. . . for Lauren and Lauren: January 2021

January 10, 2021

New year. More clothes.

Want a break from all the terrible news and heavy life stuff? Online shopping for the win.  Like always lately, I'm loving everything Shein sent me.  
This vest is shorter than I thought, but I like it a lot.  Perfect with high waisted jeans. 

This color is so pretty.  I love the v neck, comfy material and these days if I put on a sweater and jeans I immediately feel dressed up.  

I always look for items that have a lot of good reviews and this one had a ton.  It comes in a few different colors and on sale for $12. 

Only $8, insanely soft and I love the shorter length. 

This hoodie is one of the softest thing I own.  I love the leopard print and love that is is only $17. 

See? Clearly I love leopard.  Love the colors of this, and the fabric is so soft. It does make my hair staticy which drives me nuts.  But otherwise it's super cute and only $12!

This looks so similar to the Abercrombie top that I see everywhere on blogs and Instagram. But it is $40, maybe more.  I have a hard time justifying that much on a sweatshirt.  This one is $20 and I can't compare it to the other since I don't own it, but the quality feels good and I like it a lot! 

This hoodie is so cute.  It's pretty lightweight so perfect year round.  Plus it is only $11.

This jacket is so fun.  Sweatshirt material for the sleeves, vest material for the body part. It just needs pockets!

These had so many good reviews and I thought they looked so cute, so figured I'd try. I got a medium because I never know what size to go with, and they are definitely a little big.  And clearly meant for Fall weather.  I just need to try out some other ways to wear them and see if I can make them work! 

I also got these slippers.  I used to not be a big slipper fan, but I guess being home just about every hour of the day will change that.  These are soft and cute and $12!  Win. Win.  

You can use code Q4forlauren for 15% off your Shein order. 
Happy Monday!