. . . for Lauren and Lauren: October 2013

October 31, 2013

Dear Lauren,

top: target ($11 recent clearance)   leggings: jcpenney   boots: dsw  scarf: kiki larue (giveaway win)

Well here I am wearing leggings and a long shirt again.  But at least I ventured off my deck for a picture right?

I made this crock pot meal this week, which I'm pretty sure you've made many times, and loved it.  I think I will be making crock pot meals for at least 75% of the meals I actually cook this fall and winter.

I know awhile ago I kind of made fun of you in a blog post for wearing these glasses, which I still think were a little unfortunate for you. However, you recently informed me that cat eye glasses like these are now in style so perhaps you were just ahead of your time. 

I shared about my Gussy pouch a few weeks ago and I am super lucky because I get to share another one with you.  This time one with polka dots which I love!  I'm pretty sure I've lost a few chapsticks, coupons and other small things from just shoving them in my diaper bag but now I can put them in here and just put this in my diaper bag.  You can check out other products from the fancy dot collection.  Plus the sweet and talented Maggie also started making and selling the coziest looking cowls, which I'd like to be wearing right now.  

And really good news for you, in case you want to buy me a Christmas present or something for yourself, use code KATIEGUSSY for 20% off your entire order.  Shop here!

Four more weeks until I see you and your sweet family! I love you!

October 30, 2013

A year ago today

One year ago today Chris and I woke up so early and drove about an hour away to our fertility clinic to try our third attempt at IVF.  This picture was actually taken when we tried the first time months before.  This time we didn't take any pictures, as the feelings of excitement were replaced with anxiety and fear, as this was our last shot for awhile.  I remember leaving later that morning, standing in the elevator, looking at Chris while both our eyes filled with tears as we so badly wanted to be pregnant.  

And that day God blessed us with our little miracle.  It is amazing to me how much can change in a year and the different place that we are in now.  A year ago when I saw the tiny little embryo magnified on a huge screen I had no idea that that was our sweet Addilyn that we'd be blessed with nine months later. 

I finally got around to making a little video of Addilyn's first few days and felt that it was perfect to share it today.  

God is faithful and good, and we are so blessed. 


October 29, 2013

Looking forward to . . .

sweater: old navy    pants: target    boots: dsw   necklace:  c/o curated by kelly

Wearing comfy sweaters like this one.  I finally got out my fall/winter clothes and am excited it is finally fall weather.  

Taking Addilyn swimming.  Chris' aunt has an indoor pool and I am thinking we should take Addilyn swimming in it soon. All she needs is some baby swimming accessories and some cute swimwear and she'll be ready.  Thankfully I found her a little bikini at Target a month or so ago for only $2.50 that she needs to wear! 

Trick or treating.  And eating any candy that I steal from my niece and nephews.  I'm not positive if we will even go trick or treating because it's supposed to rain, but Addi will be in costume and I will be eating someone's candy.  Have you seen a cuter cow? 

Getting more canvases for our house.  I recently got this canvas from Easy Canvas Prints, which is the same place I bought the ultrasound one when I was pregnant.  I love how they both look on the wall in Addilyn's room.  I finally got around to picking out which newborn pictures to use for canvases to hang in our living room and I am so excited to get them.  They always have the best deals and turn out great!

My birthday.  Saturday is my birthday and Chris and I are planning on going on our first real date without Addilyn.  Excited to spend some alone time with Chris, but also to celebrate my birthday this weekend as a family of three!


October 28, 2013

more than me

I am so thankful for this blog as I know these moments will slip away so quickly and I'm grateful that I have a place to write them out and hold on to these days a little longer.  

The other day Addilyn had a harder day.  A day filled with more tears and less sleep than normal.  I was exhausted myself and find that those days I crave quiet snuggles at bedtime more than others.  While it doesn't always happen, when it does I find myself able to take some deep breaths, relax and almost forget how tiring the day has been.  I'm also filled with this overwhelming sense of love and desire to protect my baby.  

Two of the times during the day Addilyn cried because she was hurt.  One being my fault when I accidently scratched her and another when Molly dropped a toy on her.  I've learned to recognize her hurt or scared tears, as they are so different than her other tears.  I know fully well that Addilyn will have so many of these, and many far worse in the future and it already makes my heart sad. 

That night after I nursed Addilyn and she fell asleep in my arms I didn't put her down for quite awhile and just stared at her little, perfect face and had a hard time not getting all teary.  It reminded me of this post, when I shared how I want to hold everything I love as tight as I can because I'm afraid of anything happening to it.  I got that same feeling while holding Addilyn.  I just want to squeeze her as tight as I can, hold her as long as possible and protect her from anything that will hurt her.  

