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March 21, 2017

The time I thought I lost my eyebrow

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This photo seemed appropriate for the story.  But I guarantee he looks much cuter in distress than I do. 

This story is embarrassing but also really funny.  Also proof that I'm tired and need some sleep.  

I got these new make up wipes from WalMart.  I usually use my trusty Target generic ones, but sadly hadn't been to Target for awhile.  I was cleaning my face and wiping off my mascara and eyeshadow and my eyes started burning some.  Specifically by my eyebrows.  I looked closer in the mirror at my eye and legitimately thought that the make up wipes had taken off part of my eyebrow.  That the burning was coming from my eyebrow being wiped off.

Apparently I had not inspected my eyebrows recently and didn't realize what little eyebrows I actually have and was convinced part of one was missing.  Like a sick to my stomach feeling that I now had one and a half eyebrows.  Normally I'd text my sister in a panic but half was too embarrassed that it may be true and half too embarrassed that I was losing my mind.  Thankfully I went to bed and woke up the next morning, realizing that's just apparently how my eyebrows look. Good news.  Bad news? I need some make up help and guess I need to draw some eyebrows on myself.

March 19, 2017

Isaac's Lumberjack birthday party!

We celebrated Isaac's first birthday two weeks ago and it's taken me awhile to go through our pictures! The party was so much fun and I loved planning and getting ready for it.  When we found out we were having a boy, I remember thinking that decorating and planning a boy party or nursery wouldn't be as fun, but I was very wrong! I loved his party theme, maybe even more than Addi's.  We did a Lumberjack theme and it was perfect.  Chris' extended family is pretty big and with it being inside I didn't want to do a full meal, so we just had appetizers, a trail mix bar and cupcakes for dessert.  

Fabric banners and table runner:  DIY with fabric from Hobby Lobby and Walmart
Wood Slices: borrowed from a friend (the one with the marshmallows is from Hobby Lobby)
Straws (on marshmallows & smash cake): Amazon
Cupcake liners: Amazon
Buffalo plaid ornaments and trees: Target clearance after Christmas
Plates & Napkins: birthday direct
Cupcake toppers: free printable here
Paper bags for snacks: dollar store
Chalkboard labels for bags: Hobby Lobby
Cake toppers for Isaac's cake: made from sticks and twine and cardstock
Water bottle covers: free printable here
Circle banners: punched out with circle puncher & cardstock from Hobby Lobby

These S'more Pops were so easy and SO good!  I melted Almond Bark with a little bit of oil in it. Stuck the paper straws in the marshmallows, then dipped halfway in chocolate.  I crushed up graham crackers and then dipped them in that after.  But gave up halfway through because the graham crackers made the chocolate heavy and was laying weird when I was drying them.  So only half had them, but both were delicious.  

I found these Lumberjack photo props online at Kohls for under $10 and had a free shipping coupon. I should've told more people to take pictures because I don't think anyone knew they were there! Oh well, they were cute for the few that did!

This is one of my favorite things we've done for our kids on the day they were born and on their first birthday.  I had everyone write a little note for Isaac and sign his book.  We did this for visitors when he was born and had his newborn little foot prints in the back, and I will add his little footprints now to this book.  We did the same for Addi and she loves reading both books and comparing her foot to them now! We used the book The Wonderful Thing you Will Be and it is such a cute, sweet book. 

Isaac was so great during the party.  He was pretty quiet, as he often is around people, but let others hold him and was super happy.  He loved opening his presents and wanted to play with each one. He got so many fun new toys, which is good because we had very little "boy" things for him to play with. Addi may have loved his toys more than he did! 

We had so much fun celebrating our ONE year old! 

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March 14, 2017

Spring time is almost here!

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s.  I was paid for this post and received the included Carter’s clothing as compensation.

tee // leggings  // jacket

We got a big taste of Spring this last week and it makes my heart so happy!  My kids and I have been worlds of happier since we've been outside and it makes me so excited for consistent Spring weather. I recently had the chance to get some adorable new Spring clothes for the kids and like always, Kohls and Carters did not disappoint.  I found adorable, stylish clothes that my kids are comfortable in and can play their little hearts out in. 

Addi is at such a fun age.  She has the best imagination and whether we are inside or outside she loves pretending to play school, doctor, horses, princesses . . . . . .  It's so cute and I love playing with her.  Isaac will even move his cars or horses or dolls around and make these funny little sounds, imitating what Addi and I do.  I feel like there are moments where they are starting to play together and it makes me so happy and excited.  

These clothes are perfect for preschool days.  Adorable and easy for Addi to play in and be comfortable.  And let's be honest here, Isaac still spends much of his days in pajamas, especially preschool drop off days.  Carter's has some adorable pajamas.  These little baseball ones are one of our favorites! 

Thank you Carter's and Kohl's for some new Spring clothes for our kids! Check out all their adorable clothes here!  (And between March 17th and April 2nd use code KIDSALE10 to get $10 of any $40 purchase.)  They are so cute and I know we will get lots of great wear out of them.  So excited for lots and lots of playtime outside this Spring!

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These affiliate links are not associated with Kohl's. 

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March 13, 2017

Weather woes and other randoms . . . .

I love graphic tees.  They make me happy, and I love this one from Riverbabe Threads.  I got it for $11 during one of their sales and I love it. 

