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September 27, 2017

Wisconsin weekend

A few weekends ago we got to go away for a long weekend with good friends of ours.  We rented a house in Wisconsin and it was so much fun.  It was a perfect mix of doing fun things, and having slow moments (as much as possible with five little kids!) and we all had such a great time. 
Isaac woke up extra early one morning (even for him) and was so crabby and tired before we even ate breakfast.  So I took him for a walk and he fell asleep and it was so pretty outside. I was kind of crabby before that and this definitely put me in a better mood!
 I had never been paddleboarding before, but our friends borrowed a friend's boards and it was so much fun.  Michelle and I went out both afternoons and we loved it.  Then we took our girls out. I love that I get to do things like this with Addilyn and it makes me excited for more vacations and experiences together.  The whole time she kept doing this little giddy, nervous laugh that I used to hear all the time but only comes out once in awhile.  It makes me so happy. She wanted to stand up and has such great balance she managed to stay standing while we moved for awhile.  She was very proud of herself!
 Warming up with hot chocolate after their paddleboarding. 

Our friends have a fishing boat so we took it on a ride to this restaurant.  It was super fun on the way there.  The kids were happy and everyone loved it.  The way back? Not quite so much as it was a long ride, so we decided to go fast and it meant I hide under a blanket holding onto the three older kids because it was so insanely windy.  But good memories anyway! 
 Rock painting one afternoon. 
 Both mornings we went on a "nature walk" and the kids collected all kinds of things.  The weather was so cool and it was beautiful out! 
The girls "riding" the ATV.  Chris took them on lots of rides and of course they loved it. 
One the way home we stopped at Paul Bunyan's for breakfast.  Chris used to go there all the time as a kid, so he loved it.  We had such a great weekend away.  I'm slowly becoming better at vacations, I mean "trips."  We're definitely planning on repeating this trip next year! 

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September 25, 2017

If you had $10 to spend . . . .

I hardly ever go into the store Charming Charlie, but my sister and I went there earlier this summer and we both bought this dress for $10.  I'm highly annoyed that the weather is so stinkin' hot, but at least I could wear this dress this weekend to a baby shower. 

I found this tote at World Market a few weeks ago and it was only $10. I am getting excited about the thought of being done with diaper bags, even though I'm still far from it.  But it is nice to occasionally throw a few things in a bigger purse or bag.

Also, this cute little pouch is from Jumping Jack (and if you use code KATIE15 it's just about $10!). I have a few tees from them too and love them!

This hi pillow was on a Target clearance rack for $7.  It says bye on the other side and I think it is cute! As is a million other things at Target that I wanted to buy.  If only everything there was under $10. 

I got my hair cut and colored this weekend (now if only those were $10 too, right?)  But I also got my eyebrows waxed which is $10 so I'm throwing that in there too.  

I hope you all had a great weekend!  What's the best thing you've bought lately for under $10??

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September 18, 2017

Our sweet Molly girl

I keep thinking about writing this post and then can't do it because I am still struggling to put into words how sad I am and how much I miss her.  We had to say goodbye to our sweet Molly last Sunday afternoon.  In less than three weeks she went from totally healthy as far as we knew, to finding out she had colon cancer and it got worse so quickly.  

I don't even know how to describe the role she's played in our family the last ten years. Our first "baby" and with us for so many of our newly married memories. She welcomed both our babies home and loved on them from day one.

She helped Addi learn to crawl and Isaac learn to stand. Her name was Isaac' first word. She saved me many mornings during the 5:00 hour when I had zero energy to entertain a crabby toddler. She cleaned up my floor a million times a day and chased my kids around the kitchen when I made dinner. She was part of our daily naptime and bedtime routine. Isaac had a permanent relaxing spot cozied into her stomach where I'd find him all the time. My list could go on and on! She was so easy to love and loved my kids more than I could ever imagined possible. I couldn't have loved her more and I can't even picture our daily life and routine without her here.

It has been a rough week since she died and I am not at all used to her not being here.  The kids still call her by name at random times, looking for her.  I expect to see her all throughout the day and look at the space where her water bowl was and it just looks so empty.   We miss her so so much and our house feels sad and lonely without her.  
I don't think you could find a more gentle, patient, happier or more beautiful dog. We hit the jackpot with Molly. We are so thankful God gave us ten years with the best dog in the world.

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September 10, 2017

18 months of Isaac

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Dear Isaac - 

18 months old! Happy half birthday sweet boy.  Every week you are more and more this little boy and less and less a baby.  You are still so tiny and sometimes I think I expect you to not be able to do certain things or say certain things because you seem so little, but you are talking more and more and acting much more like a toddler these days.

You love your sister.  You call her "Adda" and say  her name all the time.  She started preschool a few weeks ago and the first two days you cried and cried when she walked into her room.  You asked for her every few minutes and were so excited to go pick her up.  You like to be playing with whatever she is doing and think you can do anything she can do.  For as much as you love her, you pull her hair all the time.  You think it's hilarious and I don't even know what to do!

You still don't love the car, but it's finally getting better.  You'll laugh at Addi, sing songs, blow bubbles with your lips and like when I play music.  You also don't love sitting in your highchair. You'd much rather stand in a chair and try to look like a big kid.  It will be quite awhile until you can actually sit in a chair - you are so so tiny.

