. . . for Lauren and Lauren: February 2020

February 17, 2020

Tie dye and crop tops

striped sweater: c/o shein     orange and cream sweater: c/o shein

Both these two sweaters are perfect for when the weather starts getting a little warmer, or you're just sick of all your thick winter sweaters.  The second one is on sale for $12 and I love the orange color.  

purse: c/o shein  

I've needed a new purse for awhile and love this one.  It's big enough to fit all the junk you have to carry around, has lots of little pockets and zippers at the top.  Plus it's only $20, and you can carry it by the handles or over your shoulder. 

pink shirt: c/o shein

I love these ruffles sleeves!  It's such a cute top and comes in a few other colors too.  

cropped hoodie: c/o shein

This top is $12 and had 10,000 good reviews so I figured I'd try it.  I'm supportive of the cropped tops if they are worn with the highest leggings or pants you own.  And this one is perfect to wear to the gym with my leggings that almost come up to my boobs.  Just how I like them. 

tie dye sweatshirt: c/o shein

First cropped sweatshirts and now tie dye.  And I'm jumping right on the 80s bandwagon. This one is $14 and may be a little bright for winter, but I'm hoping it'll up my spirits since we haven't seen the sun in a million days.    

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February 7, 2020

SHEIN Valentine's Day

sweater: c/o shein

Chris is going to be out of town Valentine's Day weekend, so looks like this guy is going to be my date.  Good thing he's so cute!  And good thing I have some new Valentine's day outfits I can wear all next week.  I get to be in both kids classroom parties and will definitely pick one of these to wear to each one!  I love this top and it's light weight so will be great for Spring if that ever comes.  

sweater: c/o shein  tank top: shein

This sweater is so cute and cozy.  I love the little balls on the sleeves and love the color.  When I first opened this tank top I think it would've fit Addi.  But it stretches out a ton, and needs to be worn with your highest waist pants you own!  It's perfect for under cardigans or sweaters, and is only $7. 

 sweater: c/o shein

This one is my favorite of all of them.  Perfect for your kids classroom parties, or if your Valentine's Day plans entail making heart shaped cookies for your kids and putting them to bed early so you can watch tv and sit on your couch.  Plus it's under $20. 

 sweater: c/o shein

I love the neck of this one.  It's hard to tell but it's a very light purplish grey color.  It is pretty short, so pull out those high waist pants again (does anyone own anything but those these days?)

Use code SVD239 for 15% your order at Shein.  Happy Valentine's Day!!

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