. . . for Lauren and Lauren: January 2012

January 31, 2012


 Sweater: Kohls     Dress: TJMaxx (?)    Boots:  DSW

Pockets in dresses just might be one of my favorite things.  That and socks under boots.  

Another one of my favorite things: 

My husband told me these were the best dessert he's ever had.  However, he is not that reliable because he lives in the moment, and quite often he says what he is currently eating is the best thing he's ever had.  
Makes it easy to please him and boosts my cooking confidence though.  
I on the other hand am honest when  I say these really are one of the best things I've ever had.  
Now if only they were good for you.  

January 30, 2012

Wrong side of the bed

Dress: JCPenney   Blazer:  Target (years old)      Boots: Kohls

(50 degrees in Chicago in January?)

Today I had to talk to a student because she had made fun of another student during recess.  When I asked her why she did it she replied, "It's just that I forgot that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I really didn't mean to be rude, it's just that waking up on the wrong side of the bed kind of made me do things I know aren't right."  And then she said sorry and gave her a hug.  

I think I need to start using "I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed" for any mistakes I make during the day.  

My Molly wanted in on some of the pictures too.  

January 29, 2012

One thing at a time

 Shirt: JCPenney      Leggings & Boots: Kohls    Scarf:  handmade

I've realized lately that I can't just do one thing at a time.  If I am watching a movie, then I am usually making a craft or on my computer.  If I am sewing or working on a project, I'll have my laptop in the room and watch a show too.  I am working on trying to do one thing at a time and enjoy it.  This weekend Chris and I watched a movie and I just watched it - without doing anything else.  It was really nice.  And I made two projects, without doing anything else.  I enjoyed the quiet time and felt like it was more relaxing.  I'm sure I'll still multitask often, but I want to work on enjoying and committing to doing one thing at a time.  

Here's the first thing I made this weekend: 
Sorry for the poor quality picture, but it is a lace/silk scarf.  
I''m excited to wear it this week and post the link where I found the tutorial. 

I have a few baby showers coming up and wanted to start working on some gifts.  I've seen similar projects online but made mine a little different! 

Plush Lion

Start by cutting out two circles.  I used this really soft and fuzzy fabric.  (I traced one of my trivets for a good sized circle.)

On the back of one of the circles, pin where you want your nose to go. (I used felt for the nose). Then draw where you want the mouth to be.

I did the mouth by hand.  I'm sure it would look better if you used your sewing machine, but I was too afraid I wouldn't be able to make the shape right.

Then sew on your nose. (I used the machine for this.)

And add buttons for the eyes.

I used all different kinds of ribbons that I had and cut them in strips.  Then folded them in half and pinned them to the front of your other circle.

I wish I would've made my strips shorter.  They stick out a little too far, I think. Next time!

 Lay your other piece face down and pin in place.

Once I started sewing these together, the pins that were on the inside holding the ribbon kept getting in the way.  I ended up moving them to the outside.

Sew all the way around your piece, leaving a small opening so you can flip it through.

Turn your lion inside out.

Then fill it up with stuffing/filling and sew shut.

And you have a little plush lion!  
I think I'll hang it on the outside of one of my baby shower gifts.  

Hope you had a great weekend - I am wishing tomorrow was not Monday!

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January 26, 2012

Five things Friday

1. I bought these boots from Old Navy awhile ago for $12.  At first I wasn't sure if I liked them, and was not confident in wearing them.  I am liking them more and more.  Now I want some chunky socks to go under them, like these:

2. This just might have been the longest school week yet to date this year.  Somehow every day dragged on and on! 

3. I made this granola recipe this week: Cherry Chocolate Granola
I was too cheap to buy dried cherries, so I used craisins and it was still delicious.  Oh and I used chocolate chips instead of bittersweet chocolate. Also because I'm too cheap to by that. Nonetheless, still awesome.
I could eat yogurt and granola every day.

4.  Chris has been gone this whole week and I am SO happy he is coming home late tonight.  Looking forward to a weekend together!

5. I got an email today letting me know that the Chicago Marathon registration opens up February 1st.  While I know for sure that I am not doing it this year, there is a a part of me that is sad that I'm missing out on the experience!  I plan on doing it again at some point in my life. 
Here's a picture from the 2008 marathon.

Could not be happier that tomorrow is Friday!  Happy weekend!

Today's your last day to enter my giveaway on Amanda's blog - For Love of a Cupcake!

