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February 28, 2012

Dear Lauren,

blouse: Old Navy   skinny jeans: jcpenny    boots: dsw  shirt: ?

 These are officially my favorite pair of boots.  I wear them all the time! 
And yet again, thanks to looking at pinterest I found the idea to wear my tank top blouse over a long sleeve shirt.  
What did we do before looking at pinterest?

Everyday at school I look at this picture on the bulletin board by my desk. 
Today I looked at it multiple times. 

And it makes me want to:
a) be tan again  
b) go back to Mexico
c) spend time with you. 

Thankfully I get to see you and your sweet babies in a little over a week!  

And I know that this was a rougher week for you parenting wise. 
I hope you know that you are raising the sweetest little boy and it couldn't be more of a reflection of what an amazing mother you are.  I can't wait till I have a baby and can learn from one of the best! 

I love you sister! 

p.s. I just realized that yesterday my blog post title said Open you eyes.  Next time I make a grammatical error like that, feel free to correct me.  I know if my mom would have read that post, she would have right away. 

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February 27, 2012

Open your eyes

Scarf: handmade   Dress & Sweater: Old Navy   Boots: Steve & Barry's (old)

I should probably stop taking pictures in the morning before school.  
I look unbelievably tired every time.  
Which is pretty much accurate to how I feel most mornings.  
It also doesn't really help the fact that I already have small eyes, so being tired only makes them smaller. 
My family used to joke about my small eyes when we'd take pictures and they would yell at me to open my eyes when they knew they were indeed already open.  

While I am really excited for spring weather, there will be a part of me that will miss leggings, scarfs, dresses and boots.  They are quite possibly the most comfortable clothes ever.  
Oh wait - I forgot that dresses and sandals are just as comfortable. 
Okay, hurry up warm weather!  

February 26, 2012

Shower Season

 (I'm thankful I'm learning how to layer my clothes because I can wear so many more of my dresses!)

 Starting this last weekend we are definitely in the showers and parties season of the year.  We had an engagement party this weekend, I have a baby shower next weekend and then a wedding shower the following weekend.  

Now that I have a sewing machine I am pretty excited to put it to use for some of the showers that I will be going to.  A few weekends ago I made this lion for a gift, and I added another present this weekend. 

 First I made this little skirt from an old t-shirt.  
I followed this tutorial
The shirt I used had a few embroidered flowers on it, and I just covered it up with little rosettes.  
I love how it turned out! 

Then I made a little onsie to go with it: 

And now I have a cute little outfit to give:

Then I couldn't stop making little onsies.  It got easier the second and third time too.  The hardest part is sewing around the tiny little onsies.  It is tricky to not sew the back side together.  

To make your own, you just cut out a pattern on paper and trace it onto heat bond or double sided fusible paper.  Follow the directions on the package.  For mine I just ironed on the paper to the fabric.  Then pulled off the other side and ironed it onto the onsie.  Then I sewed around the edges.  

Sure wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow and could just stay home and make more!
Hope you had a good weekend!

February 23, 2012

5 Things Friday

1. I have been wanting to buy a pair of colored pants for months.  
Really the only pair I've tried on was at Target and they felt and looked like bright red spandex 
and I took them off as fast as I could. 
To my happy surprise I forgot that I had these pants from many, many years ago in the back of my closet. 
While I still want some skinny, colored jeans I am happy to have some colored pants to wear!

Shirt & Necklace:  Old Navy     Pants: Express      

2. Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies
I made these last week and they were delicious!  
(and very easy)

3. Check out these adorable photos.
A friend of mine who is talented photographer and mother of adorable twin girls
 took these pictures with some of the headbands from my shop.
I can't get over how cute they are!

4. Survivor
I'm about 90% proud that I've seen every single episode of Survivor and am an extreme loyal fan.
I'm so happy that the new season has started.

5. I saw this picture on pinterest and I miss Friends.
I think it's time I get out my seasons of Friends and watch some this weekend.

"Could I BE wearing any more clothes?"

