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December 26, 2018

Have some Christmas money to spend??

Do any of you have some Christmas money to spend? Or things to exchange? My grandma always gives the grandkids some money for Christmas and I love being able to pick out something fun and feel zero guilt about buying it.  Not that that stops me from buying things other time, just the zero guilt part. ;) 

I recently got to pick out some new items from Shein and I can't wait to get them.  One of my friends recently bought a dress I posted and she got it within a week which I was pretty impressed by.  Also you can use code katiejvale20 for 20% off your order!  Here's a few things I'm loving from their site: 

 one  //  two
I have the one on the right in yellow and grey and LOVE it.  It's oversized and one of my favorite sweaters.
three  //  four
I just ordered the one on the left and can't wait to get it!
 five  //  six

I'm not a huge off the shoulder fan, but I think both of these can be worn normal and look so cozy!
Basically I want anything that is oversized and cozy.  From not until at least March, right? I hope you all had a wonderful pictures.  Hopefully I'll make a post soon sharing some of our last few days!
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December 13, 2018

Teddy bear hug

 sweatshirt: c/o shein   leggings: target  boots: target

This sweatshirt feels like what it would be like to be hugged by a huge teddy bear.  Without the claustrophobic part for me.  It is so stinkin soft.  I got a small and it is still really big.  It's pretty warm, which is perfect because I hate wearing coats so I'm counting this as one.  

My sister and I bought these boots from Target on Thanksgiving when we were sitting in my car waiting for the Turkey trot to start.  Kind of an impulse buy as I forget that I even ordered them when they came in the mail.  Oops.  But they were only $15 and I love them, so I don't regret it on bit.  

Happy almost weekend!  We had a sick kid with the stomach flu yesterday and I am praying hard that no one else gets it.  We have Chris' work party this weekend, which equals a night away for us and I would be so disappointed to miss it!

(Use code katiejvale20 for 20% off anything you order from shein!) 

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December 12, 2018

See you tomorrow UPS man.

top: c/o shein    jeans: american eagle   boots: just fab

The other day Rosie was outside when the UPS guy came and she just barks like crazy and can't decide if she wants to be friendly or protective and also doesn't listen to me when I call her.  It made for quite an awkward interaction and the guy wouldn't just walk away.  Finally I told him "you can just give me the package and go and she'll relax.  I'm sorry!" He responded, "Okay, see you tomorrow."  


In my defense many are Christmas presents for other people, but I have had my share of clothes this Winter.  One new one being this top.  These kinds of tops are my favorite.  Super comfortable and cute and perfect for Fall or Winter.  This one I just got and it was $16 (but you can use code katiejvale20 to get 20% off your order).  I still am singing praises of American Eagle jeans and now own probably four pairs of them and love each of them.  

(If you don't want to tie it you can wear it loose or tucked in and I love it that way too!) 

Oh and in my defense I did NOT see him tomorrow.  Just the day after. 

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December 11, 2018

o christmas tree

It's been far too long since I've posted pictures of just our family and a just for "fun."  I was looking back at my blog and at pictures from years past and realize that is my favorite thing about blogging, is that I have all these years of memories and pictures in one place.  I want to get back to doing that! I didn't even do a post about Addi's birthday this summer, which I want to do. Ya know, just six months late.  Oops.  Someday.  

Getting our Christmas tree is my favorite day of the year.  We always go the day after Thanksgiving. We go to the same place we've gone since I was little.  First thing in the morning.  We take a tractor out to cut down a tree, eat homemade donuts they make there and take our trees home.  That night we go back to my parents house and we all help them decorate their tree.  The kids all get matching pajamas and we eat pizza.  This day is full of so many traditions and makes my heart so happy.  

We waited until the next day to decorate our tree. We spent the day in pajamas and had a super low key day, which was perfect after a few busy ones with Thanksgiving.  I love that our kids are old enough to start actually decorating the tree, and not just attempting to eat ornaments.

And this is her new thing when we try to take pictures.  I think I'd rather have this one then when she rolls her eyes back in her head.  Five year olds. ;)

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December 10, 2018

RIP Camera

 dress: c/o  shein

I used to wear dresses all the time.  Dresses like this with leggings or tights and boots in the Winter. I think I forgot how comfortable they are! I recently got this dress and I love it.  (I got a size small and in my opinion it runs a little big.)  It's only $14 and easy to dress up with tights and booties, or dress down a little with taller boots and leggings.  (You can use the code katiejvale20 for 20% off your order at shein.)

Also I attempted to take pictures outside with my tripod and timer and my camera fell over and smashed the glass on the lens.  RIP camera.  I rarely use it and can't decide if it's worth getting it fixed or just upgrading to a better phone camera.  Either way, mirror selfies it is for now.  

 I'm already sad thinking about Christmas being over because I absolutely love everything about it. Our Christmas tree being my favorite I think.  I usually set my alarm to get up before Isaac most mornings so I can have a little bit of time to read my Bible, journal, drink my coffee, sit in quiet. It is more motivating these mornings because I can sit by the tree and not even need to turn on the lights. It makes me so happy!

Hope you had a great start to your week!

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