January 24, 2012

Dear Lauren in Law,

 1. Do you like your new name?  Now it will be easier to differentiate between my two Laurens.  

  Shirt: Old Navy  Skirt: Handmade   Boots: Kohls

2.  I made this skirt this weekend.  I followed these directions, but things did not go as well near the end so I kind of made up my own steps and it turned out okay!  Thank goodness for the stretchy knit fabric, otherwise it would not have fit.  
I'm really not sure about this whole making my own clothes thing.  While I did feel very accomplished, it took a long time and the fabric was cheap but still cost money.  I'm pretty good at finding cheap clothes so I'm not sure if it is worth it?  

3.  I can't wait until you live here for many reasons.  One being that you can then watch the Bachelor with me on Monday nights.  

4.  I wanted to try to take a picture of my whole skirt, and therefore tried to take one of my backside.  I clearly did not succeed in taking a good "model" pose.  

I should learn to fully commit like you did in this picture: 

I'm still learning. : ) 

I love you Lauren!  Can't wait to see you next weekend. 


P.S.  I added some new items to my Etsy shop. I made some of my little make -up bags that I shared a few weeks ago.  I'm excited to add different kinds of items to my shop!

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January 23, 2012

Introverted and Dependent

 Dress: Francesca's ($10)  Boots: Old Navy ($20)  Scarf: Handmade (directions here)

If I had to pick whether I am an introvert or extrovert I would choose introvert.  I would much rather choose to spend an evening at home with Chris, or even with a few friends, than to be out with a large group of people.  If I don't have time alone during a week, then I don't feel relaxed and get more overwhelmed. 

Then if you ask if I am more independent or dependent I would definitely pick dependent.  I think a large part of that comes from getting married so young.  I never had to live on my own (minus the year and half I spent in a college dorm, I don't think that counts).  Chris is currently out of town for work and I hate staying alone.  So much I sleep at my parents.  I don't like making big choices on my own.  I need advice and encouragement often.  

It's interesting because I feel like introvert and dependent are opposite words but both accurately describe me.  Anyone else relate?

On a different note I really like this dress I bought this weekend, except that it comes with some serious static cling all over.  Caused me some problems today.

Hope you had a nice Monday!

January 22, 2012

Valentine's Day Decorations

(Sometimes I wish our tv wasn't there because I think it ruins my pictures!)

I've never decorated for Valentine's day before, but pinterest inspired me to change up some of my Winter decorations.  Last weekend I made a few things and I love how they all turned out.  

Here's some close ups: 

I made the one on the left by gluing candy hearts to a styrofoam ball, sticking a skewer stick it in, filling a bucket I got in the dollar spot at Target with sand and putting it in it!  

I filled a mason jar with the rest of the candy hearts.  
The rosette ball was really easy too.  

All you need is red streamers, a styrofoam ball and a glue gun. 

Cut a piece about three or four feet long and fold it in half as you go.  

Start twisting your streamer into a circle to form a little rose bud.  

Keep twisting until you use all your piece.  Put a large circle of glue on your styrofoam ball and place the flower on top.  

This is a little time consuming, but my styrofoam ball wasn't too big so it didn't take too long. 

 This was an old vase that didn't match any of our stuff.  I cut out squares of an old text book and used modge podge to cover the vase.  

The banner is my favorite part!  I've seen a few on pinterest and decided to make my own.  It only took me about a half hour to make. 

First I cut out my banner pieces from burlap.  Then I cut out my hearts and glued them onto the burlap with my glue gun.  I then used my sewing machine to sew the pendents onto a piece of twine.  
I love how it turned out! 

Here's a peek at what I made this weekend: 

This skirt was definitely the hardest sewing project I've made yet.  I can't wait to wear it this week!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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January 19, 2012

Five things Friday

     1. Most days I wear dresses or skirts with leggings or tights.  I want to try getting more use out of my pants.  I haven't worn this blue button up shirt in years.  I'm excited I found a new way to wear it!

2. Last Sunday I made this recipe: Deep Dish Pizza
It was delicious!  

3.  We are supposed to get 6 inches of snow tomorrow afternoon. 
 I hoping for some more of this:  

4.  Want to know how to make this scarf that I wore in this post?
One of the easiest projects I've ever done!  Here is is: 

Buy a piece of jersey/knit fabric.You need a fabric that is nice and stretchy.  I bought two yards.  
Lay your fabric out on your floor and fold it in half so that shorter ends match up.
The outside of your fabric should be facing in.

Pin it in place. (This is important since knit fabric is very stretchy.)
Sew the ends together.
Flip it inside out (or outside in technically?)

That is it!  
Wrap it around your neck twice if you want it to look like this: 

5. I'm doing a giveaway on Amanda's sweet blog: For the Love of a Cupcake
Go visit her blog on Friday and enter the giveaway! 

Happy Weekend!