It's currently snowing and we have a few inches on the ground.  It hasn't snowed since well before Christmas and I feel like it's a little late for that.  I just may have had a mini breakdown yesterday looking at the weather.  I am so ready for Spring! 

Chris and I started watching Big Little Lies and really like it.  I wish there was more episodes to watch at a time. Thankfully though Survivor started again so we have another show too.  I should be embarrassed that I've never missed an episode of Survivor, but instead of am proud of my loyalty to that show.  

Addi's been getting really good at writing her name and using scissors.  She wanted to take a picture like I take for Isaac's monthly pictures and did this all on her own! 

one // two
three // four

Loving these blue and white Spring tops.  Now if only Spring would be here I could wear some. (Check out more Spring items here and use coupon codes below!) 

Molly got her staples removed and her cone off, and it's SO nice having her almost back to normal. Our kids are back to laying on her and hugging and petting her and it makes me happy! 

Isaac got a ton of new toys for his birthday and both him and Addi have loved having new things to play with.  Makes it slightly more bearable that it's freezing again outside and we have had little plans lately.  

Hope you're weather is a little nice then here and that's you've had a good start to your week!

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March 12, 2017

Cover your eyes

dress: c/o shein

You guys.  Guard your eyes because my legs will probably blind you.  As much as I am ready for warmer weather my legs could not be more pale.  But once they see the light of day someday soon or perhaps once they get some tinted lotion I'll be ready in this dress.  I think it'd make such a cute swim suit cover up too.  

But for now if I want to wear it, it'll have to be with jeans or leggings.  If I wasn't so over Winter, it'd look really cute with leggings and tall boots.  But just like my Winter coat, I gave up on those once March started.  

Also, major shoe win as the first pair of wedges I found at Goodwill for $3.  The second pair of flats, I got on a major sale on White Plum last year for under $15 but was too chicken to wear them and thought I couldn't pull them off.  This year? I'm ready.  Along with my overalls, which I still need to find a pair. Don't worry, I will not be wearing them together.  

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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March 9, 2017


Dear Isaac - 

Happy happy birthday sweet boy! You are ONE years old and I can not believe it.  You've gone from 8 pounds to 19 and a half.  You're a little over 29 inches long, and just a little peanut.  You have these little little legs, and a longer torso, a full head of hair that needs to be cut, and three teeth.  The sweetest little dimple on your cheeks, and brown big eyes.  You hair is getting lighter and almost has a little bit of red in it.  You could not be cuter. 

I sound like a broken record but you are just the happiest, sweetest little boy.  It's so easy to make you laugh and smile.  You lay on your back and flail your arms around laughing, sometimes just at the ceiling.  You've done that since you were a few months old and it cracks me up.  You love being thrown in the air, playing chase, crawling around the floor, driving little cars around, and throwing balls.  You've taken a few steps and are slowly getting sturdier, but still prefer crawling and you move so fast doing so.  You always want to go outside and cry when we have to come back in.  You are going to love summer! 

You still hate the car and cry and fuss a lot of the time.  If I give you my phone with songs on it, sometimes that makes you happy for awhile.  You don't like your hands and face cleaned off after meals and do not like having your diaper changed.  But that's about it for things you don't like! 

When you are around new people you're pretty shy, just watching everyone.  At your party you were pretty quiet and just watched everyone.  You loved opening your presents and wanted to play with each toy you got.  You do a pretty good job playing with things on your own for a little bit.  You and Addi have started to play together some and I can't wait until you can do that more!  You love her and get so excited when she gets up in the morning or from a nap.  You still love Molly and always want to hang on her and hug her.  

You're a pretty good eater and get excited about food.  You're still nursing many times throughout the day and a few at night (which I'd love to work on soon!).  You take two naps a day around 9:30 and close to 2 and usually sleep an hour or a little longer for each.  You go down at bedtime super easy and love holding your puppy when you sleep.  

I don't think we could've been given a happier, sweeter baby.  You are such a blessing and I am so thankful God picked me to be your mom.  This last year has been exhausting and an adjustment, but oh so worth it.  You remind me that God can do miracles and that we never know what His plan is. And boy is His plan sweet.  We love you more than you know Isaac Jordan!  Happy birthday to my favorite boy.  I love being your mama.  

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March 5, 2017

Weekly randoms . . . .

I am so ready for Spring weather and Spring clothes, but I will miss jeans, booties and a button up.  

We had Isaac's birthday party on Saturday and it was so much fun! I loved planning for it, making things for his big day and celebrating our boy.  Excited to share more pictures!

Addi went to the dentist last week and I was a little anxious how she'd do.  We have had a few rougher appointments, but she did great! No new cavities and did awesome.

These two are so sweet to each other.  Isaac does keep trying to pull her hair, and Addi has a hard time sharing things, but they do a great job loving on each other and are starting to play together and it makes me so happy.

I want a pair of overalls.  But don't know if I could actually pull it off or if my family would just make fun of me.  I also want these booties but want them to go on sale.

I gave us sweets for Lent and it's not even been a week and I am struggling.  Which I guess is the point of giving something up that you love, but holy cow.

We've had some rougher weeks the last two months but I'm ready for some easier, healthy ones ahead! Hope you had a good weekend!

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