Happy Friday! 

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February 21, 2012

Compliment Fail

 Shirt: Old Navy  Skirt: Target   Boots: Kohls  

The other night,  while Chris was telling me goodnight he put his hand on my thigh and said something about my muscles.  I of course proceeded to tell him to feel them again while I was flexing.
You know, in the hopes he'd be impressed.  
Well his response was 
"yeah those are really strong, they're like tree trunks".  
I'm sure I don't need to spend time telling you, like I did with Chris, as to why that is indeed not a compliment.

And thank you for all the encouraging comments from my post yesterday.
I was incredibly encouraged by all your sweet words and truly appreciated them!

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February 20, 2012

more waiting . . .

I found out some disappointing news on Friday.  My first round of fertility treatments did not end as planned and I have to start over and try again in a few weeks.    I'm sad and disappointed. Friday morning, before I found out, I was driving to the dr.'s office early before school and I was feeling frustrated with the whole situation - the time commitment and the emotional toll in particular.
  In the hopes of improving my attitude, I started thinking of the things that I am grateful for through this situation and how God has used this trial. Finding joy in times of trials sometimes takes some searching!  But I soon thought of many things, and I'm glad those we're all in my mind as I have needed to think of them often these last few days.

1. Our marriage - I'm reminded all the time throughout this year how lucky I am to be married to Chris.  He has been understanding, sympathetic and encouraging through all of this.  We've become closer and our marriage is stronger.  I know that this will make us better parents when we do have kids. 

2. Insurance - I can't imagine the burden I'd feel if we didn't have insurance.  My insurance through work is wonderful and I don't how we could do this, without it.   

3. My family & friends - I feel blessed to be surrounded by people who love me, pray for me and listen to me. Sometimes I feel like I am a broken record because for the last year I've been dealing with and struggling with the same thing.  I appreciate the constant reassurance that they always want to hear how I'm doing and how I feel.  

4. Patience - While this is something I'm definitely still learning, God is teaching me to wait patiently for His perfect timing.  I remember in high school my youth pastor's wife would always tell me not to pray for patience because God would surely teach it to me!  While I don't recall praying specifically for patience before all this, I think it was time that I started learning it.  

I made this painting awhile ago and look at it every morning in my bathroom.
It is a great reminder to be joyful and thankful for all the things God has given me.

I read this verse today and I love the comfort that comes with it.  

Psalm 61:2  From the ends of the earth, I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed. 
Lead me to the towering rock of safety. 

My hear is overwhelmed, but I know God is good and has a perfect plan for us.  

February 19, 2012

a new blazer and a new word

 A friend of mine gave me this white blazer a few weeks ago because she didn't want it anymore.  
Which means a new favorite item for me! 

This weekend Chris and I worked together on a project.  
And we learned a new word: cornice. 
I would've previously referred to them as boxes with fabric above your window.  
The project didn't start out too well.  
After cutting a few pieces of wood, Chris sawed through the cord of his table saw.
Sawed the cord right in half.   
Luckily after another trip to home depot he fixed it and we could finish our project.  

Here's a before of our windows: 

Both had the green curtains on them: 

Rather than writing out the directions, you can just look here for more information. 

You pretty much measure your wood (a front piece, and two sides). 
Wrap it with batting and fabric, and staple gun the back. 
Then put on brackets like this: 
 and put them on your wall.  

The most time consuming part was actually putting them into the wall because you have to use a screwdriver, since the drill won't fit in between. 

Here's how they looked after: 

I love how they turned out.  
Chris and I were pretty proud of ourselves too. 
Chris thinks that we can know build ourselves our own house. 

February 16, 2012

5 Things Friday

1. Minus the belt I felt like I was pretty much wearing pajamas today.

Dress: Old Navy    Boots: DSW   Scarf: Made by my sister 

2. I think my kids may soon put together a revolt and overthrow my classroom.  
We just learned about the constitution and one morning this week I found this on my desk:
(Dear Mrs. Vale  - We all in room 118 want to choose who we sit by in 4th quarter.  Please let us.)

