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August 31, 2016

Happy half birthday Isaac!

Dear Isaac - 

Happy half birthday! I can't believe you are already six months old.  It seems like forever ago since you were this tiny little baby, but yet I feel like time goes so quickly!  You are still the happiest little guy and I just feel so lucky that you have the best temperment.  

You are rolling non stop and can go back and forth so easily now.  You finally don't mind being on your belly and are happy to play with some toys on the ground and lay on your stomach.  You have been able to scoot around in circles and can move quite a ways.  I happy for you to stay put as long as possible, but do think you're happier longer on your own once you can get things you want! You can't sit up on your own, but are definitely getting stronger.  

You love taking baths and are happy to just sit in your little seat in the bath.  You love it when Addi is in there with you so you can watch her.  Your favorite bath "toy" is the little bucket we got from the hospital that they used to give you your first bath.  You'll just suck on the edge of it the whole time. You love holding and chewing cups too.  Or a water bottle.  

You finally are noticing Molly and love her.  You smile and laugh at her and love to watch her run around.  I remember Addi starting to love Molly at this age too.  

You don't love staying in one spot for two long, but are as happy as can be if you are being held or played with.  You love peek-a-boo, books, being tickled, rolling around on our bed or watching Addilyn play.  You laugh at her all the time, even when she isn't doing anything.  I love how you look at her, and think it is just the sweetest thing ever.  

We started giving you baby food and you love it.  You swallow almost everything we give you and even though sometimes you make a funny face, you keep opening your mouth and seem to love it. You do this excited giggle when I put you in your seat and you know baby food is coming.  It's made mealtimes a little easier as you seemed to always want to grab our food and want to eat too! 

Your cough has finally gotten a little better.  You cough here and there during the days, but it doesn't seem to bother you or wake you up as much.  We took you to a lung specialist this last week and thankfully since it's been better we are just going to wait it out.  We'll go back in two months or sooner if it gets worse again.  I'm a little anxious for the fall and winter months because I'm sure you'll catch a cold, and that's when it's gotten bad.  Hopefully you'll stay healthy!  

Thankfully you don't mind the car most of the time.  You'll fall asleep now and sometimes just be happy awake.  You'll fuss sometimes but only cry hard once in awhile.  Nothing like it was before, which is SO much nicer! I'm glad that stage is over.  

You're sleeping better at night now.  After being up so much during the night, and only being able to sleep next to me for a good chunk of the night we let you figure out how to put yourself to sleep at bedtime and after I fed you during the night.  You are finally sleeping in your crib the whole night and usually wake up twice to eat now.  I hated listening to you cry, but felt like I could not function any longer on so little sleep!  I'm still rocking you to sleep for naps and they are still almost always 30 minutes long.  We'll work on those next month I hope! 

You are still the happiest little boy.  You smile at everyone, laugh easily and just the cutest, sweetest boy.  You give me open mouth slobbery kisses and put your arms around my neck, and rest your head on my shoulder.  It makes me so happy!  You are so easy to love and you have the best personality.  We love you so so much! 

Happy half birthday Isaac Jordan!

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August 25, 2016


dress: c/o make me chic    boots: old navy

ONE.  I love this dress.  I think it'll be super cute with leggings and boots and a sweater come Fall and Winter.  (And it's only $14!)

TWO.  I can't stop buying things on craigslist and garage sale sites for our new house.  Chris can't park in the garage anymore because it's full of things.  I bought a china cabinet and dresser that I'm going to use for an entertainment center and have painted both with chalk paint.  I've found a kitchen table and a bench for our entry way.  And a handful of other smaller things.  I can't wait to put them in our new house!  

THREE.  I took Addilyn to the dentist last week and she has two cavities.  She did great, but my dental anxiety is quite nervous for her next appointment.  I'm making Chris take her. 

FOUR.  When Isaac was really little we used to start every morning with Chris bringing Addi in bed once she woke up and Isaac was always next to me at that point.  Now that he's in his crib and is often up before Addi we don't often start are way cuddling in bed anymore, so I appreciate even more when it happens.  And he could not love her more and is just makes me so happy.  

FIVE.  I need a new show to watch on Netflix.  Help!!

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August 23, 2016

We're moving!!

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We've been kind of in limbo waiting to see if we could find renters, so that we could buy a house and we found renters last week!  Our contract was under contingency that we find renters, so everything is in place now that we have a signed lease.  Our closing date is August 31, but thankfully we have a few weeks after to move before we need to be out of our house.  

