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June 30, 2015

Can we share clothes yet?

romper: c/o sheinside  sandals: target 

At first when I opened this romper I was pretty sure they sent me a girls' clothing item and was about to send it over to my niece.  Thankfully I was able to put it on, but it is a little shorter than my normal comfort level.  I think I will be saving this for the beach or around the house.  It's silky feeling and super comfortable.  But I'm pretty sure this will be the first item of clothing Addilyn will be able to share with me.  And I sure hope rompers are still in then. 

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June 29, 2015

Disney World

Last Monday we flew to Florida with Chris' family for a week of vacation.  Tuesday we went to Disney World and it was quite the experience.  I knew that Addilyn would be pretty little for most of it and was kind of hesitant to go.  But Chris' niece and nephew are the perfect age and I figured we'd just do the best we could!  We got to the park right before it opened and it was kind of a nightmare getting in.  The Monorail wasn't running and it took and hour and 40 minutes to get into the actual park from our car.  We waited for a tram from the parking lot, then had to wait for a ferry to take you to the Magic Kingdom.  I had no idea there were this many transportation things to get from place to place.  This is what Addi looked like most of the morning.  Hot, tired and whiny.  I can't say I looked much better.  It was just so hot and so much of just standing there, surrounded by people.  

The first thing we did when we got into the park was see Cinderella.  My sister in law thankfully did all the fast pass planning and picked this one and it was great.  Addilyn has never actually watched Cinderella but we showed her pictures of her and a little video the night before.  When we walked in the park she kept saying "Cinderella where are you?"  She was acting all excited in line, but no surprise was shy and scared when it was her turn.  Of course the second we left she kept saying "I wanna see Cinderella again!"  

Rapunzal was there too and she was quite interested in her long hair.  After that I honestly can't even remember what we did.  I think we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride and by that time Addilyn was exhausted.  She was happy when we were on the ride itself and during the line on this one she was distracted by things on the way.  It was just so hot and so much walking, carrying her.  She wanted nothing to do with her stroller or walking on her own.  We decided to go back to the hotel for her to take a nap.  While waiting for the tram back to the parking lot she fell asleep on Chris, then fell asleep while sitting up when Chris was holding her.  That is a first for sure.  

After her nap we debated going back, as it just took so long the first time.  Thankfully when we got back the Monorail was working so it didn't take nearly as long.  But it started pouring rain so we sat in the car for about 30 minutes before hand, as it was pouring.  We found the rest of the family and because it was raining a few rides were closed.  We went on It's a Small World, and then it took awhile to find somewhere to eat, as everyone had the same idea to escape the rain.  We ate, then went on Buzz Light Year.  It started thundering and lightening and was almost 8 so we decided to head back to the hotel.  They ended up cancelling the fireworks, which made me feel better for leaving.  Plus I don't think Addi could've handled that! She was so beat! 

Thankfully on our way out before we left the first time we saw the end of one of the parades and Addi loved it.  Chris' parents had bought tickets for everyone to go back the second day, but we decided to stay back at the hotel.  They had a pool and a really sweet splash park that Addi loved and it just felt like two much to do it two days in a row.  Everyone ended up staying back until later afternoon too, as they were all so tired.  In the end it really did feel like a lot of work to get there and was so hot and tiring.  But I'm so glad we went.  It will be fun to show Addilyn pictures as she gets older and it made for some fun memories for our family!  

More pictures from our Florida trip soon!

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June 28, 2015

Printed Top

top: c/o sheinside   jeans: old navy  shoes: famous footwear

It's funny how fast wearing jeans feels foreign.  The weather this summer has been pretty crappy with lots of rain, but still hot.  So I fully appreciate a rare evening where it's cool enough to wear jeans. But even more rare, because the chances of me doing anything in the evening that requires putting on real clothes are slim.  I love this top because it's light weight and soft, so perfect for cooler summer days.  Which does not seem to happen in Florida.  Hello hot hot hot!  We just got back today and had such a great time, although as always on vacations I am happy to be home.  I just have to sort through about 400 pictures I took and am excited to share.   

Hope you all have a good start to your week!

