. . . for Lauren and Lauren: December 2015

December 30, 2015

10 more to go!

10 more weeks to go!  That sounds both incredibly close and really far away.  To think of 10 weeks left to feel ready for a baby, to cherish the time as a family of three and to enjoy the routine and predictability of our life right now does not sound like enough.  But to think of 10 more weeks of being pregnant, my belly stretching and waiting to meet our sweet baby boy sounds like a lot!  

After Thanksgiving I felt really crampy and achy, which made me really anxious.  I think it was a combination of not drinking enough water and just moving a lot more from one thing to the next.  I was a little anxious for the same thing to happen around Christmas, but I made sure to drink a ton of water, and we actually had a more lower key Christmas than normal and were home more than planned which was really nice.  It's crazy to think that next year we'll have a nine month old at Christmas!  

I'm feeling very pregnant.  It's hard to put on my boots or pick things up, or turn over in bed.  I get a little nervous thinking about nine more weeks of a growing belly!  Some nights I sleep pretty decently, meaning I only get up to pee once or twice and fall asleep relatively fast.  Others it takes me forever to fall asleep and I'm up six or more times.  

I debated writing this because well, it's disturbing and personal.  But I can't pretend it isn't happening. I won't go into detail but if you're interested read this and think about a bad case of it.  Or don't.  That is what is going on and it's terribly uncomfortable and disgusting.  And the only remedy is ice often and keep my feet up.  So if you come to my house and Addi grabs you an ice pack and puts in by your crotch don't be offended. That's a normal scene around here.  

I know I have time but I'm starting to get anxious about the logistics of labor.  When it will be, what it will look like, what my recovery will be like.  I'm just trying hard to not think too much about it because I know I can't control any of it.  I am a little more anxious as I worry about Addi, how she'll do while we're gone and what that will look like depending on the time of day when it happens.  I'm feeling much more emotional lately and lots of things can make me cry.  Happy tears, anxious tears, tired tears.  They're all over the place!  

I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the reality that a newborn will be here in ten weeks. I can't wait to meet him and see what he looks like, and hold and snuggle him.  It still amazes me that I'm pregnant and that we will be a family of four soon! 

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December 29, 2015

Better and better

I'm pretty sure that holidays just keep getting better and better.  The older Addilyn gets, the more Christmases I spend with Chris, they just seem to get sweeter and sweeter.  We had such a great Christmas and few days together and I am so thankful for our family.  Both of our extended families, and our own family of soon to be four.  God is so good and we are so thankful for all He's given us. 

 The Christmas Eve service is my favorite and the candle lightening is by far my favorite part.  A reminder of the light that Jesus brought to Earth, and celebrating that with the people I love the most. I can't help but get teary eyed every year.  I remember sitting in this service before we were pregnant with Addilyn, dreaming of the day I'd be a mom during this time of year.  How special to be there with our two year old and baby boy kicking away in my belly.

(Her face matches that game behind her)

After church we go to my parents and eat dinner together and then the kids open presents first.  It's worked out so nicely that my family has always done Christmas Eve and Chris' on Christmas day, so we don't have to split that part up! 

Addi got some fun presents from my family: monster slippers (that she asked for since we saw them at Target, stamps, an Elsa doll and a kid's worship cd).  

Christmas morning our plans changed some and we ended up staying home and not going to Chris' parents until much later in the day.  It ended up being so nice.  Addi slept till 7:45 which has never happened, we had a super slow morning together, and she was so much fun watching open presents. Since she was little she's had this cutest little giggle that she'd do when she was excited and she would do it before every present.  

She asked Santa for a baby doll so we made sure to get that one!  She also had been talking about needing the songs from Frozen so that I can learn them and sing them to her.  We've already listened to it many times in the car.  It is so fun that she can remember what she asked for and got so excited. Also so nice that she is easy to impress.  We only got her a handful of presents and they were mostly little things.  But she loved all of them.

Even the toothpaste and toothbrush in her stocking.  And this is the face she made when she opened the underwear:

Now let's hope she stays that excited when wearing them!  Cutest little sweater dress and face from the Sunday before Christmas:

And the sweetest gift I get this year.  This little boy coming in 9 weeks!

And because I can never pass up a chance for a comparison picture, I realized Christmas Eve morning Addi was wearing the same pjs she was a year ago (thank you Time Hop) so I tried to make her recreate her excited face.  Close enough.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family. I may have cried on Sunday when it was all over and I knew Chris was going back to work on Monday.  Thank goodness this is a short week for him and we get another long weekend together! 

