. . . for Lauren and Lauren: May 2017

May 31, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Isaac's face in this picture cracks me up!  

We had such a wonderful weekend.  I am sad it is over!  It was supposed to rain much of it and ended up only raining an hour or so and we were at church during it.  Chris has been gone two of the last three weekends, so it was extra nice to have a long weekend together.  We got stuff done around our house Saturday, had a BBQ with friends Sunday and then one at my sister's house on Monday.  We went to the parade and spent a lot of time outside.  It was perfect! 

Can all weekends be three day weekends?? 

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May 30, 2017

Roses, two pieces and more weekend please

 top: shein    shorts: old navy   sandals: groopdealz

ONE.  I just got this top and I love it.  I think this cut of shirt is my favorite.  And I love the rose embroidery.  Plus it is only $12! 

TWO.  We went to two BBQs this weekend and I brought this smore's dessert to one of them. I haven't made it in awhile and it was SO delicious.  And easy to make.  Definitely need to repeat it this summer.  

THREE  I ordered a few two piece swimsuits online from TJMaxx and they were a disaster, so I've pretty much given up on wearing anything but a one piece this summer.  Then I saw this super cute swim from Simons top (they have a pair of high waisted bottoms too) and now I want to find one like it to try on! I just ordered a high waisted pair from Aerie and hoping they fit! Where's your favorite place to buy swimsuits?

FOUR.  Speaking of weekend, we had such a wonderful three day weekend.  I need to go through my pictures and share.  Chris has been out of town town of the last three weekends, so it was extra nice to have a lot of family time.  The weather was perfect as a bonus.  I'm sad it's over! 

FIVE.  I'm currently watching the Bachelorette and am really happy it's back on. Definitely a good perk for a Monday!

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May 24, 2017

Fun Summer Tops under $15

I am so ready for summer weather! We had two really warm days around Mother's Day, but since then it's been rainy and gross outside.  Before kids I used to wear dresses almost everyday in the summer and I thought once I had kids I would do the same.  They are so comfortable, but so not practical in this phase of life.  Unless they are long dresses, which are too hot, they are too hard to play at the park, sit on the ground, and run around with kids. So shorts and tops are my daily summer outfits.  Here are a fun fun summer tops that are all under $15! 

 one //  two
one // two 
one // two

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May 21, 2017

Mother's Day

I'm a little behind but wanted to share about Addi's Muffin with Mom at her preschool.  I still smile immediately thinking about it, as it was just so cute and made me so happy and grateful to be a mom. These are the kind of activities I dreamt about when I thought about being a mom.  Her preschool teachers did such an amazing job, I am very impressed with them!

Thankfully my mom came and stayed with Isaac, which made it so much more enjoyable for me to be able to focus on Addi and have that special time with just her.  We sat and had muffins and donuts together and then the kids did this little poem and gave all the moms flowers.  Addi was singing the poem a few days before and when she saw me listening to her she quickly covered her mouth and said "Oops. That is a secret for Mother's Day."  She was so cute and proud and I definitely had a few tears.  I could not love her more.  

They had these placemats on the tables where we sat and ate. I love her answers.  Especially the "I love my mom more than the sky and the moon."  Also I have never juggled and I am not sure where she came up with that one!

The kids had all decorated little pots with lady bug and flower finger prints and we got to plant a flower together.  It was so cute and sweet.  I loved every minute of it.  Being Addilyn's mom is such a joy and I am loving this age! 

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May 17, 2017

Trying . . . .

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To do my hair more often.  Probably poor timing with summer because it gets so hot and I just wear it in a messy bun, but I do realize I feel much better about myself when I spent even ten minutes curling my hair.  I need to experiment with other cute ways to wear my hair because a greasy messy bun is all I've got most days.  

Hard to believe Addi is almost done with preschool.  She only has two days left!  I can't believe the year is over and next year she'll be going three days a week.  I greatly look forward to not driving her and dropping her off for the next few months!

To work up the courage to call the dentist. I am sure I have a few cavities and one is on my wisdom tooth, which needs to be pulled.  I feel anxious just thinking about it, but need to get it done.  

New facial products.  My skin care routine is slim to none.  I am always happy to try to new products, so when Timeless offered to send some to me I happily accepted!  They sent me two different anti wrinkle serums.  You can use them on their own or combined with a moisturizer.  I usually put it on right after I put on moisturizer.  (Currently Wal-Mart generic brand - see? not much of fancy routine over here.).  It makes your face feel so soft and stays that way.  My skin can get super dry in the Winter and then again in the Summer after being outside in the sun.  I definitely notice days when I forget to use it, that my face doesn't feel nearly as soft.  The bottle is small, but you only use a few drops and it has last me many months and there is still a ton left.  Timeless has a ton of other all natural skin care products that seem much more afforadble then many products I've seen.  (I need this dark circle eye cream - because Isaac keeps waking up at 5:00 and adding to my already huge eye bags!)

To have a better attitude about early wake ups.  Speaking of being up at 5 in the morning, I am having a hard time not letting that set the tone for my day and keep starting it out crabby.  I used to love getting up early but that was when I could work out or read my Bible and drink my coffee alone. Any tips for making a super early morning with an infant more manageable?

To drink more water.  I don't know why this is so hard for me.  But I drink so little water and know that's so terrible for your body.  Maybe I need a really cute new water bottle?? How do you make sure you're drinking enough water?

May 15, 2017

Waterpark weekend

Last weekend we went to a little town in Wisconsin about 45 minutes away and stayed at a hotel with an indoor water park.  Ever Fall for the last many years we've gone away for a weekend with our closest family friends, but did not get to do it this year.  So we figured a night away this Spring was needed!  I am a terrible traveler and struggle with "going with the flow" but really did have such a good time.  Minus not a lot of sleep that night which I expected, everything else was perfect. The kids had so much fun, especially Addi.  She never wanted to leave! 

 Isaac finally warmed up to the water near the end and was splashing and playing, but spent so much of the afternoon and evening there resting his end on my shoulder and just being content being held. I was happy to oblige!  It was not nearly as exhausting as I thought it would be, which I'm sure if we stayed longer he would've realized how much fun he could have!


Addi was so brave and did so well in the water.  We haven't swam since last summer so I wasn't sure how she'd do.  She had no fear and went down the slides over and over.  Even the huge one that I was nervous to go on!  She was excited and happy and adorable the whole time.  It was so fun to watch.

The next morning we walked around the town before the water park opened again.  Seven years ago I had done a marathon around the lake there, so it was fun to be back there the same weekend.  The kids loved walking around by the water and the weather was beautiful.  

(Addi took this picture and I LOVE it!) 

I feel like Addi is finally at the age where these trips and adventures feel worth it.  She'll remember it and was just so excited and happy to be there.  It makes me excited for lots more family trips ahead! 

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