. . . for Lauren and Lauren: September 2018

September 12, 2018

Give me your healthy snack ideas!

top: c/o shein    jeans: american eagle   shoes: payless  sweater: target

In an effort to find some relief from some of my joint pain and inflammation I'm trying an anti inflammatory diet, not eating gluten, dairy and sugar.  I'm a little over one week in and it has gotten a little easier, but I sure do miss a few things.  That handful of chocolate chips or chocolate covered banana I'd eat after bedtime, or my greek yogurt and granola, or a glass of wine!  Thankfully meals haven't been too hard overall, as I had been eating pretty healthy and "clean" foods, and I've found a ton of good recipes online.  But I would love any good snacks or "treats" that you've found.  Those things are what I am struggling with the most! 

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September 11, 2018

Grandma status

 top: c/o shein    shoes: payless   jeans: american eagle 

This weekend I got to go to a Johnnyswim and Needtobreathe concert in Chicago.  A big group of friends were going and my sister and brother in law had tickets, but he couldn't go so I went in his place.  I was pretty certain that concerts weren't my thing and I was proven correct.  I should be embarrassed to admit this, but during the concert at one point I thought "I can't believe people pay a lot of money to do things like this?"  It was outside and SOOO incredibly windy and cold, super loud, tons of people and far away so I didn't get home till one.  I'm just going to go ahead and wave my grandma flag and never do that again.  Give me a concert where it's all acoustic, inside, small and I'm home by ten.  Those probably don't exist. 

Speaking of grandmas, these shoes are kind of grandpa like and I love them.  I found that for $10 at Payless and they are super comfy and I think I will be wearing them all Fall.  This sweater is super cozy and my favorite color to wear and is $18.  Minus that insane Chicago wind while sitting in high bleachers late I night, I excitedly accepted the Fall weather this weekend and am so happy about this season!