an hour after you wake up for the day.  I put you in the rock n play in our bedroom and you sleep for just thirty to forty minutes.  Then we usually leave the house and you sleep on and off either in the stroller, carseat or the wrap.  Most days you fall asleep soon after Addilyn goes down and I hold you on the couch.  It is my favorite time of the day and I know I'll be sad when we don't get to do that anymore.  You usually sleep on and off in the later afternoon, either in the car or in your bouncy seat or the wrap again, depending on what we're doing.  We don't quite have a bedtime routine yet, but you usually fall asleep sometime between 7:30-8:30 and most nights I still hold you on the couch until I'm ready for bed.  Some nights you sleep until 1:30 and then again till 4:30. Those are my favorite nights!  Nursing has been a little challenge but we are figuring it out and it's getting better.  You spit up quite a bit, but hopefully that will get better soon! 

You're losing some hair on the top of your head, and look kind of like an old man.  A very, very cute old man.  Your eyes seem to change color and we can't tell if they are brown, hazel, or grey!  You're wearing mostly 0-3 and 3 month clothing and still have short little legs and a long torso just like the rest of your family.  You've definitely filled out a little in your face and arms and legs, and still have a good round belly! 

You really are just so happy and content and I could not be more in love with you.  


your mom 

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May 5, 2016

Appreciating it for now

jacket: c/o shein   leggings: old navy   shoes: dsw

My daily outfit is just about this.  Leggings, a long tank top and either t-shirt or workout top.  I love this one!  I feel ready to get dressed in "nicer" clothes, but don't know when to fit that in, and don't feel comfortable in a majority of my clothing.  I'm hoping that the weather will warm up soon, but am not looking forward to switching out my winter and summer clothes.  Both because it takes forever and I know many of them won't fit.  So I will appreciate leggings and tshirt weather a little while longer!  

What are your Mother's day plans? I told Chris I'd love a solo trip to Target and a long walk with my sister (and Isaac).  I'm sure that sounds nice to all moms, right? 

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May 3, 2016

Our baby boy's announcement

We have been loyal Tiny Prints fans since Addilyn was born, using them for her birth announcement, first birthday party, thank you notes and Christmas cards since.  So I was so excited to work with them again for Isaac's birth announcements.  They have so many options and I always spend way too much time deciding which to choose.  I am in LOVE with the ones we picked and can't wait for all of our friends and family to get them.  I love the simplicity of a single photo on the front, but love that I could include two more on the back.  

I love the grey envelopes that match the announcements, as well as the matching address labels I picked. It's hard enough finding time to address all of them, I can't imagine writing our address that many times.  I have always been impressed with Tiny Prints.  (Remember with Addilyn's announcements when I wrote the wrong weight and called and they sent me a whole new set for free with the right weight?)  From their customer service to the quality of their products, we love them! 

Now if I can just get to the post office to buy more stamps, they should be sent out by the time this post goes up! 

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May 2, 2016

Boy mom

I always find it kind of funny when people post boy mom after their son is playing in the dirt or climbing something high because I feel like Addi (and many other girls) do just the same.  But I'm sure as Isaac grows there will be lots of experiences that are different in parenting a boy than a girl. Hello diaper changes and spraying pee, right? 

If I'm being honest there was a greater part of me that wanted this baby to be a girl. I felt comfortable with the idea of raising two girls, thought how great it'd be for them to have sisters, and let's be honest, I wanted to use all Addilyn's cute clothes and headbands again.  I knew I'd be excited either way, boy or girl, but leaned more towards a girl.  When we found out we were having a boy, I was excited but a little nervous too.  

It didn't take me long to become more excited as I planned his nursery, started collecting boy things and dreamed of what it would be like to have a son.  But I was still nervous about having a boy.  
But now? I can't imagine it any other way.    

Of course I knew I'd love him more than I could imagine, but I am so thankful we have a son.   I know that there is going to be a different kind of bond between me and him, as there is between Addilyn and I.  He makes my heart so happy and so full.  His full head of hair.  He beautiful eyes, and his sweetest little sounds.  I feel so lucky I get to experience mothering a daughter and a son and can't imagine it any other way.  

Isaac Jordan you are a dream come true and make your mama so happy.  I could not love you more!

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