. . . for Lauren and Lauren: February 2014

February 27, 2014


dress: target    boots: dsw

1. These tights and boots combo.  Clearly, since I wore them both already this week

2. Easiest recipes in the world, like this baked ravioli.  Seriously took less than five minutes to make with super simple ingredients, and even Chris thought it was delicious.  

3. Addilyn's new pants that I got at Old Navy for $5.  I am truly jealous of her wardrobe.  Also jealous of the fact that the belly hanging over the pants, added to the chunky thighs is a cute look for her. 

4. My new planner.  I have wanted a personalized planner for such a long time.  I was SO excited when I was contacted by Personal - planner to create and review one of their planners.  Now I've always loved my trusty Target planner, but this one is definitely better and WAY cuter.  They have four different sizes to choose from.  I picked the medium sized one, as it has plenty of space but can still fit in my purse.

(The planner comes with a plastic cover on it but I folded it under so you could see the cute picture better!)

You get SO many options for your planner.  (Almost too many for my indecisive self).  Here are a few of the things you can customize:
- Upload personal pictures for front and back cover from desktop and Instagram
- Change background, size, font, lining, images
- Pick what month you want your planner to start
- Design writing space details; "work", "workout schedule", "exam schedule", "to-do lists", "goals"
- Include personal calendar dates as birthdays and holidays
- Add extra pages in the back for addresses, lined pages, coloring pages 

I chose one picture for my front and on the inside instead of writing my address I picked one of my favorite Bible verses.  I picked a to do list for the bottom left sides and then blank lines for the bottom right sides. 

At the back of my planner there is a year overview and then a lot of lined pages for notes.  There is also a little pouch in there too, along with a ruler to mark what week you're on.  I of course had to fit more pictures in so I made a collage for the back page.  

These days I don't have important meetings or work things, but I still love and feel the need to write out my plans.  Doctors appointments, playdates, girls' nights.  There is something about filling out a calendar and to-do lists that make my type A, organized self very happy.  

And lucky for you Personal Planner is giving away one free personalized planner to one of my readers!  The planner can start in whatever month you'd like so can order it to use right away.  Enter below:

Winner will be contacted in a week! Thank you!


February 26, 2014


Dear Addi Jane - 

 I can't believe that another month flew by! So many new things have happened this month and I feel like every few days you are learning something new.  Besides the week that you were sick this month, you have been so happy.  You had a few days where you started making the "bababa and mamama" sounds and I got so excited.  But then you went back to your manly grunting sounds, which while they are funny, you sound like this little monster.  Your laugh is mostly this grunting kind of sound too, although occasionally we get this awesome belly laugh and it's the sweetest sound I've ever heard.  You started scrunching up your nose and almost snorting when you get excited.  You do this when someone comes over or when someone comes up to you.  It's really quite funny and really silly sounding.

Right after your six month appointment you got so sick.  One night you woke up two hours after going to bed and you were coughing a lot and really congested.  I went to bed myself and just layed you next to me.  An hour later you woke up coughing again and threw up a lot.  You were really wheezing and we brought you into the bathroom and turned on the shower, hoping the steam would clear things us.  We called the doctor and were started to get scared as you seemed to have a hard time breathing.  Thankfully you feel asleep soon after and I held you the rest of the night, but the next morning you were even worse.  We took you to the doctor and they told us you had bronchitis and rsv.  They gave you a nebulizer treatment and you hated it.  You cried the entire half hour we were there.  It was so sad and I felt terrible for you. 

The next few days were rough.  We had to do nebulizer treatments at home and you couldn't sleep laying down, which meant that your daddy and I held you all day and night.  I was too nervous to have you try to sleep on your own and knew that you were in pain.  You'd cry every time you coughed and your little voice was so hoarse.  We went to the doctor three more times and after a week you were mostly better.  It was definitely the toughest week we've had since you've been born and I was so happy when you were healthy.  It made me so thankful that you've been a healthy and happy baby the majority of your life! I sure hope we don't have to deal with that again for a very long time! 

 This month you started sitting up on your own, although you don't stay there long!  If I'm not behind you, you usually fall over.  You start scooting around a lot, moving in circles and backwards.  You get frustrated when you can't reach a toy and aren't happy too long on your stomach when you're by yourself.  

You are finally turning into a pretty good sleeper!  I thought I would never say that.  After being sick and being held all day and night you did not want to sleep in your crib.  It was hard for me, but we had to let you cry some more and thankfully after three nights you were able to put herself to sleep at bedtime without your pacifier.  After a week or so you were only waking up once to eat and now you're waking up around 4 and will usually go back to sleep until 6:30 or 7.  You often wake up once or twice at other times, but usually put yourself back to sleep in a few minutes.  You sleep in a sleep sack and sleep with your little lamb under your arm.  It is the cutest thing!  You take three naps a day and the first two usually last 45 - 70 minutes and the last one is about 30 minutes.  It took some time to get you back into napping in your crib too.  I haven't held you for naps in weeks because now you fall asleep better in your crib.  I love it but I do really miss holding you! 