I packed one box yesterday in a half hour.  One.  Addi kept climbing in and out of the box and I had to hold Isaac because he was fussy.  So clearly, moving is going to be a breeze.  

But I know it will all be worth it!  This picture is on the front porch and I can not even wait.  There's a long driveway, two acres of land, a front porch and this beautiful big living room with a fireplace. And there are chickens!  Which we will be doing everything we can to keep alive.  

I'm working hard to not feel and act like a crazy, stressed, over tired mom and wife, but I've already failed a million times.  It's been 8 years since we moved and it was just Chris and I and we didn't have enough things to fill a 750 square foot place, so this will be a little different.  But I can't wait to be in there and am excited!  New house here we come! 

August 22, 2016

Things that make me happy

1.  Cool enough weather to wear these booties.  I can not wait for Fall and Fall clothes.  

2.  This vest.  I forgot I had it and can't wait to wear it on repeat. 

3.  Podcasts.  I can't stop listening to them.  In the car.  When I'm playing with Isaac and Addi is sleeping.  During the brief nap overlaps I sometimes get.  I've listened to a ton of episodes of The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey and love them.  Please tell me others that I need to listen to!

4.  A girls night.  I went to dinner with my sister and one of my closest friends and it was so much fun.  We then went to Target and I it was the first time I've stayed out and came home to both kids asleep.  Yea for sleep progress! 

5.  Chalk paint.  I've painted a few things this last month in chalk paint and I love it.  I officially would like to paint everything in my house with it, but will be working on reigning it in. 

What is something that is making you happy? 
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August 21, 2016

Summer moments

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Sometimes I forget that it doesn't take much to make for good memories and quality time together as a family.  The other weekend we went to the little downtown by us and walked around by the river, got some pastries from the bakery and went to a park.  It was easy, and so enjoyable.  The next afternoon we spent an hour and a half at the pool.  Both kids were happy and it was so much fun. This summer has felt hard with figuring out how to navigate and do things with two kids, balance time as a family, Chris' work, attempting to get times for ourselves, and take care of any other responsibilities.  Sometimes I forget how easy it is to find joy in smaller moments, and that a really great two hours can make up for exhausting nights, tantrums, and seasons of transitions.

Life is good.

August 16, 2016

Looks I'm loving . . .

Here's a few looks I'm loving lately . . . .  And most of these are under $15! 

Embroidered tops: 

one  //  two  //  three

T-shirt dresses:

one  //  two  //  three


one  //  two  //  three

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August 15, 2016

T25 workout

I found a half written post I started two months ago about exercise after baby number two.  A big part about working to find time to fit it in.  Funny seeing as I didn't even finish the post.  Lately that is my biggest struggle when it comes to working out.  I definitely gave myself some time after Isaac was born, knowing it'll be even more challenging this time around to get back in shape.  And even still feel like I need to remind myself how little he is and to just do the best I can.  

I was really excited to try out the T25 workout videos from Beachbody.  I had done the 21 day fix extreme, as well as the maternity workout videos online.  And loved them both.  I wanted a workout that was relatively short, fun and could get me back in shape.  These have been perfect.  I hadn't done any videos with Shawn T before but love him. 

One of my favorite things is that there is a different video each day.  While some of the moves repeat in the videos, they are definitely different and I didn't feel bored.  I didn't miss a day the first three weeks, but then Isaac got sick, was less content doing anything on his own while I worked out, and very little time to do it when he was sleeping.  So I have been just doing the best I can, my goal being at least three of the five days a week.  Then having to count taking the kids on a walk or chasing Addi around as a work out.  Or doing squats while I'm trying to get Isaac to sleep. :)  

One of the things that was hard with the 21 day fix extreme is that they were hard on my knees. After the marathon this last time I struggle sometimes with a lot of plyometric moves and end up having to modify a lot, especially for my right knee.  Thankfully I didn't feel like that with these videos. Still a whole lot of cardio, but felt easier on my knees.  

After the five weeks there's a new schedule for another five weeks with some more challenging videos. I'm excited to try those soon!  I love that Beach Body has so many different videos and workout programs.  I'd love to do the 21 Day Fix Extreme again, once I'm in a little better shape. And would also love to use their On Demand feature so I can pick and choose which program and videos I want to do.  

Working out with two kids is hard.  I know some day that it will be easier, so I'm reminding myself of that often and just doing the best I can!  I am glad I have fun, effective workouts to do when I can fit them in!  I'm excited to do the next five weeks of T25!

