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January 22, 2019

Forever Cold

 poncho:c/o shein   tee: nordstrom   pants: american eagle

This morning it was 0 degrees when I woke up in the morning.  This is the part of winter that I dread and want over.  And it feels like it will last forever.  It didn't help that Isaac hasn't napped three out of the last six days and I legitimately will go into a period of mourning when his naps are officially over.  But at least I have this cute poncho to wear if I decide to change out of my leggings and huge sweatshirt and slippers.  (Use code Q1forlauren15 for 15% off your order at shein.)

What makes you happy when the weather by you sucks?  I need some mood boosters over here! ;)

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January 20, 2019

The "loggers"

 top: c/o shein   leggings: aerie

For months I have seen these "loggers" as some bloggers have called them.  Leggings/Joggers. They are from Aerie, which has become one of my favorite stores.  I would have them in my cart and then not buy them because I didn't want to spend over $30 on a pair of leggings.  But then I'd regret it when they would be sold out.  Well I finally bought them, and got them for $24.  And they are just as great as everyone says.  They are insanely soft and I love the tie waist band and the pockets.  I haven't worn them to work out in yet, but as long as it wasn't a higher cardio day I think they'd be great.  And are perfect for running errands, or let's be honest anything that I do daily.  I want them in the grey color now too! 

And this top I recently got sent and it is super cute.  It actually reminds me of the style of some of my stuff from Aerie.  It's only $14 plus 15% off if you use code Q1forlauren15 (good on any order from shein.

Hope you had a great weekend!  Ours was filled with a whole lot of snow and a lot of staying home, which was fine with me!

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January 15, 2019

I like my stuff.

sweater: c/o shein

Everyone is all busy kon mari -ing all their things, and I'm over here sharing more new clothes.  Like this cute sweater.  It's super soft and on the thinner side, which I sometimes like. Because even though it's still freezing here and will be for months, sometimes I get ridiculously hot.  

Really I fully support organizing things and getting rid of stuff that makes you stressed or clutters your life.  But I do feel like it is a little crazy how much everyone is talking and posting about it. But let me be clear.  I am not above bandwagons one bit. 

It's just that I really I have A LOT of clothes that bring me joy.  ;) 

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January 10, 2019

Soft tops and leggings forever

top: c/o shein  leggings: old navy

This top is insanely soft and I LOVE it.  Also I wore it over a black tank top and after a sweaty gym workout and it did not shed at all, which is pretty impressive.  Plus it's $16 (and then 15% off if you use code Q1forlauren15 for anything you purchase)!

I am sure it would look really cute with jeans too, with either converse shoes or cute tennis shoes. But most days I wear workout leggings so this will have to do!  Speaking of leggings these are the ones I'm wearing from Old Navy.  I have too many pairs to count from there but I love them.  They're high waisted and stay up while I work out.  And they are usually super cheap.  I just bought another pair last weekend because they were all on sale for $12! 

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January 8, 2019

Post holiday funk

tank top: c/o shein   jeans: old navy  cardigan: old navy

I'm sure you can all relate to that post holiday funk?  No exciting traditions or holidays or family days off to look forward to.  Winter germs and cold weather.  I feel like January and February are the rougher months of the year.  I'm currently sitting and watching the new Bachelor, which definitely helps a little.  That's one of the shows I feel a tad to loyal to, because I don't know what it would take for me to not watch a season. Forever a bachelor/bachelorette fan! 

I just got this tank top and when it came in the mail it literally looked like it could fit Addilyn. Thank goodness for some serious stretch.  I think it would look so cute with a high waisted skirt in the summer. It definitely needs to be worn with high waisted jeans, which isn't a problem because I don't think I'll ever wear anything else.  (Use code Q1forlauren15 for 15% off your order at Shein.)

I couldn't find this cardigan online but I just got it from Old Navy and it was on clearance for under $20 and is so warm and cozy.  I love it! 

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