This is the second month you've been eating solids and you are finally starting to really eat them and enjoy them.  Somedays you aren't two interested, but most days you eat some oatmeal and fruit in the morning and then some oatmeal and veggies at night.  I've made some different vegetables, like sweet potatoes and peas, and hope to make some more of your food.  We got this little feeder thing that you love, although I don't think much food actually gets in your mouth.  But it keeps you busy while we cook dinner or eat.  

This month you started giving me lots of kisses.  They are slobbery and wet and I love them!  Sometimes while you're sitting in my lap playing or reading books you look back and give me kisses and it makes me so happy.  You've given your daddy a few kisses here and there, but are still pretty stingy with them.  I hope you start giving out lots of hugs and kisses!

Valentine's day was on your seventh month birthday.  We made daddy cupcakes and brought them to his work.  You care way more about the sprinkles bottle than anything else.  It's nice that it distracts you while I bake.  Daddy brought you home a balloon for Valentine's day and you loved playing with it!

At the end of the month we decided to get passes to the YMCA.  There is an indoor pool there and we've already been there twice each week!  You LOVE swimming.  You get so excited watching other kids in the pool and love splashing in the water.  Daddy even took you by himself once and I think this will be a favorite thing for both of you to do together.  He loves spending time alone with you!

You continue to want to gnaw on everything.  Everything goes in your mouth, even other peoples arms, legs, whatever you can get a hold of.  This month you sat up in a grocery shopping cart, although it didn't last too long because you're so squirmy.  We started going to a baby music class on Mondays and you love it.  You don't always cooperate with what we're supposed to do, but you're always happy there.  You love the songs and love interacting with the other babies there.  I love how social you are and love that you like being around other people.  

One of my favorite things is our morning routine.  You wake up anytime between 6:30 and 7 and I usually bring you into bed next to me.  I nurse you and unlike other times during the day, you actually nurse for more than five minutes.  You are extra snuggly and will just look at me, talk and play with my face.  I love it.  Sometimes I turn the tv on and you'll watch a few minutes of cartoons.  I love our slow mornings together and am so thankful we don't have to rush and get going in the mornings. 

This month you are wearing mostly 9 month clothes and I think your legs are starting to catch up with your long torso.  I swear your hair grew overnight and you have this full fuzzy head of hair.  Your eyes are still as big as ever.  Thank and your cheeks are my favorite features of yours.  

I can't get over how fast you are growing.  There are still days that I look at you and can't believe you are my baby.  Sometimes I have a hard time believing that I get to be your mom forever.  Your daddy and I continue to wonder how'd we get so lucky to have such a cute and happy baby girl.   We still thank God for you constantly and I know we always will.  

Addilyn Jane - I love you more than I can ever tell you!


your mom

February 25, 2014

Help me!

jacket: target   dress: asos   tights: ?   boots: dsw

Three crucial questions for you.  

1.  I am aware that I am not getting any younger.  The other weekend I had a conversation with my girlfriends about wrinkles, make up routines and skin care.  I am in desperate need of help in this area.  I'm thinking now it the time to start using anti wrinkle cream or eye cream or whatever you all use.  So tell me. What creams do you use?  (And if they cost more than $30 nevermind.  Don't tell me.  I'll take the wrinkles.)

2.  I am getting my hair done in two weeks and kind of want to do something new.  I would love to have blond blond hair, but for whatever reasons (hormones, hard water) my hair turns this coppery orange color after a few weeks of blond hair.  So I'm thinking of dying it darker again.  Do I keep it this length? Cut it? Help. 

3.  I want a new blog design.  Something simplier.  Do you know a good, affordable blog designer you've used?  Tell me please! 

Thank you!


February 24, 2014

You better not pray for that

I remember one time talking with my youth pastor's wife when I was in high school and she somewhat jokingly told me not to pray for patience.  I can't remember what my circumstances were but she told me if I pray for patience God will teach me patience.  That he will give me situations where my patience will be tested.  

Obviously she didn't really mean to not pray for it, but to be ready to learn if I ask God for something.  To not expect to just acquire new characteristics but to only gain them through hard situations.  

I feel like I learned this when I chose my word for the year last year.  Surrender.  God taught me to surrender constantly.  To surrender my timing for a baby.  To surrender my fears and uncertainties when my mom had heart surgery.  To surrender the health of my baby when we had complications.  I prayed to God that I wanted to surrender to His plans, and he gave me many circumstances where I had to work to surrender. 

This year I am trying to learn how to rest.  How to find peace in where God has me.  How to rest in His promises that He will take care of our family.  How to be still and not fill my time and minutes with ten different things.  Honestly I am not doing a great job at these and I think its because I'm not trying and I'm not praying for opportunities.  