June 24, 2015

Not impressed

These pictures make me laugh.  Last weekend we went to the zoo and I thought Addi would absolutely love it.  But she honestly kind of acted like she could have cared less.  About just about all of it.  This was her face the majority of the time on the carousal ride.  Like "no thanks mom.  Not impressed."  She was seriously more entertained with the geese, than anything else in the zoo.  I pictured having some super cute pictures of her waving on the carousal or oohing and ahhing at the animals.  Not hot, sweaty and bored.   

Sometimes I struggle with the unpredictability of kids, especially toddlers.  You can plan all you want and have no idea how it is going to go.  At first I felt annoyed and really disappointed.  But instead of feeling that this day was a very tiring, waster of time, I'm laughing and remembering that if we went next weekend if could be a completely different experience.  And this is all part of motherhood and I'm thankful for this girl even when she's crabby and thoroughly not impressed.

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June 22, 2015

Florida here we come!

beach cover up
beach cover up
paisley tunic
 dress:  c/o sheinside   sandals: target 

Hopefully by the time you read this post we will be swimming at a pool in Florida! We'll be spending three days in Orlando and then another four days about an hour or so in a house with Chris' family, where we'll be going to a family wedding.  I am super excited about spending a week with Chris and Addilyn, and the rest of his family.  To have lots of quality time together and hopefully lots of nice weather.  We're going to Disney World, and hopefully a day or two at the beach and lots of swimming in the pool.  

If you didn't know, I'd probably be near the bottom of your list of people you'd want to travel with.  I hate flying, am an awful sleeper, especially in new places and worry way to much about things.  I also have an overly high need for personal space, which does not happen when you're sharing a house with nine people.  The idea of Addilyn sleeping in a pack n play right next to our bed does not sound promising, but I am surely hoping I am proven wrong!  But I'm going to try really hard to take it down a notch and be as laid back as possible (even typing that makes me feel like a liar.)  

All worries aside, at least I'll have a cute cover up to wear to the pool and beach.  Plus you know I'll be wearing this with leggings in the Fall and Winter.  

beach cover up
Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!  I'll be back next week!

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June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

I never doubted that Chris would be a great dad, as he as always been so good with our nieces and nephews and kids in general.  But I didn't know how lucky I'd feel to have him as a partner in this whole parenting thing.  Adjusting to being a family of three was tricky, but for the most part we've found our routine and are getting better at our roles as parents and as husband and wife.  The older Addilyn gets, the better he gets and the cuter their relationship gets.  

I love how Addilyn hears the garage door open at the end of the day and immediately starts jumping up and down, running around and waiting at the gate saying "Daddy's home!!" 

I love how she knows what "It's the weekend!" means, and knows she's getting lots of extra Daddy time.  

I love how you take her to trips to the forest preserve, exploring outside, to play places and parks. 

I love that most of our evenings are spent putting Addilyn to bed together.  Reading stories, praying together and laying in our bed.  I don't take for granted that you are home most nights and don't miss many bedtimes.  

I love how you started "tickle robot" with her and play the cutest game on our bed at least once a day.

I love that you're overly protective of her when she's around others, and are always wanting her to be taken care of.  
Thank you for being an amazing dad to our daughter, Chris Vale.  We are so lucky to have you.  Happy Father's Day!   

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June 18, 2015

Not as young as you think

hat: old navy  tee: be you bravely  shorts: old navy  shoes: target

I always feel like I look way younger than I am, but I think that's starting to not be so true.  I haven't got carded the last many times I've bought alcohol.  I've  had my license ready to go and they don't even ask.  I often tell my sister how young I look and the other day she told me that perhaps I'm not quite as young looking as I think.  Thank you Lauren.  (What about a hat and a braid? Does that take me down a few years?)

So I think I'm a little late to the wrinkle cream, face care game, but I figure it's better late than never. Whether it's entering my 30's or having a baby, hello crow's feet and eye bags.  A few months ago I bought some expensive eye cream that I've been using every day and I'm really hoping I'm nearing the point where it starts to show.  

I'm also guilty of using those make up remover face wipes as my only face cleaning step, which I'm sure doesn't help.  Which is why I was excited when Kelly from Block Island Organics sent me their Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser and Organic Revitalizing Night Cream.  

Block Island Organics is a family owned and run company that started on Block Island, Rhode Island.  Their mission is to give everyone access to safe, effective, and lovable non-toxic suncare and skin care products. 

