. . . for Lauren and Lauren: February 2018

February 27, 2018


Dear Isaac,

Tomorrow you turn two years old! It is crazy to me that you are no longer my baby and you are this toddler BOY!  You have become all boy these days.  Super heroes, army guys, wrestling, grunting, so much toughness in this tiny little body.  Sometimes I get a little nervous because it already feels like parenting a boy is so different than a girl and I don't feel prepared!  

You have the best smile.  You have little dimples that are the cutest.  It's easy to get you to smile or laugh and you make everybody happy.  They can't get over how adorable you are, and I think you feed right into it, smiling and waving and being silly.  You are a huge snuggler.  You give so many people hugs and you always put your head on the person's shoulder and wrap your arms around them. It is the sweetest thing.  

You're still just the floppiest kid.  I don't know what better way to describe it.  I can't trust your little body anywhere because you'll fling yourself around or fall over, like you're made of rubber.  It is hilarious and a little terrifying.  I think you just trust that whoever is holding you will catch you, which I guess makes sense because they always do.  But I feel like I have to warn anyone who is watching you. 

You are talking up a storm.  You have more words than I can count and talk in full sentences. You've started to response with a sassy attitude sometimes, like the other day when you said, "Sorry Katie" or when you say "go away!" over and over.  I'm sure you're learning lots of things from your sister! 

You love superheros.  Batman, superman, the hulk.  You pretend to be them, play that we're chasing bad guys, playing with little superhero figures. You can identify all of them and it is really cute. It's crazy what an opinion and how strong you already show interest in things.  You still only want to watch Cars on tv, and I'm ready to watch a new show!

You are a pretty good sleeper most of the time, of course going through phases on and off.  On a good day you go to bed by 7:30 and wake up at 6ish.  You usually nap for an hour and a half around 12:30. No complaining as I'm thrilled any night when I don't go in your room to sing you back to sleep! You sleep with your two little puppies and hold one in each hand.  

You love cereal, yogurt, chicken, avocado, veggie straws, granola bars, donuts, and any kind of sweets.  You love your family - your grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.  You get excited when we're going to see them, or when they are coming over.  You love your sister.  When you wake up you ask over and over when she is going to wake up.  You give her the biggest hug goodbye before preschool and can't wait to pick her up.  You two walk hand in hand just about every day out the door and it's the cutest thing.  

You don't like sharing toys and usually want whatever Addi is playing with.  You can go from being content to completely losing it and make the saddest, most pathetic face.  I can usually get you to take a few deep breaths and I have a hard time not laughing because it's just too cute.   You don't like being in the church nursery or gym childcare and we haven't pushed it too much, but I am ready for you to go in there and not cry! Hopefully this year!

I love you more than I can even say.  You bring so much joy to our lives and anyone that knows you. You are happy, sweet, fun, silly and tough, and I am so thankful that I get to be your mama.  Happy birthday sweet Isaac Jordan! you are so so loved. 


your mama 

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February 22, 2018

Just wear the overwears!

overalls: gleam boutique   shoes: target 

The first time I put overalls on Addi as a opinionated toddler, she immediately started crying and dramatically tried to touch the ground and acted as though she was in a straight jacket.  She told me "I am never wearing overwears again!"   Thankfully I managed to convince her that she should give them a shot and now she'll wear them if I'm lucky.  

I bought my first pair of overalls as an adult over a year ago, and then they sat in my closet for a good three to four months.  I liked how they looked on me, and thought they were super comfortable, yet I was nervous to wear them because I thought I'd be trying to look like a child or that people would think they were ridiculous.  I've slowly worn them more and realize that they make me happy so I'm going to wear them whenever I want.  My sister wrote a blog post about wearing what makes you happy and not letting standards or expectations you put on yourself dictate what you wear.   I don't know why it took me so long to wear them or why I would be so concerned with what someone else would think! It's silly to admit, but I am sure most of us can relate to that about some trend or clothing or whatever it is.  

