. . . for Lauren and Lauren: June 2020

June 7, 2020

because I only wear pajamas and workout clothes these days. . . . .

 pajama set: c/o shein

Pretty sure all I wear these days are pajamas and workout clothes.  Okay, I am 100% sure that is all I wear.  While I do miss wearing "real" clothes, these all make me happy so I'm just embracing it and clearly just adding to my closet. 

Matching pajama sets and tie-dye? Yes please.  All this time at home the last few months and I've never been so grateful for the huge amount of lounge wear I own. 

pajama set: c/o shein

Another cute matching pajama set.  The shorts go crazy high, which I don't mind, but I definitely like the top more than the bottom.  And it would look cute with high rise leggings or jeans.  Plus its only $15 for both!

 pants: c/o shein

These were from the men's section so I didn't know how they'd run.  I ordered a medium, and wish I got a small.  But they have a drawstring so they fit fine, and although not the most flattering, they are fun and make me happy. 

 pants: c/o shein

Perfect summer pj pants.  Super light weight, soft, draw string waist.  I love them!

 dress: c/o shein

The one thing that isn't pajamas or workout tops, although it may as well be.  Baggy, soft, comfortable. This would be a super cute beach cover up.  Let's just hope we get to go to the actual beach this summer, because my kids tiny unicorn pool requires no cute cover up.  

 tank top: c/o shein
 tank top: c/o shein

I decided to try out some workout tanks with this order and I love all four that I got.  Both of these were only $9.  The fabric is great - light weight, a little stretchy, a good length, and I love the print of both!

tank top: c/o shein

This one came in a pack of two for only $12.  I've worn them a few times to workout and really like them.  I have some more crop like sports bras, and they're perfect underneath since the armpit holes are really low.  But I love them! 

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