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December 29, 2016

Five things Friday

 sweater: c/o shein   jeans: target  boots: justfab 

1.  I tried to take pictures outside this morning and it was a total fail.  It was freezing, windy and super sunny and I gave up after one attempt with my self timer.  I need one of those remote timers. Pretty sure that may help my self timing go up a tiny notch. 

2.  I think this sweater is supposed to be much more off the shoulder, but something about a nursing bra peeking through just doesn't scream sexy to me.  Still comfy and cute!

3.  I got some Christmas money and I want a standing full length mirror for our bedroom.  Anyone have one that they love? That isn't crazy expensive? 

4.  Tuesday night all the adults in my family went out to dinner with no kids.  We do it every year around Christmas time and it's so nice to have a delicious, long dinner and lots of time to have uninterrupted conversations.  I'm so thankful I love spending time with each person in my family and that we get along so well!

5.  My sister got me this book for Christmas and I'm almost half way through it already.  Whenever I get free alone time my first inclination is to watch tv and do something on my computer.  I want to read more books and find more things that will be more fulfilling than always choosing tv or my computer.  

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December 28, 2016

Winter around here

I have so many Christmas pictures to go through and share, but figure if I don't start in order I won't do it.  Here's some favorites from the month of December.  

We had two weekends in a row where we got a ton of snow.  It was so beautiful and Addi loved playing outside.  Which was good that she got to that weekend because then it got so freezing cold we could not be outside.

Spending a lot of time playing inside, looking at all the snow outside!
 Playing reindeer.
 On our way to deliver cookies to our neighbors.
 New door mat.  Thank you Target!
 Addi's preschool Christmas party.  Isn't this gift just the sweetest.  I cried.
 Before going to see Santa.
 Waiting for Santa. 
 Poor Isaac.
 My friend made these little make your own snowman playdough kits.  She loves it!
 Happy Birthday Jesus!
 Sledding at my parents.  My dad pulled them by his tractor.  They LOVED it!

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December 27, 2016

Can't ruin my Christmas plumber

sweater: c/o shein   jeans: old navy  boots: just fab

We had such a great Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Loved time with family, loved celebrating Isaac's first Christmas and so much to be thankful for.  Unfortunately it's 7:30 on Monday night and I'm listening to Chris talk with plumbers at our dining room table.  Our power had been out for six hours today and our crawl space flooded, and then we found out our sump pump is broken.  I was very much so looking forward to a quiet day at home with just our family and a normal bedtime for our kids.  I should just be very happy it did not happen on Christmas, right?  

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December 26, 2016


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So two months late as it's taken me forever to finish this post.  I turned 32 at the beginning of November and was thinking about the last year and the year ahead.  I feel like as I've gotten older I see the importance of naming areas that I succeed in and recognizing ones that I need to work on.  So year 32 . . . . . the success and places for improvement:

The good:

Confidence when saying no.  I used to worry that my friends or others would judge me for saying no to doing things and choosing to stay home instead. I enjoy being home in the evenings and know that in order to feel rested and happy, I need a lot of down time alone or with Chris.  It took me a long time to not feel like I was boring or a party pooper, but I'm totally over that now.  The same goes with making choices like not keeping my kids out late or missing nap/quiet times.  While I'm learning to be more flexible with Isaac as it just isn't possible, I make sure we have one set down time during our day, and that most nights our are in bed at a certain time.  

Balance. Before I was pregnant with Addilyn I was obsessive about working out.  I could count how many days of a year I did not work out.  Despite busy seasons I'd make it work and if I couldn't I'd feel guilty.  I got back to a pretty good workout routine after Addilyn was born and even trained for a marathon.  With two? I rarely get in actually work outs.  It just is not happening, and I'm okay with it. I know a time will come when I'll get to train for a marathon again.  I know when my kids are older it'll be easier to get workout videos done.  For now I go on walks all the time, count Isaac as a free weight and do the best I can.

Patience. There are plenty or areas that I struggle with when it comes to motherhood, but I think I'm pretty good at being patient.  Age three for sure is testing that daily, but for the most part this is a strength for me. 

The not so good:

Flexibility.  Last minute plan changes, switching around our schedule or day.  I stink at.  I hate last minute things, am the opposite of spontaneous, and while I think some of that is okay I want to be more flexible and need to try harder to not be rigid with my time.

Surrendering.  Letting go of my worries and handing over control to God is something that I struggle with.  While I definitely go through phases where this is easier at times, accepting that I am not in control of things, especially my kids is hard.  I worry about their health and their safety and want to protect the things I love the most.  I continually remind myself that God is my number one priority and that he will take care of everything in my life, but that I need to surrender it all to Him.

Expectations.  Sometimes I think my expectations of things are too high.  Friendships. Holidays. Even certain days.  Things with young kids are so unpredictable and I am so slowly learning that so many times things don't go as planned.  I'm working on not being super sensitive to things or over analyzing situations that sometimes hurt my feelings, when I'm sure that isn't anyone intentions. I'm learning to be more content with days with no plans and time at home with my kids and am so thankful that I get to have the job that I do, even if things often don't go as planned!