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August 14, 2016

You sly dog

 dress: c/o  shein  sandals: old navy 

I got this dress in the mail and I held it up and Addi said "is that for you or for me?" I told her it was for me and she said "That won't fit you, you sly dog." 

Thanks a lot Addi.  I think it fits me just fine.  

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August 11, 2016

Sixth times a charm

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This post was sponsored by Evenflo as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received the Evenflo Sibby Travel System to facilitate my review.

I should be embarrassed at the amount of strollers that we have in our garage.  Half of them have been hand me downs and the other half we have purchased.  I feel like it is so hard to find the perfect stroller.  One for errands, one for when I'm out with one, when I'm out with both kids, one for long walks.  Now I don't think there is one stroller to fit all those, but this one can definitely cover a few. Minus the long walks or runs, this Evenflo Sibby Travel System & Ride-Along Board has been great for the rest of those needs! 

The stroller is so light weight.  I can grab the pull on the seat with one hand and it's folds super easy, and I can put it in my truck.  All while holding Isaac.  Same with getting it out.  Super easy and can be done with one hand.  It's also so light to push around, even with Addi on it.  The car seat is also super light weight, and the handle is shaped that makes it easier to carry. 

This stroller is perfect for running errands.  Snap Isaac's car seat in and Addi can hop on the back. She can stand on the Ride-Along Board while we walk through the parking lot, and jump on and off easily, while we're in the store.  The bottom basket is large enough for a handful of things (obviously not for a large grocery shopping, which I rarely do with both kids anyway).  But it could easily fit my diaper bag, a packed lunch, and a few other things.  

It's also perfect for just Isaac.  The little stand comes off super quick and easy, and the stroller is easy to maneuver, take him in and out, and he seems comfortable.  Right now I just snap the carseat in, but I'm sure in a few months I'll take out the little bar and he can sit in the front.  Or Addi can sit in the front and I can wear Isaac in the wrap or Ergo.  I love that there are lots of options! 

The Cost.  Strollers and carseats are so expensive.  This one?  All togethers it's only $189! For the stroller, car seat and the base.  I feel like that is totally reasonable.  And it's available at everyone's favorite store.  Target.

It comes with a base that is super easy to install in the car.  I love that I can snap it in and out, and then in and out of the stroller so easily.  

There are other colors (raspberry, grey and blue), but I love the denim charcoal color.  

As far as double strollers go, the one we previously purchased, as well as others my friends have, are so heavy, bulky and a pain to get in out of the car, and through doors.  This one is none of those things and I love it! 

The only thing this stroller isn't ideal for is for a long walk, for the purpose of going on a walk. Addi wouldn't be able to stand on the step for all too long, as I think her arms would get tired.  We like to walk around this little neighborhood by our house and Addi stays in the stroller most of the time. It's about a mile and a half and I don't think she'd stand and hold on the whole time.  Given, some walks she wants to be in and out and in that case this would work! 

I would definitely recommend the Sibby travel system for a growing family, as it's an affordable, functional (and stylish) option for one or two kids.  

Thank you Evenflo for letting me try out this new product.  We've been using it since the day we got it! 

August 7, 2016

Dare I say it?

 top: c/o make me chic

I'm sure many will disagree but I am ready for Fall.  This weekend we went to a pool and it was finally not completely gross outside. Maybe 90% humidity instead of 100%.  I am ready for walks outside anytime of the day, parks with both kids and Fall clothes.  This top will be one of them! Perfect with jeans and I'm pretty sure just long enough for leggings.  I love the back of it!  I'm sure I'll be changing my tune when Fall lasts all of two weeks and it's freezing, but for now I am ready. 

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August 3, 2016

The in between

Lately I've felt like I'm in a stage of limbo.  Which is uncomfortable for me. 
I'm sure I'll write more later but we are in the stage of moving.  Possibly.  It all depends on if we can rent our house.  We weren't really looking for a house, but a house came up down the road and it really feels like it could be our dream house.  But we have to have renters.  So our offer is accepted and we're just waiting to find someone to live here.  We keep saying we'll be fine if we don't get the house, but as the days go by I want to live there more and more.  But even more so I just want to know.  Will we be moving or not?  Do I start packing?  Am I wasting ridiculous time on pinterest and dreaming of decorating a new house?  (I'm sure the answer to that is yes either way.) 

Isaac still coughs daily, and some days quite often.  We have an appointment with a lung specialist but can't get in until the end of August.  I am having a hard time waiting and just want to know what the doctor will say.  

