. . . for Lauren and Lauren: August 2020

August 17, 2020

Are date nights still a thing?

jumpsuit: c/o shein

This jumpsuit is so cute! It's pretty wide in the legs, so won't qualify as the most flattering thing you could buy, but could win for one of the most comfortable.  Gosh I wish I had a reason to leave my house other than to go for a walk! I need a date night.  Are those a thing still?  I'm pretty sure we're up to at least six months since we've been on a date.  

tank top: c/o shein

This top is so cute and fun - and it cost only $7! You can easily wear a regular bra with it, it fits true to size and I love it. 

overalls: c/o shein

If you want to try to look like a 12 year old, definitely buy these.  Kidding.  Actually I think 12 year olds probably wouldn't be caught dead in overalls right?  But really I love these.  They are so comfortable and I'm voting them appropriate for a 35 year old.  

tank and pants: c/o shein

This set is so cute.  I love the wide legs and the pants' pockets.  I think it'll look great with mules and a cardigan in Fall.  And both pieces would be great on their own too!

pajama set: c/o shein

Time for three sets of pajamas that will make you happy.  They are all under $25, and I love them.  I mean we're all pretty much living in lounge clothes for the next year still right?  The only downfall is that the tie on the waist doesn't work for the two pairs of shorts.  But they're elastic and fit true to size, so not really a problem.  I love the print of all three and the material is super soft.  

pajama set: c/o shein
pajama set: c/o shein

workout set: c/o shein

This color is perfect for Fall (not ready to admit summer is almost over, so let's say it's perfect for summer too.)  The sports bra is a little longer, which I love.  And the whole set is $22!

swimsuit: c/o shein

I think this may be my favorite swimsuit this summer.  And embarrassingly I've bought quite a few too many.  (When they cost only $13 it's more justifiable right?) I love how this one fits, and love the ruffles on top!

swimsuit: c/o shein

I love this swimsuit too.  It fits well and stays in place.  Bonus - it's only $11! And comes in a lot of other fun colors.   Don't forget to use code Q4forlauren for 15% off your Shein purchase!