So here's to year 32! Continuing to work on both the areas in my life I see success in and the ones that need improvement!

December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I'm feeling so thankful for my family and more importantly for Jesus coming to Earth. I think having a little boy this year, I keep imagining what Mary must have felt like.  Rocking Jesus and hugging and kissing him, knowing that he was born to save her and the whole world. I can't even imagine the responsibility she felt and the honor of being chosen to be his mother.  It's so easy every year for me to forgot the importance of this holiday.  Holidays have been so much more exciting since having kids, but it's been harder for me to focus on the real reason we celebrate. Excited to spend this weekend with family, celebrate Isaac's first Christmas, watch Addi in her excitement and anticipation of Christmas, but most importantly celebrate the birth of our Savior. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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December 21, 2016

Take Two

I wrote about trying out the Irresistible Me curling wand a few weeks ago and thought I'd give an update! I am getting better at using it and really do like how it curls my hair.  I feel like it gets the wavy more than curling look which I love.

I'm sure you don't really need a visual but here it is.  My hair is pretty straight, blow dried or not. I pull up the top half of my hair so I can curl the bottom.  I used the second biggest curling wand attachment, and just take chunks of hair, wrapping it around and holding it for 10 seconds.  Then I put the top half down and do the rest.  It takes about 10 minutes and I do think it holds pretty well.  It still takes me a little longer than my regular curling iron, but I think it'll get faster the more I do it.  I can not figure out how to get the back of my hair easily, curling iron or curling wand! 

I used it for my hair for Chris' work party and if it weren't for staticy hair I would've kept it down all night.  I'm excited to keep using it and to try out the other attachments.  

What are you favorite hair products?  Any tricks for crazy staticy hair?  Best dry shampoo?  I need some help! 

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December 20, 2016

Holiday dress + giveaway

dress: c/o pink blush  boots: target

Last weekend we had Chris' work party and it was so much fun.  It was at a restaurant in a hotel and everyone dressed in fancy dresses and suits.  Appetizers, drinks, a yummy dinner.  It was so much fun. Last year it was at a bar with whirlyball (which is not fun for a pregnant person who can't participate), so this year I enjoyed it quite a bit more.  Chris and I rarely have a reason to get dressed up, so it was fun to feel fancy and have a date night.  (My wonderful sister in law stayed in the hotel room with Isaac, so we could stay till it was over!) 

I got my dress from PinkBlush and loved it.  It was super comfy and perfect for a holiday party.  I have been a big fan of PinkBlush since I was pregnant with Addilyn, and have posted about their clothes so many times (maternity favorites, summer dress, the BEST robe). They have so many adorable maternity pieces, as well as non-maternity clothing.  I bought so many things from their site when I was pregnant with Isaac, that I am still wearing. (I'm actually wearing this sweater as I type this and it's on sale for $21.)  Most of their clothes work while you are pregnant or not.  This dress is super stretchy that I'm pretty sure I could've worn it with a very pregnant belly. It'd also make a perfect New Year's Eve dress! PinkBlush always has awesome sales and always free shipping and returns.  

I'm hosting a giveaway for $50 to their site over on instagram so make sure to enter! 

Also I rarely talk about Chris or his job, but I have to say how incredibly proud of him I am. He started his own business a few years ago and then started working with a company less than two years ago and runs one of their offices near us.  He has done such an amazing job, and it's so clear everyone loves working for him.  I am so proud of him! 

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December 19, 2016

Ben the Rooster

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She may or may not be picking her nose in this one.  I'm not sure.  Toddlers are impossible.
I've been meaning to write this post for a while, as we've been receiving our cards for a few months. But I guess that means I can just tell you that as time goes on, we are still loving them!  Starting in September Addilyn got a new pen pal.  His name is Ben the Rooster and he sends Addilyn two postcards a month.  Each card has a different theme, and asks your little guy or girl a question and idea of what to write back.  The postcards come with a stamp which makes it way easier for me to get it in the mail.  

It's funny because we started getting these as soon as we moved into our new house, and we also got chickens when we moved.  So Ben the Rooster has fit right in and I've told Addi he's writing to the chickens too and checking to make sure we're taking care of them!

Of course Addi can't write and her attention span is quite short, but I still love these as it's fun to get something in the mail, gives us a little activity to do together, and is good practice to have her start writing and drawing more.  She also gets excited when we go and check the mail to see if there is a card for her! 

Ben the Rooster has holiday packages that come with a fun calendar and a six month subscription. If you order today they'd still come in time for Christmas! These would make great gifts for grandkids, cousins, friends, and it is only $4.00 a month.  If you use code HEYBEN you can get 10% off too!  

Thanks for the postcards Ben! We love them!

