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November 29, 2016

love the Vales

I absolutely love getting Christmas cards in the mail and love sending them too.  Sometimes it feels like a lot of work, but I am always happy when I do it and love looking back at our Christmas cards each year.  We've used Tiny Prints for every single one of our holiday, birthday and baby announcement cards. I have always loved each one I've picked and have never been disappointed with their quality, shipping or choices they have.  Or their customer service.  Remember the time I put the wrong weight on Addi's birth announcements?  They sent me my entire order again free! My only problem is that it takes me forever to pick one out that I love. This year I knew I wanted one big picture on the front and then a few on the back, so I searched for pictures by that which helped narrow it down.  

This year we had by sister in law come take some pictures for us in our front yard.  It was super fast, and they turned out great!  It's crazy how Isaac was in my belly a year ago and here he is, full of personality and such a big boy.  I don't think I'll ever get over how fast time goes and how much can change from one year to the next.  

I feel ahead of the game that I already have them ordered and here, but it seems like no matter how early I get them it still takes me forever to get them sent.  I ordered matching address labels which will hopefully help speed up my process of getting them out on time!  Next year I'm going to take advantage of the option to load your addresses on their site and have them come ready to go.  Then I'll have no excuses!  

Tiny Prints always has deals on their site (currently you can take 40% off your order) and so many options you'd have no problem finding a perfect Christmas card for your family!  

Thank you Tiny Prints for our Christmas cards.  We love them and will already be planning what invitations to order for Isaac's first birthday! 

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November 27, 2016

Some randoms . . . .

top: target   jeans: gap   boots: justfab

I wore this top when I was very pregnant and still love it.  Most of the things that I bought when I was pregnant with Isaac were non-maternity, and I love that I can still wear them. 

I just looked in my drafts folder and have about ten posts that are things I'm learning, motherhood thoughts, etc. yet I can't organize my thoughts enough to have anything that is finished that makes sense.  Maybe someday soon I'll finish one and write something meaningful again. 

Isaac is 9 months old today and I can't believe how fast this year as gone.  I'm continually reminding myself how quickly these phases are over.  Which is helpful when I am tired and feel like it's such a needy phase, but also bittersweet as I feel like I can barely remember Addi that little already. 

I am so sad this long weekend is over.  I would love many more days with Chris home and to spread out this time of the year longer.  

I have not watched the Gilmore Girls episodes yet.  My sister and I are trying to find a time to watch them together, but thanks to overtired kids, a teething baby who isn't sleeping and tired mamas, I don't know if it will happen.  But I know I'll be sad when it's over, so I'm happy to wait.  

All I want to do is sit in front of my Christmas tree, drink coffee and watch Christmas movies. If my kids could entertain themselves all day.  ; ) 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! 

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November 22, 2016

I may have . . . . .

tee: shein

I may have worn this top three times in the last two weeks.  It's the perfect length for leggings and perfect with vests.  

I may have bought a large amount of new Christmas stuff for our house.  Thankfully all from Target and Walmart and not too expensive, but I probably should stay off the computer after the kids go to bed.  There are so many cute things I want to buy! 

I may have used to be a total scrooge and wouldn't decorate or listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.  But now? Minus the tree we'll cut down and decorate Friday, we are all decorated for Christmas and been listening to Christmas music well over a week.  And it makes me ridiculously happy.  

I may have already got our Christmas cards and I love them.  Now let's hope it doesn't take me weeks to get them addressed and mailed out.  

I may just be a little nervous about running the 5K Turkey Trot on Thursday.  I walk often with the kids, but it has been way too long since I've gone for a real run.  

I may be more excited for the day after Thanksgiving than Thanksgiving itself because we get our tree and it's my favorite day of the whole year.  

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November 21, 2016

8 months

Dear Isaac -

Eight months old and I barely made this letter happen before you turn nine months!  Time is going too quickly and I can't believe your first birthday is not too far away.  You have changed so much this month.  Crawling, pulling up, making sounds.  You are becoming such a big boy! 

You love eating food, even though I don't think you swallow much.  You will not let me feed you with a spoon so I think we're done with baby food! I try giving up mostly what we eat in smaller pieces.  You love sucking on strips of toast with hummus, avocados, potatoes and bananas.  I need to get better at giving you more foods to try.  Thank goodness for Molly since most of it ends up on the floor.  

