. . . for Lauren and Lauren: October 2019

October 30, 2019

I'm not ready

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sweatshirt: c/o shein

If you don't live in the midwest, you probably do not want to hear about the snow that is already predicted for tomorrow.  I am not ready for snow and would be happy if it would hold off at least a few more weeks till closer to Thanksgiving.  But on the plus side that means we get to wear all the cozy things like this sweatshirt. I would not call this flattering really one bit, but it may be the softest top I own and I love it.  

Here are some other cute tops I'm loving that make the transition to cold weather a little more tolerable: 

 flannel top: c/o shein  shoes: target  tee: aerie

This flannel top is light weight and would also look cute buttoned up or with a longer tee under in and leggings (and is only $15).  The amount of flannels in my closet may be getting a little out of hand.  

 cardigan: c/o shein   jeans: american eagle   shoes: target

Perfect Fall cardigan! I love the colors and the length, and it is only $20!

striped tee: c/o shein   jeans: american eagle

This basic long sleeve tee can be worn tucked in, tied and is long enough to cover your booty to wear with leggings.  The model is wearing it off the shoulder which is cute, but I have yet to figure out how to pull that look off! 

v-neck tee: c/o shein

And last is this top that is perfect for under cardigans or button up tees.  I love that it's longer in the back too, so it'll be perfect for leggings.  (Plus it's only $9!) 

Use code Q4forlauren for 15% off your shein order!  Happy Halloween! I hope the weather is trick or treating tolerable for you! :) 

October 29, 2019


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sweater: c/o shein   boots: c/o shein

The other day I told Addi that her booties would be good with what she was wearing and she started cracking up and thought that I made up that they were called booties.  I mean I don't blame them, it does sound a little ridiculous.  Either way I love these booties.  I have far too many pairs, but none that were black so these just made sense to buy, right?  

And I'm not so sure how much I'll wear these fake "leather" leggings, but I've wanted a pair for awhile and they were under $10 at Target, so worth a shot!  And I think they're perfect with this sweater.  It's the perfect length and would look cute with jeans too.  It comes in a ton of colors and is $21, but you can use code Q4forlauren for 15% off your order.

October 13, 2019

Happy Birthday Shein - 11 year anniversary!

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sweater: c/o shein   jeans: american eagle  shoes: dsw

Shein is celebrating their 11th anniversary and to celebrate let me pick out a few items to share with you.  I've worked with Shein for over five years and have gotten so many cute things from them. It's getting harder and harder to pick out items each time because I like so many things!  I always always read the reviews.  Sometimes sizing is weird, but for every item you can always look at the measurements which help.  Most times I'm a small or medium, and usually stick with tops or dresses. I also always read the reviews and usually pick items that have a ton of good reviews.  I love each things I got and can't wait to wear them this Fall and Winter!  You can use code 11SH275 for 15% off your order!

I probably don't need any more leopard print tops, but I love this sweater.  It's a little cropped but every pair of pants I own these days are very high rise, so I like the shorter sweaters.  I love the pink in it. 

 sweater: c/o shein

I have one cardigan like this and love it, so was excited to get another one in a different color.  This one is super cute and can be worn buttoned like this or open with a tank top or shirt underneath. 

 top: c/o shein   jeans: american eagle   booties: old navy 

I'm usually not a big fan of the peplum top, but love this one.  Maybe it's because of the buttons. But it's flowy and soft and only $14, and also comes in a really pretty purple.  Side note. I got these booties on clearance at the end of Winter last year for $10 and was super excited when I pulled them out of my Fall/Winter clothes bin.  

 coat: c/o shein  jeans: american eagle   shoes: target

Well now I'm ready for snow.  Kidding.  Let's hold off for a solid month or two please.  But when it comes I will be wearing this coat.  I love everything about it.  The mustard color, the higher neck and puffiness.  But I will repeat.  I am not ready for winter.  

 hoodie: c/o shein

This hoodie is only $10! It's a little thicker so definitely better for cooler weather, which we are headed right there.  There's a pink option too, but I love this red color.  It's more of a rust color which is my favorite.  This is a size medium, and runs on the smaller side in my opinion as it isn't very stretchy.  

sweatshirt: c/o shein

Last is this super fuzzy sweatshirt.  I accidently ordered it twice and shared it the other week.  Oops.  Which means I have one up for grabs.  ;)  Probably because I thought it looked so comfy and had so many good reviews.  And it's only $15, which means you probably need it.  

Happy Shopping!

(Use code 11SH275 for 15% off your order from anything at Shein.)

October 9, 2019

All the prints

floral jacket: c/o shein   jeans: universal threads - target   tank top: american eagle
leopard tee: c/o shein   jeans: old navy (clearance $10!)

Just in case you're concerned about the smell of my house, it is just about back to normal.  Thank goodness.  I was close to banging some holes in the wall and getting whatever is in there out.  Let's hope the colder weather keeps those mice away!

I feel like everyone talks about the weather, and here I am with nothing brand new.  But this Fall weather is making me so happy.  We've had windows open during the day, sweatshirts in the morning and sunshine.  I'm trying to savor it and appreciate it as long as it lasts!  We have corn maze plans this weekend, the pumpkin patch the next weekend, and hopefully a few other fun Fall things! 

Happy almost weekend!

(Use code Q4forlauren for 15% off your shein order!  Loving this leopard long sleeve tee that's only $14, and this cute floral jacket!) 
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October 6, 2019

Stripes on Stripes

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yellow striped sweater: c/o shein

I think this sweater is my favorite thing from shein this order, but it was hard to pick!  I love the length of it and would wear it with leggings or jeans.  

button front thermal: c/o shein

This top is another one I love.  It's only $18, and you can use code Q4forlauren for 15% off your order of anything from shein.  

We are in full Fall mode over here and it makes me so happy.  Our mice smell is just about gone, I'm surrounded by fabric pumpkins and I have big plans to make pumpkin muffins this week and drink tea. I'll take all the stereotypical Fall things and have zero shame about it.  

I hope you had a good weekend! 

October 2, 2019

Here's to hoping for 10 days

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grey thermal: c/o shein   jeans: american eagle  shoes: old navy ($10 clearance!)

I'm currently distracting myself, writing this post and watching Dancing with the Stars, pretending that I don't smell a dead animal in my house.  We've had some mice issue the last two months, but haven't seen any in a few weeks.  And now I am just about positive there is a dead one in the wall in Isaac's room. I spent way too long trying to figure out where the smell was coming from, and finally found it in the corner of Isaac's closet.  Only good news is that both kids rooms are organized and cleaned out. Bad news is that a dead mouse can apparently smell for ten days to a few weeks.  I think we're on day 7 so fingers crossed it's the 10 day mark for us.  

In much more pleasant news I got these two tops from shein recently and I am full on ready for Fall. This grey thermal is light enough to wear if it is not Fall weather yet.  Super cozy and cute off the shoulder.  

color block hoodie: c/o shein   jeans: american eagle 

I'll be anxiously awaiting cooler temps to wear this awesome fuzzy hoodie.  It's only $15 and it so soft on the inside! Fall I am ready for you - for both the temps and the freeze that will kill off the nasty smells in here! Gross.  

(Use code Q4forlauren for 15% off your shein order!)