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December 28, 2015

Maternity staples

Last pregnancy my maternity staples were a little different as I worked through most of it, and it was a different season.  This time around, there are definitely way more casual outfits and while I do miss wearing dresses and nicer accessories, I'm probably much more comfortable this time around.  I bought quite a few maternity items last pregnancy, and this time around way less.  Partially because I didn't need much, but a lot because I wanted to buy things I could wear again, not pregnant. Here are a few of my maternity staples this time:

fall maternity outfit

Sweaters/Cardigans.  I've gotten a handful of sweaters and cardigans this season and wear them all the time, especially the farther my pregnancy gets, as they all still fit.  Super comfortable and nice because I'll be able to wear just about all of them after the baby too, as they are all non maternity.  

Tunics/dresses.  I may be borderline inappropriate as I do support not wearing leggings as pants, but I feel like you get a little extra grace when you're pregnant.  I usually wear a longer tank top under my tops, although those are starting to get a little too short too!  

fall maternity outfit

Long tees.  I found this white v-neck maternity on clearance at Target for $7 and love it! It's long enough for leggings, and super comfortable.  I just bought another one in grey for $10 and now wear them both often. 

fall maternity outfit

Scarves.  Scarves are about the only accessory I wear these days.  I don't have any coats that fit me, so it's nice when it's cold out, plus makes me feel a little more put together.  Thankfully I have way more scarves than I need, so lots to choose from!

fall maternity outfit

Vests.  Especially since I don't have a maternity coat, and it has not been nearly as cold as it normally is by this point, vests are good option.  Plus non are maternity, so it's nice you can wear them all again.  This time around I definitely bought less actual maternity clothes and more things that I will be able to wear next Winter when I do not have a pregnant belly!

Leggings.  I mean that's a given.  I'm pretty sure just about every picture minus a few are with leggings.  I bought one pair of maternity leggings from the Gap that go under my belly and I wear them a lot.  The other two I wear often are from Old Navy and are non maternity.  I'll probably have to get new ones after the baby as the waist is of course super stretched out, but I'm pretty sure they were $5 so no big deal!

I'm sure some day I'll look back at these pictures and miss having a pregnant belly!  Right??

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December 21, 2015

Room to grow

 dress: c/o shein    leggings: gap   boots: zulily   scarf: made by my sister in law

I'm pretty sure this dress will last me until the last week of my pregnancy, as least I sure hope so! It is so flowy and has tons of room for my belly to grow!  And you should be a tiny bit impressed because I even got out my iron to take care of the wrinkles, but clearly forgot about the sleeves.  Baby steps, right?  

I can't believe I am almost to 30 weeks and that Christmas is a few days away.  Time is going too quickly, and while I can't wait to meet this baby (and not be pregnant anymore) I wouldn't mind for this week to go nice and slow!

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December 20, 2015

Seeing Santa

coat: c/o shein   top: old navy   leggings: target   boots: justfab   scarf: groopdealz

Saturday we went to see Santa and it was a fun morning!  We got there a few minutes before this little hut downtown on main street opened, and were only the third in line.  So we did not have to wait long, which was great because it was pretty cold.  My nieces and nephew came too and each of the four kids did great!  It was so cute listening to them talk to Santa and I was so impressed that Addilyn sat on his lap and answered his questions and even gave him a hug!

That morning we asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said "a talking mama, a talking daddy and a talking Addi."  I'm not quite sure what she meant, but when he asked her she told him a baby doll.  Which is what her cousin said before her, so I think that's why.  But then when we got in the car she said disappointedly, "But Santa didn't give me a doll!"  I'm pretty sure she thought he'd give it to her right away.  The older she gets the more fun these holiday traditions get!! I love it!

December 17, 2015

Says who?

winter maternity outfit
 top: old navy   scarf: ebay    pants: ross    boots: justfab

Sometimes I think it's funny that pattern mixing is a trendy thing.  That you can wear plaid and stripes together and they "go."  I don't know who decides these things first, but I wonder if we'll look back at pictures and think we were constantly dressing in ridiculous outfits and putting together things that don't go.  But I'm following right along and this is one of my favorite maternity outfits.  

I got this top online at Old Navy and just ordered the same one in black a few days ago.  (Along with some adorable tunic/dresses for Addilyn, and some pajama pants and slippers for me!)  They had 50% off everything and each thing I bought was $5-$7.  No wonder I have a problem with Old Navy. 

 Hope you have a great weekend!

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December 16, 2015

I'd be lying if . . . . .

