. . . for Lauren and Lauren: February 2021

February 17, 2021

What I've learned this last year in regards to my health and fitness

For as long as I can remember, I've been dedicated to working out and exercising and have loved fitness. It's always been a great stress relief for me, I love challenging myself, and have felt really proud of myself for things my body has accomplished.  The last two years I've become even more passionate about fitness, becoming a certified personal trainer, but more importantly learning how fitness and exercise can affect and change your body and mind.  This last year has certainly thrown all of us for a loop, and has drastically changed our routines and expectations, and I am sure I am not alone in a long list of things I've learned over the last year.  These things have all become areas where I want to continue to see progress in this next year.  


For the last four years I have been a very avid member of Burn Boot Camp.  I love so many things about it.  So much that I became a trainer so I could work there, and have the last two years. I would not miss a workout, and six days a week showed up, worked hard and saw amazing results.  But when I would be out of town, have a sick kid, bad weather, etc., I'd get so stressed about not making it to the gym.  I'd work around our family's schedules to do whatever I could to make it there.  Which isn't always a bad thing, but I think there is a fine line between dedication and obsessiveness, and I definitely fall in the later many times.   Having our gym close for awhile, and still not being back there myself since last March, I've been forced to work out at home and it has been so good for me.  I can work out at the time that works best for me, take a rest day when I need it, change the focus of the day's workout if I want, and be confident in doing my own thing.  And know that I am working out because I want to, not because I'm afraid of missing out on a day at the gym. 


I got an Apple Watch two years ago and I love it.  There are so many great things about it, but I also think that it can be really negative.  I think it's easy to get focused on the numbers - how many steps you took, how many calories you burned that day (which isn't even accurate)s, how many days of your streak of closing your rings you got.  Again that line of dedication and obsessive.  I realized instead of using those numbers for mere data, I was letting myself feel as though I had to close my rings daily, had to reach my goal, or I didn't feel accomplished.  I'd end up not having a true rest day, and that will definitely take a toll on your body. I started not wearing my watch on Sundays, and it's been so good for me.  This feels silly to admit, but I know there are others who can relate.  It helps give my body permission to rest every minute I can that day.  To take as little steps as possible and since I'm "breaking my streak" weekly, there's a lot less to obsess about. 


I LOVE cardio.  I could do a HIIT workout everyday and be really happy.  I love sweating, love getting my heart rate up, and moving as fast as I can.  Over the years though, I have learned how much strength training is essential for your body.  My body has significantly changed the last few years thanks to strength training.  Now I love lifting heavy weights, and don't think I've ever felt stronger before.  It's been a mental shift to not think that I need to end every workout huffing and puffing, having burned a ton of calories.  But to end a workout feeling like I've lifted heavy, my muscles are getting much stronger, and knowing that that will benefit me in the long run, so much more than hours of cardio.  


It may be a tad shallow, but I 100% think having workout clothes that make you feel good, makes you more motivated. I spend more time in workout clothes than any other clothes, and I also love shopping - so I am far from short on leggings, sport bras or tennis shoes.  Some of my favorite work out clothes I own are from Adidas.  This last year I've purchased two pairs of Adidas shoes - one for running and one for cross training and I have loved them both.  They do run big in my opinion so I size down a half or full size.  This cute sweatshirt is also one of my favorites. 

Let's say I got to go on a shopping spree at Adidas to add to my closet, these are the things I would pick out.  I am a huge fan of any leggings that are high waisted, and even better if they're 7/8th length for my shorter legs.  And thanks to high waisted leggings, I'm a big fan of these cute crop tops.  Throw a hoodie on top, and a pair of supportive but super cute shoes and I am comfortable and happy!

tee //  cropped tank // hoodie
leggings //  shoes

So as we soon head into the third month of 2021, I'm going to continue to focus on listening to what my body needs, being flexible with my schedule and plans, let numbers be numbers and not any tie to my self worth, and keep lifting heavy and feeling as strong as I can!