. . . for Lauren and Lauren: March 2018

March 15, 2018

My Favorite wall in the house

I am pretty sure this wall in Addilyn's room is my favorite wall in our house.  Most of our house I've decorated with more neutral colors, which I love, but I love the creativity and color in my kids' rooms. I had collected  most of these things over the last few years and love how they all worked together. I wanted to stick with coral, mint and gold, which gave me lots of things to choose from! 

I am probably the worst planner with gallery walls, but I think it usually works out, minus some extra holes in the wall.  They got covered up with the gold circles anyway!  I just start hanging thing, starting with the big A in the middle and working around that. 

Last week I got this beautiful heart canvas in the mail from my friend Lauren.  I started with it hung in our room and I loved it there, but then thought it'd match even better in Addi's room, so i switched something out and think it looks perfect here.  

Lauren started an etsy shopped called Love Along The Way.  She started taking photos of  "love along the way" and posting them on social media.  As time went on she'd have friends and family tag her in photos of hearts they found along the way and she realized she wanted to turn into something! It's so cool all the hearts she's found and photographed so well (and never photoshopped or adjusted). From hearts in muffins, in clouds, chalk or in the leaf like the one I have.  I think it's a great way to add some love to your space and think it fits perfect on Addi's wall!

I made the fabric banner with fabric I found at hobby lobby, cut in straight lines and tied in double knots on twine.  So so easy and cheap!  The gold frames I found for $2 each at GoodWill.  The hello love, be brave sign, heart mirror and big letter A were from Hobby Lobby.  The unicorn head is one of my favorite things on the wall and is from Target.  And the gold dots are just peel on wall decals from Amazon!  

Thank you so much for sending me a piece of your art Lauren! I love it!  And thank you for being such a sweet friend and encouragement through all my blogging and social media.  I'm thankful for you!  Make sure to check out Lauren's shop on etsy (LoveAlongTheWay) and follow her on instagram (love.along.the.way)!
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March 12, 2018

Muddy dogs, Kindergarten and a wedding dress

top: c/o shein    jeans: american eagle   shoes: target (last year)

The forever wait of Spring has to be getting closer right?  I love that it's lighter our in the evening, and even though cold we've had some good days of sunshine lately.  I can't wait for real Spring weather!  And excuse the blinding white arms, but I love this top and can't wait to wear it without a sweater.  (Plus it's only $11!)

But with Spring comes a muddy yard and a muddy puppy.  It's a good thing she is so cute.  

The other week we registered Addilyn for kindergarten.  I can't believe she will start real school next year.  I know she will do just great but I feel all sorts of emotions about it and am a little nervous!

Last weekend we had my niece's birthday party and she wanted everyone to dress up in a costume. I may have jokingly mentioned my wedding dress and then Annie asked me to wear it, so I did. I haven't taken it out of the dress bag in almost 13 years!  Crazy to think the last time I wore it I was practically a child and now look at our family.  Batman and monkey are the best addition! 

Chris and I are going on an actual trip without kids next weekend! I can't even believe it.  I am both super excited and a little nervous to leave the kids for four days.  Give me some good book recommendations?  I have lots of non-fiction books I'm reading and that are on my list, but I'd like to bring a fiction book with, so give me some of your good ones! 

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March 11, 2018

I almost forgot

top: c/o shein   jeans: ae   shoes: zulily   sweater: old navy 

The last two weeks I just about forgot I had a blog.  It's kind of nice to not try to fit in time to take pictures, or edit them or think about something to write.  So I'll continue to post here and there, but am accepting that it just isn't going to be a time consuming habit of mine these days.  But I will post when I have a cute outfit to share about, and I am loving this new top, and even more so these new shoes.  I've wanted a pair like this for awhile, but the ones I've seen shared were so expensive. Target has a similar pair for around $30, but I found these on zulily for only $21!  And this lacy top makes me even more wanting Spring and Summer but thankfully I can wear it under a comfy sweater.  

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