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March 24, 2020

Before the crazy - SHEIN bikini

 swimsuit: c/o shein

Remember two weeks ago when life was normal and things weren't completely crazy and unknown? We were planning on going to Jamaica in April (just Chris and I and our best friends) to celebrate our 15 year anniversary.  Shein sent me some swimsuits to review and I was planning on bringing them on our trip.  I'm so sad we're not going, but I know we'll reschedule and go someday, whenever that may be.  So here's some cute suits!  This first one was my favorite, little cheeky in the back but I feel comfortable in and love it. 

 swimsuit: c/o shein

Love the top of this suit! These bottoms are my own from Old Navy because the others are a tad low for my level of comfort to put on the internet ;)  But I would totally wear them on vacation.  The top straps are adjustable which is necessary for my lack of anything up top!

swimsuit: c/o shein

I love, love, love the front of this swimsuit.  The back is super revealing of my behind, which I do not love.  I may still take it if we ever get to go on our trip, but I do wish it had more coverage.  I ordered a medium which is my true size, but maybe if I ordered a size up?

Either way I feel like Shein is a great place to order some suits from, as these are all under $15! Use code Q4forlauren for 15% off your order! 

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March 12, 2020

Stars, Leopard and Swimsuits

star shirt: c/o shein
leopard top: c/o shein
I may have a problem with stars and leopard prints.  How much is too much?  This star top is only $9 and the leopard $16.  I love the oversized fit of both of them!
dress: c/o shein
I love the color of this dress and would be perfect for any season, but let's hope warm weather and spring is close! Also I found these cute shoes at TJMaxx for $20 and I want to wear them everywhere once it's warmer.  They're so comfortable.  If only they'd stay this white!
 swimsuit: c/o shein
Swimsuits for $12? Yes please.  We're going on a beach trip in April and I can not wait so I wanted to try a few new swimsuits.  I got a few swimsuits from Shein last year and felt like that held up great and I loved how they fit.  This one is perfect! 
swimsuit: c/o shein
I wanted to love this swimsuit because the colors are so cute and it looked adorable in the picture. Lesson learned - make sure there are more reviews and pictures with someone wearing it!  The front is great but the back is SO cheeky I would not wear it around any children.  Or maybe any people. But it does look cute if you had shorts or on a getaway with just your husband or if you have a tiny little butt.  ;) 
tie dye top: c/o shein

This top is only $6, which is great if you're unsure of a trend.  Like tie dye or cropped tops.  Perfect for high waisted workout pants or jeans!  

Happy almost Friday!!

(Use code Q4forlauren for 15% off your order at Shein!)
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