I started reading the book Seven, by Jen Hatmaker the other night and so far I love it.  The premise of the book is that she focused on seven different areas (one a month) that she lived in excess of.   But I found myself being tempting to just read it.  Just read through the words and not think about how that may apply to my life.
My thoughts were first that this will be a nice story for someone and is a really neat thing they are doing, but not for me.  I am not saying I am going to be doing any kind of radical thing like only choosing seven foods to eat for a month (like she did) or not watch tv for a full month.  I have barely started reading the book, but I want to approach it differently and I want to start approaching my days differently too. 

I feel kind of stuck in my spiritual life.  I feel like I am not growing and not seeking out opportunities for God to use me.  I'm aware my life is filled with excess of worldly things.  Tv, clothes, blogging, uncontentment in my thinking, jealously . . . I could keep going. I want to go into reading the rest of this book with a mindset that God may be trying to teach me something.  To make some changes in my life.  I want to start my days asking God for opportunities to teach me things, even though I know that means that I will be tested and stretched and probably uncomfortable.  

I know that I can't expect to gain wisdom, patience, or even the mentality of how to rest in God if I don't pray for it.  So today I am asking for wisdom.  For clarity in what God may be teaching me.  For opportunities to grow and for a stronger desire in my heart to seek after Him.  

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.
(James 1:5)


February 23, 2014

Turns out

flannel: old navy   jeggings: walmart  boots: zulily  

Turns out these red boots are one of the best purchases I've made.  I love them and had no idea how often I'd wear them.  With all this snow and I know with all the slush and rain we'll get in the many months ahead - I will get a lot of use of of them!

Turns out that this shirt no longer buttons across my chest.  Thank you breastfeeding.  Turns out that it barely fits on my biceps anymore either.  We're going to go ahead and say that I'm just getting super ripped from carrying a baby all the time. 

Turns out that Addilyn loves baby puffs.  We tried them for the first time this weekend and she was so proud of herself.  Turns out that are actually delicious and I'm pretty sure I could eat the whole can myself.  

Turns out that Addilyn did great when someone else put her to bed for the night.  Thanks to Aunt Lauren we enjoyed dinner and some shopping, and it was SO good to get out with just the two of us. 

Turns out that I still love working out at the gym.  After not going for over a year it was really good to be back.  I am really wanting to get back in shape and hope that I can make it there at least twice a week and work out at home at least two other times.  

Hope you had a great weekend!


February 20, 2014

Ups and Downs and Baby Mama Link up

top and bottom:  gift from family    headband: Mae and Jane etsy shop

This weeks Baby Mama style link up comes with no Mama style. I used all my outfit pictures already this week.  No one better to understand not getting dressed everyday than other moms, right? So instead I'm bringing you some ups and downs from our week:

- those ruffly pants.  enough said. 
-Addilyn is getting closer and closer to crawling.  She'll get up on all fours and rock back and forth and then she grunts and grunts and just ends up scooting backwards.  Its so crazy to me how that she'll be moving all around soon.  
- Addilyn has barely cried when I've put her down for naps this week.  I used to hold her for naps a handful of times a week, but then she stopped taking naps in her crib so with trying to be consistent I've been putting her down in her crib each time.  For the most part I like that, but I do miss holding her and tried the other day and it took me way longer to get her to sleep on me than on her own.  So I hope our napping together days aren't over, but I'm happy with our progress! 

vest, onesie and pants: old navy     headband: Mae and Jane etsy shop

- We had yet another winter storm this week and the roads were too bad to go out.  We missed our music class and were stuck inside all day.  I realize how lucky I am to be able to get out of the house most days, as I don't do well when we're home all day long.  Even if it is a run to the store or a walk (which I have yet to take in way too long!). 
- I came home the other day to a huge amount of dog throw up, and found out Molly ate half a tube of diaper cream.  She threw up more and we took her to the vet and found out that stuff is really bad for dogs and can be life threatening.  Thankfully she is doing better, but it was scary to think of losing our sweet dog!
- I'm so excited to be an aunt again but being far away is so hard.  I want to snuggle my new niece and want to see my sister.  Becoming a mother as made us even closer than we were before and has made it even harder to be far away.  

And now for some cute baby style!  

First meet one of my best blogging friend's adorable daughter Delainey. Alison is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful friend I've made through blogging.  I couldn't even count the number of emails we've exchanged the last two years.  We both were going through infertility struggles and it was wonderful to have someone to share such a personal struggle with, who understood what you were going through.  And now here we are with both our baby girls!  I so badly wish our girls could be friends and dream of them getting to met someday!

Thanks for linking up! No rules - link back here if you'd like and check out other mama's posts.  Come back in two weeks and do it again!