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May 15, 2017

Waterpark weekend

Last weekend we went to a little town in Wisconsin about 45 minutes away and stayed at a hotel with an indoor water park.  Ever Fall for the last many years we've gone away for a weekend with our closest family friends, but did not get to do it this year.  So we figured a night away this Spring was needed!  I am a terrible traveler and struggle with "going with the flow" but really did have such a good time.  Minus not a lot of sleep that night which I expected, everything else was perfect. The kids had so much fun, especially Addi.  She never wanted to leave! 

 Isaac finally warmed up to the water near the end and was splashing and playing, but spent so much of the afternoon and evening there resting his end on my shoulder and just being content being held. I was happy to oblige!  It was not nearly as exhausting as I thought it would be, which I'm sure if we stayed longer he would've realized how much fun he could have!


Addi was so brave and did so well in the water.  We haven't swam since last summer so I wasn't sure how she'd do.  She had no fear and went down the slides over and over.  Even the huge one that I was nervous to go on!  She was excited and happy and adorable the whole time.  It was so fun to watch.

The next morning we walked around the town before the water park opened again.  Seven years ago I had done a marathon around the lake there, so it was fun to be back there the same weekend.  The kids loved walking around by the water and the weather was beautiful.  

(Addi took this picture and I LOVE it!) 

I feel like Addi is finally at the age where these trips and adventures feel worth it.  She'll remember it and was just so excited and happy to be there.  It makes me excited for lots more family trips ahead! 

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J and A said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

What an awesome little getaway!! We have been talking about needing one. I love your suit and Addi's suit!! SO cute. You look awesome mama!