I was so quickly reminded, as I continually learn this lesson, that God is far more of a protector than I could be.  I feel as though I couldn't love Addilyn any more than I already do, but I know that God loves her even more than I do.  He has a perfect plan for my sweet baby. 

I know I will face this lesson many times as a mom and I want to start learning it and applying it now.  I prayed that night, thanking God for my precious gift.  Thanking Him for protecting her, for loving her and knowing her even better than I do.  


October 27, 2013

Neutral Party

sweater: target    tank top & leggings: old navy    boots: gojane.com

I realized a little too late that I clearly thought it was a great idea to wear every neutral color possible. Brown, grey, black, white and navy.  Perhaps I should've added a real color in there, but changing my outfit and retaking pictures was not something I was even going to consider. 

On another note I keep wearing leggings and sweaters just about any day I get dressed.   And I may be pushing the limit on what is acceptable to wear with leggings.  As I am well aware that leggings do not count as pants, nor am I a teenager with tiny legs that may be able to pull it off.  But I am deeming it acceptable as I don't go many places and well, because real pants are just uncomfortable. 

Hope you had a great weekend! 


October 24, 2013

Dessert Party of One

Many Tuesday nights I make snacks for small group and last week I wanted to make some fall desserts and made two of the easiest ones possible.  Unfortunately we had to cancel small group which meant that I was left with two delicious desserts that I consumed primarily by myself over the next few days.  

The best thing about these desserts is they both only have a few ingredients and are quick. 

For this fall popcorn mix all you need is:
2 bags of popcorn
Half a package of white almond bark
Half a bag of candy corn
Half a bag of chocolate chips

Pop your popcorn and make sure to take out any unpopped kernels.  Put in your pretzels.  Melt the almond bark and pour over popcorn and pretzels.  Stir.  Add in the candy corn and mix again.  Spread out over waxed paper and let it cool.  

This is the best way to melt and drizzle chocolate.  Put your chocolate chips in a plastic bag and microwave it for about a minute or so.  Then cut a little hole in the corner and drizzle the chocolate. 

Once it's cool you can break it up into pieces and then it all of it by yourself like I did. 

The other dessert I made were these pumpkin muffins.  While I could have, I didn't eat all of these at one time.  I actually froze half of them and have been eating them since.  All you need is a can of pumpkin, a box of yellow cake mix and half a bag of chocolate chips.  Mix them altogether and pour in a muffin pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until baked through.  

And because these are called muffins you can justify eating them for breakfast.  And because they have a vegetable in them you can call them healthy.  


October 23, 2013

Jail time

skirt and sweater: old navy   necklace: groopdealz    boots: target

Over here were just starting to get into a naptime routine or at least attempting one.  I still hold Addilyn for a good amount of her naps, but most days she's at least getting the morning one down on her own, although some mornings it doesn't last too long.  My sister doesn't give me much hope for naps improving for a long time, as sleeping is quite a struggle for my niece and nephew.

The other day she heard them talking to each other from their separate rooms and my nephew said to my niece,  "I am in jail.  You are in jail too.  That's what nap time is.  Jail for children.  And we are going to be here for a long time."

If this in the case I would love be put in jail for a few days at least.


October 22, 2013


jacket: old navy    top: loft     jeggings: walmart     boots: dsw

The other day I was returning something and it was taking awhile and I apologized to the woman behind me and her response was to roll her eyes.  I wanted to take back my apologize and was also annoyed because she was staring right at Addilyn and did not tell me how cute she was. 

After I came inside from taking pictures of this outfit, I bent over and ripped a part of the seam in the back of my blazer.  I can't even tell you what movie it's from or if I've seen it but all I could think of was Chris Farley singing fat man in a little suit. 

I'm not even sure I really love candy corn that much but I always buy it and always eat it all.  

I blame Addilyn for stealing a dog collar from Target the other day.  I found it in the bottom of the cart, under her carseat, after I had loaded her and all the groceries in the car and did not want to go back in.  I do intend to tell them next time I go and pay for it.  

You already know this but I'm a fan of pretty much all reality tv, including the new show Eric and Jessie on E. Pretty shallow, dumb and unrealistic, which means it's right up my alley. 

I feel like shopping with a baby gives you an excuse to look crazy and pretty much talk to yourself while you shop.   And I happily accept. 


