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August 31, 2019

one last summer dress

dress: c/o shein

We've had some amazing weather this last week or so and it's making me very excited for Fall.  There's one more day in the forecast that is in the 80s, but the rest are 70s.  Given that could change at any time, I did run the chicago marathon in October and it was 95 degrees so who knows! But I'm hoping they're right and we keep getting this cool weather.  So maybe here's one last summer look?This dress is super cute, baggy just how I like it and only $16. (Use code Q3forlauren for 15% off your order.)  What is the weather like by you? Are you ready for Fall???
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August 25, 2019

Back to school

flower tee: c/o shein (Search ID 756584)

Around this time of year I always get a little sad seeing teachers' pictures of their classrooms set up and ready for a new school year.  I loved getting my room ready and preparing for a new year.  But I am so thankful that I get to stay home with my kids and wouldn't trade it.  I do miss dressing up for work though.  Pretty sure I'd want to buy even more clothes though, which is probably a good thing I don't "need" to.  Here are some cute back to school outfits I love from shein that are perfect for our in between weather these days where it is still summer, but we're all ready for Fall!  (Use code BTS345 for 15% off your shein purchase!) 

polka dot skirt: c/o shein  (Search ID 690134)
top: c/o shein  (Search ID 671219)
embroidered top: c/o shein (Search ID 719548)

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