. . . for Lauren and Lauren: June 2019

June 24, 2019

two in a row

romper: c/o shein   sandals:  c/o shein

I think these two may be one of my favorite orders I've received from shein.  This romper feels like pajamas, and is so cute for summer.  (I did use a safety pin to close the top because it did not stay together, but I don't think you can tell and I could still easily get it on and off with it on there.)  It has a draw string waist, is a tiny bit longer in the back which I love, and is only $16.  Plus an extra 15% if you use code Q2forlauren.  

And these sandals are amazing.  They are really comfortable and I've worn them multiple times already in the last two weeks.  We've actually had two weekends in a row with date nights! It was been WONDERFUL.  

I also wore these sandals with jeans and loved them.  And with a jumpsuit another day last week, so pretty much covering all summer shoe grounds! 

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June 20, 2019

high ponies and crop tops

 tank: c/o shein    leggings: aerie 

High pony tails and crop tops and maybe against better judgement, I am here for it.  As long as my leggings are extra high waisted and my top cost only $7.  I now have a few shorter work out tanks and I do love them.  They still have to have enough fabric to tuck it in a little so that when I'm jumping around doing burpees or something I'm not flashing anyone.  Which isn't hard when your leggings just about go up to your sports bra like.  Just how I like them.

(Use code Q2forlauren for 15% off your shein order.)

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June 18, 2019

Rain rain go away

jacket: c/o shein   leggings: (favorite pair ever) aerie

When I picked out this jacket I thought maybe I missed my window of weather to wear it, as it rained for basically the entire month of May.  But I guess I was wrong, because it's been cold with more rain for way too many days of June too.  The only plus is that I get to wear this cute rain jacket, which is only $11 and comes in a ton of different colors.  (Plus use code Q2forlauren for an extra 15% off your shein order!) 

Hope where you are it feels a little more like summer than it does here!

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