You love animals.  Especially Molly.  You call her everywhere, tell her to lay down, lay on her stomach in this perfect little nook for you and roll all over her.  Feed her your food, hug her and ask for her whenever she's not right by us.  We say goodnight to her a million times before naps and bedtime and you get so excited to see her in the morning.  You also love the goats and chickens, and love any dogs we see anywhere.

You are obsessed with lawn mowers and tractors.  You like to look at books and pictures of lawn mowers, and love when daddy takes you for rides on his.  You also love his ATV and would tide around that all day if you could.  You love playing in my car and pretend to drive and climb back and forth between the seats.

You are talking more and more these days.  Your favorite phrase is "What that mama" or "Who that mama."  You say please mama and one more all the time.  You can say most of our family's name, although you don't have a name for yourself.  You also think it's hilarious to say "you grandma" when I ask you who someone is.  And then you laugh and laugh.  You also laugh so hard when I tickle you and say "more, more."  You could spend forever being chased around our couch and I love watching your tiny self fall over because you are so excited and laughing so hard.

You like to wake up at 5:30, which of course I am not a fan of!  But I am thankful you go to bed so easily and are usually asleep by 7:15.  You sleep with your two puppies in your sleepsack and always with your sound machine.  I'm starting to lose hope that you'll nap longer than an hour ever.  Please do!

It takes you a long time to warm up in any new situation or any situation with lots of people.  You usually spend the first 30 minutes or so wanting to be held and whiny and pointing to the car or wherever.  But once you are comfortable you're happy to play and maybe step five feet away from me. ;)

You're still this tiny little thing.  You weighed 20 pounds and 14 ounces and are 31 inches tall. Both in the 20th percentile.  You're mostly in twelve month clothes and I'd guess you're legs will still fit in some of your pants from last Winter!

You are just so adorable.  I still look at you and can't believe you are ours.  I love you so much sweet boy!


your mama

September 7, 2017

Bring on Fall

top: c/o  shein   jeans: old navy   booties: justfab

We've had some cooler weather this week and it makes me so excited for Fall.  Cooler weather, open windows, candles, new decorations, family traditions, and Fall clothes.  Let's be honest, I could name so many other things.  I can not wait.  Bring on Fall!  

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September 6, 2017

Loving . . . .

top: shein

This top.  I got this top a few years ago and have worn it pregnant, not pregnant, summer and Fall and I love it.  It's still on the site too.  

Loving these similar style tops/dresses too . . . 

one  //  two  //  three

90210.  I should be embarrassed to admit I'm watching this again.  But it's happening and I'm sucked into it and far into too many seasons now.  I should be reading books or a million other things that would be better for my brain before I go to bed, but I love it too much.  

Burn Boot Camp.  A friend of mine goes to one in North Carolina and I've seen her post about it many times and was so excited when one near us opened up two weeks ago.  I've gone many times and am loving it.  I am not positive I can make it work with our schedule but I so badly want to and will try!  It feels so fun to do something new that is challenging and just for me.  

Adventures in Odyssey.  I don't know why it took me so long but I finally bought these CDs and a CD player for Addilyn's room.  She hasn't napped in many months I've failed at working on set quiet time in her room and not defaulting to letting her watch a show for an hour.  These are awesome. She'll listen to it for at least 20 minutes, coloring or playing quietly in her room.  I'm hoping that time will get longer, but I'll take it for now! 

World Market.  I hadn't been there in forever but ran in really quick after a solo Target trip (woohoo!) last weekend and they had so much cute clearance stuff.  I got a table runner for $3 and the cutest tassel/fringe purse for $10.  I love their stuff! 

Jen Hatmaker's new podcast.  I'm a big Jen Hatmaker fan and she just started a new podcast called, For the Love, and it is great.  Lots of good conversations and fun to listen to.  

What is something you're loving lately? 

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September 4, 2017


pants: c/o shein

ONE.  We've had a few cooler days this last week and it has made me so happy.  I can't even wait for Fall weather.  And for sweatpants.  I just got these in the mail and they are so soft and comfy.  The other week I found a similar pair online at Old Navy but had just ordered things that day and was so bummed I missed them.  Then I found these and I love them!  

TWO.  Last week we had a full week of preschool and Addilyn did great each day. I almost don't want to write it because I'm afraid to jinx it or something.  But clearly it doesn't work like that. ;) I'm so proud of her. 

THREE.  While Addi is at school, I'm enjoying my time with just Isaac.  I'm excited to get into a routine together and want to find some kind of story time or class for us and looking forward to lots of time together!

FOUR.  Our friends little guy turned one and we went to his party this weekend.  His sister and Addi play so well together and are the cutest together.  We're going away with them this weekend and staying at a house in Wisconsin and I know they will have so much fun! 

FIVE.  I shared just a little on Instagram and will hopefully have a happy update at the end of next week, but we had quite the scary week with Molly.  After a few days of vet appointments and emergency vet visits for some awful symptoms, they found a huge mass in Molly's colon and were pretty sure it was cancerous.  Thankfully after a procedure, removing a large part of it, the vet thinks there is a good chance it isn't but we won't know until Thursday.  I was a total mess those few days and can't even think about our life without Molly.  I'm praying we have a few years at the least with her, and that we have good news soon.  We'd love any prayers for our Molly girl!

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