Your sleep?  Still stinks and I am tired.  We've started to have a few naps here and there where you sleep an hour or so, so let's hope those continue! Most times you fall asleep after I nurse you during the night, but sometimes you still cry.  We need to figure out something soon, but your cry is just the saddest thing I keep not doing it! Thankfully most nights you go down at bedtime awake and fall asleep with only a few minutes or none of crying.  You often fall asleep when we walk and I wear you in the Ergo. I'm so glad you still like it there and so happy the weather has been nice that we can walk most days. 

Addi makes you so happy.  When we go get her from her nap you get so excited and just laugh and stand at her crib.  You follow her around and love when she plays with you.  It makes me happy! I can't wait until you guys can play together more.  

You still are not a fan of the car and often cry when we drive, especially when it is dark. You do not like your diaper changes or clothes changed and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to hold you down. You get mad when you can't eat what Addi is eating.  Otherwise you are rarely unhappy.  It is easy to make you laugh.  You love being thrown in the air, playing peek-a-boo and standing at the window. I think you're starting to make a chicken sound when we go feed them everyday.  You get so excited when we go outside.  

You love giving kisses.  They are slobbery and gross and I love them.  You get really excited and aggressive and grab my cheeks and find my mouth.  It's adorable.  When you get excited or when you hear music you back your head back and forth so head.  One time you threw your head so far back, then forward you banged your head on our ottoman so hard! As you've learned to pull up and move you have fallen over quite a bit more and sometimes cry quite a bit when you do.  I'm sure there are lots more accidents in our future! 

The weather has been so nice this month so we've still been outside a lot.  I'm so glad we can go on walks still and will be sad once it's too cold for you.  I can't wait to celebrate all the holidays as a family of four!  

You are just the happiest, smiliest little man and we couldn't love you more.  


your mama 

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November 20, 2016

I drink like a Gilmore

It's no surprise I love Gilmore Girls and I'm sure like many of you am anxiously awaiting the new episodes that come out in less than a week.  As if Thanksgiving week wasn't already my favorite week of the year!  My sister and I decided we'd wait to watch at least the first two together, but can not wait more than a few days to watch it.  So a Gilmore Girls party next weekend is happening. I'm pretty sure they'll be Chinese food, lots of junk food and our Gilmore Girls t-shirts.  

I got this tee from Seriously Happy Tees and I love it.  It is so soft and comfortable and completely true.  Bring on all the coffee!  Chelsea created her shop with the hopes of bringing joy to your day with a fun tee that makes you smile.  I read Chelsea's bio on her shop page and loved her message.  Thanks Chelsea for sharing your heart! I love that you strive to be honest and real with life's struggles, and share little things that make you happy like your tees to the most important thing that makes you happy, the Lord.  

Is it pathetic to admit that on some days, wearing a cute graphic tee is the most exciting part of my day?  Well it's totally true.  Plus coffee, Gilmore Girls and a comfy tee would all be near the top of things that make me happy, especially with the new episodes coming out!  So this tee is perfect. (Sadly they are sold out, but will be restocked Tuesday or Wednesday! And here's another cute Gilmore Girl sweatshirt!) 

Here are a few other shirts in her shop that I love: 

Thank you Chelsea for my favorite new tee.  I've already worn it two days last week and can guarantee I will be wearing it next weekend as I drink coffee all day and watch my favorite show's new episodes!  

Make sure to check out all of Seriously Happy Tees cute things and use code KATEVALE16 for 15% off your order! (Make sure to follow on instagram too for deals and new things!) 

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November 16, 2016

Addi says what

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Outside catching frogs with my dad: "Try to catch one Grandpa. I believe in you!"

Talking about how some mamas stay home and daddis work and how some daddies stay home and mamas work.  "Yea daddy goes to work and you stay home.  Except for girls' night." 

I bet Aunt Lo is taking a nap right now.  When you don't have kids you can take a nap whenever you want. 

I put some leggings that had a sparkling line down the side, on Addi and she said "Oooh. Dancing with the Stars pants!" 

Addi had a Halloween party at preschool and came home with a bunch of treat bags and candy. She was sorting them on the table saying "Thank you for trick or treating day God. Thank you for this candy, and this candy, and this one . . . . ."

Touches Isaac's forehead, "It's about 45 degrees." 

"Mama drinks milk and it goes in her belly and then Isaac drinks it."

When I gave Addi a stern look for being rough with Isaac. "I was just petting him.  A hard pet. Because I love him." 

I was changing Addi's clothes and she spit a little and it dripped down her stomach.  I told her we do not spit (we've had this conversation many times lately) and she looked at me so seriously, "but it's my special lotion."