Addi starts preschool in a month and I feel really nervous about it.  I just wish it was here as I feel like it will be a rough transition for her and I feel anxious.  I hope I'm wrong and that's it's easier than I think, but I feel like it's going to take time and will be challenging for awhile.  

I've written about it before but Isaac's sleep sucks, yet I know he feels too little to me to do much about it.  I struggle between the he's only little for so long, and the fact that he really doesn't need to be up six times or be held the entire night.  I hate the phrase "sleep training" but got to that point eventually with Addilyn and feel like I will with him too, but have a hard time not dreading that. Yet so anxious for some sleep. 

I keep wondering when I will have time again for me.  Time to work out regularly, or do a craft. When will I be able to wake up before the kids and have a quiet time?  I know some day more of a schedule and routine will come, but it certainly isn't today.  

I've only left Isaac three times for bedtime.  And it's never gone well.  Chris is totally fine dealing with it, but it often feels like more work than it is to be out.  I know we just need to keep practicing and honestly bedtime with me here is hard lately too.  I know it is just a season but it's hard to not feel like I can't leave easily or be gone long.  So soon I know this stage will over and I think it's good to recognize that it is hard and tiring, but that it surely won't last forever.  However, the waiting is hard for me.  

I suck at living in the in between.  Taking things for what the are.  Waiting for answers, waiting for the next thing.  I think I forget that there is always going to be new tough things to replace these tough things, and everything is just a season.  

So for now, I'm working on finding beauty in the waiting.  In the refining of my character, in the trusting in God that I'm in the right place.  I'm working on being patient and just being.  Finding victories in the in between and being satisfied with today.  

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August 1, 2016

5 months

Dear Isaac, 

I can't believe another month passed.  One more and you have been here half a year!  You still are the smiliest little guy.  Not quite as content doing your own thing, but as long as someone is looking at you, you are happy.  You love being held and have started grabbing my face and giving me some open mouth kisses.  You put both hands on my cheeks and I think you're just trying to eat my face but I'm counting it as kisses.  Everyone always comments on how happy you are.  It is the best! 

You love watching Addi play.  You laugh at her more than at anything else.  The other day she was throwing a massive fit and sitting on the ground crying.  I was holding you, standing next to her, and you kept laughing.  She of course didn't find that funny, but I sure did.  You also laugh at her plenty when she's trying to make you laugh too! 

You get so sweaty and hot easily.  When you cry in your carseat, when I wear you in the wrap or just when we're outside you get so sweaty!  On Addilyn's birthday you actually got quite overheated and it really freaked me out.  We were at the park and you stayed asleep from Uncle Jacob, to nursing , to your car seat (which you still hate) and then on the way home.  I had a hard time getting you to stay awake and was really scared for a little bit.  Thankfully after a cold washcloth and air conditioning you perked back up. I may be a little paranoid now, as this summer has been super hot! 

You always have your hands in your mouth.  Sometimes sucking on a finger, but not consistently and I pretty much just wish you'd figure out how to suck your thumb.  I'd love for you to have something that comforts you, since you don't like a pacifier anymore.  Although I embarrassingly still try here and there.  You look at me like I'm crazy when I try.  It's well past time I give that up.  

You have started laughing more and more.  You laugh when daddy tosses you in the air, or when I play peek a boo with you.  You love watching Addi run around and make silly sounds and laugh and laugh.  

You have rolled over from your back to your stomach just a few times when trying to grab something or pull on a blanket.  You don't love being on your stomach and often roll onto your back or just start crying when I put you on your belly.  

Your sleep is still not great.  You wake up thirty minutes on the dot for every nap.  And I have to rock you until you are fully asleep before putting you down.  Same with bedtime.  You always wake up thirty minutes after putting you down, then stay asleep for 2-3 hours.  Then usually two again, sometimes one.  For most of this month I'd end up holding you in bed because I was too tired to try to put you back down again!  I really hope you sleep longer soon.  I am tired!!

You still have this constant cough.  We've been to the doctor quite a few times and we have tried acid reflux medicine, antibiotics and recently the nebulizer.  That helped some, but you are still coughing. It definitely disrupts your sleep, but usually during the day you're still happy despite coughing. We have an appointment with a lung specialist next month, so hopefully we'll get some answers and help for you! 

Isaac Jordan I am so thankful for you!  You are happy, adorable and we love you so so much. You make me so happy!


your mama

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