                                               top: kohls  bottoms: borrowed   boots: old navy 

I said I took any more than one outfit photo last week.  The weather has been ridiculous.  Warm, rainy, foggy and gross.  That combined with Addilyn being sick last week and us rarely leaving the house, one outfit for Chris' work party was the best I could do! 

I didn't often over analyze the amount of times I initiate getting together with my friends, and feeling nervous that maybe they don't want to hang out nearly as much as I do. 

I said I really enjoy being pregnant.  I am so so beyond thankful that I get to be pregnant again and know how blessed and lucky I am, but I physically am not one of those woman that love being pregnant. 

I said I wasn't nervous about adding baby number two to our family.  I'm nervous about how Addilyn will adjust, if she will feel loved, if I will ever sleep again, go on dates or have time alone.  

I said I was a creative, fancy gift wrapper.  I wish I was and some years have big plans, but when it comes down to it, wrapping them with somewhat cute paper is the best I can do.  They'll just be ripped into anyway right?  What I do wish I had was cute gift tags, since I end up writing to and from with a Sharpie right on the package.  Customizing cute little tags like these from moo.com would be perfect. 

I said I felt super confident in the content and overall feel with blogging lately.  I think it comes with this time of the year when things are busier, other things are more important, sharing outfits is starting to feel less and less appealing and I'm lacking some depth to share.  We'll see what the new year brings.  

If I said I didn't struggle to be 100% sure on a baby boy's name.  I mean I'd say I'm 99% but it feels like so much pressure to pick ONE name and I am afraid to commit!

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December 14, 2015

Weeks 27 and 28

Dear baby boy, 

I can't believe I am in the last trimester and you're due date is less than three months away!  Time is going quickly, especially this time of the year with the holidays.  It's still hard for me to imagine life with you here.  And while I never forget I'm pregnant, I still can't believe you are really in there and are ours.  

Your big sister loves kissing my belly, talking to you and while I think she will be in for a shock when you get here she loves you so much!  She says over and over that she can't wait to to hug you and hold you.  

I'm feeling pretty tired these days.  Doing regularly things like switching the laundry or picking up Addilyn's toys are getting more and more challenging and I get tired so easily.  You weigh over two pounds, although carrying almost 25 extra feels like you should weigh a lot more!  I'm hoping you're a little smaller than your sister, who was almost nine pounds, just because I want you to come out easier than she did!

We've been spending a lot of time working in your room.  I made your crib sheet, and hung up your gallery wall.  I started a quilt for you this week and I love it.  I love dreaming about what you will look like and praying for you while I work on things for you.  I hope you know how much I love you, even when you were in my belly.  

You move around a lot.  I was describing it to your daddy and told him I feel like you are doing star jumps in there. You can see it from the outside when you move.  I wake up often in the middle of the night, usually because I'm uncomfortable or to go the bathroom, and almost always you start moving a lot, which makes it hard to fall back to sleep.  I guess you're just giving me practice for when you are here!

When I found out you were a boy I was a little nervous, but now I can't even imagine you not being a boy.  I know you are the perfect addition to our family and I am so thankful for you!  Keep growing big and strong.  I can't wait to hold you!  


your mom 
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December 13, 2015

Favorite Things Party

favorite things party

A few weekends ago I hosted a Favorite Things party and it was so much fun! I've seen a few posts or pins about a favorite things party and have wanted to have one for awhile.  It turned out great and was so much fun!!  Above are some of the things that the girls took home.  

I sent out an evite with directions.  Everyone was to find a favorite thing of theirs for $7 or less, and bring 5 of them.  I also asked people to bring a favorite appetizer or dessert, which made hosting so much easier for me!  Everyone came around 7:30 and we hung out and ate lots of yummy food.  I planned a craft for everyone.  We made canvas signs that said "Let it Snow." They turned out super cute!

My friend has a cricut machine and she cut out these "stencils" for us.  We used painter's tape to make the stripes.  We did this at the very beginning of the night so that it'd dry with enough time to do a second coat.  Later in the evening we went back and taped the stencil on top and painted the letters on.  My friend also cut out snowflakes for the O, which we taped on at the end.

 Before we shared our favorite things I had everyone write their names 5 times on little pieces of paper.  I put them all in a little tin.  Each person shared their favorite thing and then drew 5 names, and gave those 5 girls their item.  This way everyone left with five different things.

I found these super cute mugs at Target and filled them with a few apple cider packets.  Other favorite things were nail polish, journals, lotions, chocolate, a cute decoration.  So many cute, fun things!  It was such a great night and I'm pretty sure everyone had a fun time!  I'm excited to do it again sometime. 

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