Although I know the Founding Fathers didn't sign their names with love. 

3. I'm sure you've seen this video already but I can't stop watching it.
So you should probably watch it again.
And Kristen Bell is now my favorite actress.

4. I just hung up the phone from talking to my nephew Travis, and while we were talking he burped and said, "Excuse me, I burped in my ear." 
I can't wait to see him in 3 weeks from today! 

5. I can't believe I almost have 200 followers! 
It amazes me that anyone besides Lauren and Lauren and my mom would want to read my blog. 

So happy for a three day weekend!
Happy Friday! 

February 14, 2012

Dear Lauren in Law,

Dear Lauren in Law, 

1. Remember this $4 blazer I got a few weeks ago?  I love it! 

Blazer: Rue 21    Dress: Francesca's  Boots: Steve & Barry's (many years ago) 

2. On Monday I made this dinner and I think you need to make it one of the first wifely meals that you make. 
 It was so easy and delicious!

Bubble up Pizza dish

(Sorry for the poor photo - it was taken after we started eating, and using my phone)

Take two cans of refridgerated biscuits and cut into small pieces (about 4 per roll).  
Put in a mixing bowl.  
Add a can of pizza sauce, 2 cups mozzeralla and cut up pepperoni.  
Grease a 9 x 13 pan and pour everything in. 
Sprinkle with oregano and red pepper flakes. 
Bake at 350 for about 25 minutes or until dough is cooked through. 
(I made the mistake of taking it out too early and had to put it back in after dishing it up - oops!) 

Of course Chris said this was his favorite meal ever. 
You definitely need to make it for Jacob - just don't let him see how easy it is!
recipe adapted from here

3.  I would like to have these for your bachelorette party: 
Tushie Cookies? Yes, please. 

4. Speaking of bachelorette parties, your wedding is three months away from last Sunday. 
I can't believe it is coming so fast.  
You will make such a beautiful bride!  

I love you Lauren!
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February 13, 2012

Things I love about our marriage

In honor of Valentine's day I figured I should talk a little bit about love, right? There is no question about how much I love our marriage and think that I've been incredibly blessed with an amazing husband and a solid relationship.    
Here are some things I LOVE about our marriage:

1.  We've known each other for 14 years.  Chris was my first boyfriend, the only boy I ever kissed, held hands with or loved.  We know each other so well.
Here's a picture of one of our first real dates.

2. We balance each other out.  Chris and I could not be more different.  He is relaxed, and I'm a worrier.  He likes to stay up late and sleep in, I like to go to bed early and wake up early.  He likes spending money, and I'd rather save it.  He loves change and I'd like things to stay the same.
The list could go on.  
Our big differences have caused some conflict in our marriage and have made us work hard to understand each others' point of views.  We have balanced each other out a lot and I know we're both better people because of it.

3.  Our communication.  I've learned in the last few years that a lot of couples we know, don't know how to communicate in their marriage.  I feel so lucky that this is something that, although it does take work, has been a natural part of our marriage.  We talk about everything, from small to big things.

4. We enjoy each other's company and have fun together. The first few years of marriage I remember saying things to other people about being sad when Chris was out of town or even gone for a few evenings in a row.  And many people would tell me to just wait until we weren't newlyweds and then we'll enjoy the time alone.  While we haven't married for as long as a lot of them, we're coming up on 7 years married and I still would always rather have Chris home and be in his company.

5. We love each other despite our flaws.  There is no doubt that there are things that bother me about Chris.  (I am one of the most easily annoyed people in the world and Chris does quite a lot of annoying little things like make gross noises when he eats.  If you ask him what annoys him about me he'd say that I have too many things that annoy me.)  And there are obviously more serious issues that we both fall short it too.  But despite those things I love him more than anything in the world and I know he loves me the same way.

I couldn't be happier with the man I married and can't wait for many, many more years together.
Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet husband.
I'm a lucky wife.

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