December 15, 2016

Snow, Sweaters and weekend plans

We're supposed to get another big snowstorm this weekend and all I want to do is sit on my couch all weekend, drinking coffee in the morning and then wine at night, watching Christmas movies, looking at our beautiful tree and fireplace.  So far we've watched the Holiday, Deck the Halls, the Family Stone, Christmas with the Kranks, Elf and the Grinch. What Christmas movies are your favorite and must sees? 

Also I plan on rarely getting out of leggings and bulky sweaters.  Here's a few looks I love: 

one //  two
three // four

We actually have Chris' work Christmas party this weekend so I will get to wear something other than leggings and a sweater! But you better believe that will only last the hours we're there. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

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December 14, 2016

I give up on a good title

sweater: h&m   pants: gap   boots: justfab
It's crazy how fast weather can change.  These are not from more than two weeks ago, and now everything is covered in snow and the high isn't about five degrees.  We are in full winter mode now and it is so beautiful to look at, but I already miss being able to be outside with the kids.  I'm going to have to find a game plan for the rest of Winter with fun things I can do inside with both kids or good places for us to go.  While I'm not thrilled about the freezing temps, I don't mind dressing for them and am loving this sweater I just got online from H&M.  I used to rarely order things online, but time to go shopping is less and less, so online shopping it is! 
This week has been moving quite slowly and I'm ready for another weekend! Happy Wednesday!
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December 12, 2016

To the lady at Hobby Lobby

The other day I went to Hobby Lobby with both kids which was probably a dumb idea, but my addiction to that store is strong so in the moment it feels worth it.  As I was carrying Isaac and about to put him into their mini carts, while Addi was climbing on the side of the cart and already asking for her treat, this woman came up to us and pulled out some antibacterial wipes.  She then proceeded to wipe down just about entire cart.  The handlebar, the sides and any surface my kids may potentially touch. She informed me how dirty these carts are and how easily kids get sick.  Now I know she was just trying to be nice and I really did not mind, but I was so tempted to tell her that both my kids eat food off the floor, and that I often give up on the battle of making Addi wash her hands each time she goes to the bathroom.  That while I go to the bathroom just about every time during the day, Isaac spends those minutes attempting to pull up next to me with his hands and sometimes mouth on the toilet seat.  That in order for Addi to put her underwear back on "by myself" she has to put her bare butt on the floor and get her legs in or has to take her underwear and pants totally off and climb up on the toilet seat like a little gremlin.  That I let Isaac chew on just about anything that makes him happy, unless it's a choking hazard.  So to the lady at Hobby Lobby, while I completely appreciate your effort, if you only knew how low my standards are of sanitation.

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December 11, 2016

Nine months

Dear Isaac,

Nine months old!  Time just keeps flying by and soon you are going to be a one year old.  I can't even believe it.  You are still just the happiest little guy and are so much fun.  Your giggle is the best and it is so easy to make you laugh.  You love being "chased," playing peek-a-boo, and being thrown in the air.  When you get excited you throw your head back and rock back and forth. It's pretty funny!

I've given you one little haircut a few months ago and clearly need to do it again.  Your hair has grown passed your ears and long in the back too! I love how much hair you have!

While there are some baby toys you love you get ridiculously excited about these random things. If you see a googly eyes, a sequence game pieces or one of those sticky window clings you go nuts and move so fast to get in.  Then get so sad when I take them away.

You love food and want to eat whatever we are eating.  You love bananas, yogurt, cheese, peas, avocados and those little baby pouches.  I bought some reusable ones and have been filling them with yogurt, sweet potatoes and applesauce, and need to make some more combinations for you! You love cheerios, yogurt melts and those little baby cheeto snacks.

You are starting to be more vocal and even say mama! You don't say it directly to me yet, but I hope that comes soon.  You do call Molly "Mol" and definitely say it to her.  You are in love with her. You climb all over her and hug and kiss her and I think she is your favorite.  Molly is so good with you and it is the sweetest thing.

You can pull up on everything and cruise around our furniture. You can climb over things and move really fast.  You crawl on your hands and knees now, instead of your belly and can go up our stairs.

You got your first tooth this month and your second one is almost through too.  It's so cute! It's hard to imagine your mouth full of teeth! You have the sweetest little dimple when you smile.

You still do not like the car.  You fuss and cry most of the time we are in it and I'll be quite happy when that phase is over.  You also hate having your diaper changed or your clothes changed. You get sad when we go into your room for naps or bedtime and start crying as soon as I put your sleepsack on. I think you hate missing out on anything, especially time when your sister is playing.

Your sleep? You're giving me more eye bags every month, but you are so worth it.  Your kisses and hugs and smiling face makes up for all the sleep deprivation.  I'm not sure there has been a happier baby boy in the world.  

I think you are wonderful and you make me so happy.  Happy 9 months Isaac Jordan.  I love you so so much!


your mama

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