"Chocolate is like music in my mouth."

November 14, 2016

Magic House

dress: old navy  boots: target

We've lived in our house a little over two months.  About a month in we were in the kitchen and Chris made some comment along the lines of, "Man.  These counters are great. You never have to clean them and they look so clean."  You guys.  He was serious. I suppose he also thinks our bathrooms never have to be cleaned, the floors never vacuumed and the laundry never put away.  My sister sent me this video and apparently we have the same magic over here.  #eyerollemoji  

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November 13, 2016

To get dressed or not to get dressed

I got this top from White Plum on super clearance when I was pregnant and love it.  It's so comfy and a perfect top for nursing too because it snaps down the middle.  While I'm not nursing nearly as much during the day, it's still nice to have clothes that make it easier.  

I debate between why do I ever get dressed and I feel so much better when I put on a real outfit.  The "why do I ever get dressed" often wins, but it does feel nice to have a real outfit on and feel a little more presentable.  Otherwise my kids just keep dressing cuter and cuter and look way more put together than I do. I would wear Addilyn's outfit in a second.  And I definitely rewarded myself with a piece of candy afterwards too.  

 I couldn't not include that picture.  I mean look at his face!?

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November 10, 2016

Currently . . . .

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Wearing:  this $15 flannel shirt from Target.  So so comfy.  

Cooking:  Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Love crock pot meals in the fall.  

Baking: these Cake Mix cookies.  Super easy and super delicious. 

Watching: Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, This is Us and Switched at Birth.

Loving: this warmer Fall weather.  We've been on walks almost everyday and it's mid November! That never happens and it makes me happy.

Losing: followers on Instagram all week long.  I don't know what that bothers me but it does.

Listening to: Isaac say mama over and over.  I can not get over it and think it's the best sound ever.  

Ready to: decorate for Christmas soon and can't believe in two weeks we go get our Christmas tree. My favorite day of the year and can't wait to experience it with both my babies!

Happy happy almost weekend!

November 7, 2016

Birthday wishlist

My birthday was last week and I think for the first time ever I didn't have any clothes on my wishlist. With our new house all I wanted was things to decorate with and found so many cute things on Amazon.  Here are a few things I asked for: 

Now for Christmas, I may had a few clothing items to my list, along with some of the things above that I didn't get.  I love big, cozy sweaters and here are a few I'm loving: 

 one // two
 three  // four
 five // six
What are some things on your Christmas wishlists? 
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November 6, 2016

A monkey and a banana

This year's Halloween was perfect.  Sunday afternoon we went to our town's main street trick or treating.  The kids could go in and out of the stores and they had lots of other activities for them to do.  It was quite crowded and Addi was just happy to collect some candy and go in the jump house.  The weather was absolutely perfect! We've been so lucky with a warmer fall and have loved all the extra time outside.  

Addi got this mummy sucker and kept telling me she was eating "a mommy."  Monday the weather was just as perfect and we had such a great evening.  We go trick or treating in my in-laws neighborhood, and my sister's family and my parents come too.  We go to a handful of houses, then have dinner and hang out.  The kids, and adults, eat way to much candy and take way to many pictures.  And it's just the way I like it.

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of smiling, cooperative pictures I got out of Addilyn. She literally was so happy both of these days.  Pretty sure Halloween will forever stay her favorite holiday as it involves a crazy amount of sweets, which is pretty much the way to her heart.  

We've had our fair share of holidays that don't go as planned, thanks to sick kids or some other reason, and I've learned to not hold them with too high expectations.  But this one, was as good as I could have hoped, and I'm so thankful for these memories and traditions with my sweet family! 

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November 1, 2016

Baby in a pumpkin

I was so excited to put Isaac in a pumpkin this Fall.  Unfortunately he wasn't as nearly as excited. When Addi was 3 months old and 15 months old I put her in a pumpkin, and completely failed at trying to do it last year.  I certainly gave it a good shot.  Perhaps two and half is a little two old. Good thing I have another baby this year! 

Poor Isaac.  Wanted nothing to do with it, and usually so easy to get a smile out of, was not having it. He wanted to eat it at first, and then just wanted out.  I tried again later and got some tiny smiles, but did not last long! 

 I'm pretty sure Isaac is close in size to Addi at 8 months, as she was at 15 months.  We also probably should've found a bigger pumpkin this year.  Next year, right?

Hope you all had a fun Halloween! Lots of cute pictures to share and can't wait to see everyone else's!
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