Now I am the first to admit that I love generic brands and knock off products, and am have very few organic things in my house.  But I am realizing that perhaps there are some things that are worth spending more money on, like face sunscreen, make up or moisturizers.  I've been using them for the last two weeks and I especially appreciate the moisturizer after being outside, sweaty and in the sun all day.  They smell good, are smooth, and I feel a little more like an adult using nicer products on my face, that I know are good for my skin.  And I'm sure hoping that is starts to help keep my wrinkles and bags from growing!  

If all else fails, a hat is the perfect way to hide a wrinkly, makeup less face and greasy hair. : )

You can use code katiev for 15% off your order on anything from Block Island Organics starting today until next Thursday, June 25th.  Thank you so much Kelly! You were a pleasure to work with and I am a fan of your company!

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June 16, 2015

Birthday celebrations

top: jane.com   shorts: loft   shoes: famous footwear 

Yet another perk of my sister living here.  We get to celebrate birthdays in person.  We had a family dinner Monday celebrating Lauren and Lauren, then I got out to dinner with Lauren and a friend on Wednesday.  We had dinner outside and then went back to my house for ice cream and wine.  This sister living close thing is pretty great.  

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June 15, 2015

Our favorite things to do

I am not a fan of days with no plans and struggle when we are stuck at home.  Sometimes I wonder if this attributes to Addilyn's inability to be entertained for long when we're at home or her lack of ability to independently play for more than five minutes.  I hope that this gets better the older she gets, and maybe I should work harder to not always rush from one thing to the next.  But as long as the weather is nice and there's things to do, we're going to keep staying busy!  Most days we get out of the house in the morning around 9, come home by 11:30 for lunch and nap at 12.  Then usually we get out of the house again around 3.  

Here are some of our favorite things to do: 

Parks.  By far the thing we do the most is go to parks.  There are tons around us, but probably two that we frequent a lot.  One of the parks by us has this bridge with a rocky path next to it and Addilyn easily spends 30 minutes picking up rocks, running to toss them over the bridge and back and forth. It is wonderful.

The library.  The town next to us has the best library.  They recently redid their children's section and it is so nice.  There's a huge slide and pretend plane/flying structure, a lego table, craft station, pretend grocery store and this awesome huge Lite Bright thing.  Addilyn loves it, it's closet to us and it's free! 

Dunkin donuts.  We've officially started making friends with the worker at Dunkin Donuts, as she recognizes us and even knows which donut Addi likes the best.  I get a coffee, Addi gets a donut and we can easily kill 45 minutes sitting inside.  She'll say hi to people as they walk in, jump around on the seat next to me, and make lots of strangers smile. 

Beach.  We braved the beach last week with my sister and three kids, and while it was tiring and so sandy, it was a lot of fun.  Addi loved being in the water, and as long as the weather is nice I think we'll be going at least once a week.  

Our deck.  We spent tons of time outside and lots on our deck.  We usually eat lunch out there, and spend time watering the flowers, playing in the water table, and Addilyn climbs all over our chairs and is so much happier outside! 

Bakeries.  There are two bakeries that we've been to quite often.  One has the best cake pops and another these fun smiley face cookies.  (And coffee for me!)  The little bakery in our town has couches and a few kids games which on good days Addilyn can run around, and be content for close to an hour.  We usually go to these on days when it's rainy or crappy weather.  

Storytime.  Barnes and Nobles has storytime every Wednesday at 10:00 and we've gone a few times.  I figured it'd be great when it's a rainy day this summer.  They read a story then do a little craft, which means I do a little craft but I know some day Addilyn will like that part.  Right now she just likes collecting the crayons and running on the little stage.  

Forest Preserve.  We have a forest preserve a few miles away and Chris and Addilyn usually go there once on the weekend, and I've started taking Addi there during the week.  She loves throwing rocks in the water, and I think she could spend hours just wondering around.  

Children's Museum.  We haven't been for awhile but there is this little museum about 15 minutes from us.  It's $5 and one big space that is perfect for young kids.  There's a little store and grocery carts, fire truck, stage and costumes, fishing pond, library, gas station and cars, legos, and a little slide/jungle gym.  Addilyn loves it and we need to go back!

Pet Store.  When we're really bored we've ventured to the pet store and Addi loves looking at the animals. I'm tempted to just tell her we're going to the zoo and keep our standards for entertainment nice and low.  

What are you favorite things to do with your toddler to get you out of the house? 

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