October 21, 2013

three months blur

Dear Addi Jane, 

I'm pretty sure I can't call you a newborn anymore, which seems crazy to me! You are growing so fast and it seems like every few days you are learning something new. 
The other day I packed away your newborn and zero to three month clothes and it made me a little sad. People told me all the time that those first three months would seem like a blur and they are so right.  It's hard to believe that you are three months old.   You are so long that you are wearing six month onsies, which your dad and I still can't believe you are so tall!  I'm excited to see where you fall on the charts at your four month appointment.  
This month you've met a lot of baby friends and have had many play dates.  It's really fun that you get to grow up with other babies and that we get to spend many days with friends.  
As the days have been getting colder we've been bundling up a little more for our walks.  You are SO cute in your little hats and comfy clothes.  You are so good when we go for walks which I love! You usually fall asleep on and off while we walk.  The same thing happens when we are in the car.  Usually if you aren't sleeping you are talking on and on to the caterpillar that hangs from your carseat.  I feel so lucky that you are a good car rider, as it's nice to get out of the house most days.  
You went on your first little vacation this month as we spent 5 days with my family at a lake house in Wisconsin.  This was your first time meeting your aunt, uncle, cousins and great grandma.  They all love you SO much and loved playing with you and spending time with you.  
One of my favorite things about this month is that you've decided you LOVE your stuffed animal bunny.  It amazes me that you already have such a strong preference.  There have been times where I can't get you to fall asleep and I set you in your bouncy seat with your pacifer and your bunny and you hug it and fall asleep. You love it when it's in the carseat with you too.  It is the cutest thing! 

This month you rolled over from your back to your stomach but then would get unhappy because you couldn't roll back over.  I actually wasn't too excited because that means I couldn't walk away for any amount of time when you were on the floor.  It's funny though because you haven't been doing it lately so maybe you've forgotten?  You've also started talking like crazy.  You'll go on and on telling us all about something! I love your little voice and the way your top lip makes this triangle and your bottom lip goes in when you coo.  I know that won't last forever and I'm sure I'll miss it! 

You play with your hands a lot and hold them together, bend them and intertwine them all the time.  You also like to put your hands in your mouth, along with anything else you get a hold of.  I thought maybe you were teething because you are drooling tons and always put things in your mouth, but no sign of teeth yet!
This month we've started getting into a little more of a routine and started putting you down for a morning nap in your pack and play by our bed.  Some days you sleep over an hour.  The other naps you still take on me and I love it.  I still can't get enough of staring at your sweet face and also love the chance to sit on our couch and rest while you sleep.  At night you are pretty inconsistent, sometimes sleeping 4 hours and sometimes 8, but usually somewhere in the middle.  It's very unpredictable! 

I've left you a few times for an hour or two with your daddy and twice you've stayed with your grandparents for a few hours while your daddy and I went out for a bit.  I'm still nervous to be away from you but you've done great when I've been gone.  
My favorite two pictures from this month are one from our family vacation and one from when we put you in a pumpkin.  You big eyes are the cutest things and everyone always comments on them.  I know I said it last month, but your dad and I still say to each other all the time "how did we get so lucky?"  We're pretty convinced we have the cutest and best baby in the world.  We love you so much!

your mom 

October 20, 2013


This weekend we drove up to Door County, WI to spend the weekend with Chris' family.  I'm thankful for a long car ride with Chris, fall weather, fire places, cousins for Addilyn and some good family time.  

I'm also thankful for a good friend to share with you.  I'm blessed yet again to have my sweet friend Sybil from Peace it All Together on my blog today.  There are so many blog friends I've made that I'd love to met in real life and Sybil is probably at the top of the list.  I actually know I'd greatly benefit from a weekly coffee date from her, as she is one of the wisest, encouraging and sweetest woman and I learn quite a lot from her.  I can learn from her as a mom, as a woman of God and someone with great style and cute outfits.

I have to add that originally Sybil wasn't going to do a giveaway with this post but emailed a few days ago and wanted to add one.  Now I think most people (myself included) do a giveaway with the intention and purpose of gaining more readers.  In Sybil's email she told me that she felt like she wanted to "bless someone with a $25 Target giftcard."  Her genuine heart and love for others is so apparent and one of the many reasons why I love her! You will definitely be blessed by getting to know this woman!

Hello, for Lauren and Lauren readers! It is so exciting to be here again.
My name is Sybil and I blog at Peace it all Together.
If you are reading this post, you are most likely a follower of Katie's. If you are a follower of Katie's you probably love her. As one of Katie's many faithful followers, I know I do. 
Since I know you adore Katie and because the purpose of this guest post is for me to introduce myself to you, I thought I would share a few of the ways that Katie and I are alike: 

Similar same taste in clothes
We both...love a good bargain and work in education
Our love for desserts
We are both bad at:  singing, not being annoyed and caring about politics
Our middle name - Jane - named after our grandmothers
We are both...shy kids, turned bloggers
Our tendency to worry and obssess over little things
We are both truth tellers and write from the heart
I would love for you to visit my blog and tell me how you think Katie and I are alike. Hope to see you soon!

I'm happy to have so much in common with her! Another reason that we are alike is our love for Target! And we both know that most of you share the same love so Sybil is giving away one reader a $25 giftcard to Target.  Enter below:

Thanks for entering! The winner will be contacted in a week!