 The day I wore these a mom friend at preschool pickup told me she bought a pair of overalls but has yet to wear them.  I told her she needs to just wear them.  And then there is no going back, because this is my third pair. ;)

I got these overalls from The Gleam Boutique and I love them!  My sweet friend Laura is the owner and I love the clothes she's picked to add to her shop.  These overalls were only $38, which I have struggled to find a pair that isn't insanely expensive.  (Plus you can use code KATIE15FEB for 15% off!)  I'm also giving away a $15 giftcard on my instagram page this week (@katiejvale) so go check it out.  

For reference I am wearing a size large.  The models ones are super tight, and I wanted a baggier feel. A medium may have been fine, as the back is a little big in these, but I like how they fit. Loose and comfy.  Which pretty much sums up the majority of my wardrobe these days! 

Make sure to check out The Gleam Boutique and wear overalls, or whatever makes you happy!

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February 12, 2018

Welcoming a Monday

top: c/o shein   jeans: american eagle   shoes: dsw

I usually don't welcome Mondays happily but this week I am!  Chris was out of town the last four days and we got a ridiculous amount of snow while he was gone.  Well over a foot!  Add in a puppy that's up during the night and needing constant attention, this time when he was gone was one of the harder.  We were stuck at home most of the time, after being home most of the week before because Isaac was sick.  I was just a little stir crazy and feeling so ready to be done with Winter!  So even though we jumped right into another week, I'm happy for healthy kids, cleared roads and a husband who will be home after work.  

My collection of camouflage things is slowly growing, as I recently got this camo top.  It's cozy and perfect with jeans (and probably long enough for leggings).  This little guy wanted in on the pictures. He is going to be TWO in just two weeks and I can't even believe.  He is such a little guy and seems so much like my baby still!

Hope you've had a good start to your week!
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February 4, 2018

It was only a matter of time

top: c/o shein    jeans: American eagle (on sale!)    shoes: target

I love this top/  The color, the fabric and I love that it's long enough to tie in a knot, or tuck in my jeans.  Perfect for when I'm over bulky sweaters, but it's not even close to Spring weather. I ordered a size large, wanting it to be a little on the bigger size and I love how it fits.  Plus it's only $14!

I went to Target this last week and they have 20% off all their clearance shoes and clothes. They had a TON of little boys shoes on clearance.  I bought Isaac six pairs of shoes! All but one are in bigger sizes that he'll grow into, but they were all under $5.  And I found these shoes in my size for only $8! I wanted them when they were full price.  Win!

In less happy news, it was only a matter of time till someone got sick over here. We have had a pretty healthy Fall and Winter, but Isaac has had a fever the last handful of days.  Thankfully no flu so far, but these germs and flu paranoia are making me crazy!  Praying he's healthy soon, and no one else gets sick.  I'm not sure I can manage more sickness and a puppy.  Good thing they are all so cute!

I hope you all had a great weekend!
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February 1, 2018

How many canvases is too many?

I couldn't count off the top of my head how many canvases we have in our house.  I love taking pictures, having pictures taken of our family and putting them around our house.  I have always loved decorating, and I especially love decorating with pictures of my kids and our family.  I recently got a chance to review a canvas from Canvas Press and I was not disappointed!  We had family pictures taken last Spring, and they've slowly replaced our family pictures from the year before.  I love this picture of the four of us (although now kind of wishing I picked this picture of our new puppy!)  I guess I'll have to order another one!

I picked black and white because I wasn't sure where I was going to hang it in our house and wanted it to fit in any room I hung it.  I'm still not sure it'll stay on our mantle but I like it for now!  I love the thickness of the canvas.  It's thicker than any other I've ordered and I like that.  It could easily be hung on a nail on the wall or put on a shelf.  I think some day I'll use all our canvases I've replaced over the last few years to make a gallery wall going up our stairs.  What do you do with canvases that you've replaced with updated pictures?

I've ordered canvases from multiple places, as I'm always trying to find quality canvases that aren't crazy expensive.  I'll be adding Canvas Press to my list and will use them again! 

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