. . . for Lauren and Lauren: Oops!

April 1, 2019


shorts: c/o shein   tank top: c/o shein

Well, a good month since I last posted anything.  Oops!  I definitely enjoy that I don't have strong feelings that I have to post in here or share stuff, but still like writing and posting outfits every once in awhile.  I would love to get back to more actual writing as I feel like lately I have more that I've processed and want to share, but kind of feel like Instagram seems like the main audience of anything, right?  Perhaps if nothing else though, an outlet to get some thoughts out.  

We've had warmer weather here.  Warmer being 50, but it feels so wonderful.  The kids and I have been outside daily and we are all so much happier because of it.  Addi learned to ride her bike without training wheels and would stay out there all day if she could.  I'm so proud of her and it's fun watching her be so excited and proud too.  

Warmer weather has been ready to spring and summer clothes, so I'm wanting to pack away my winter stuff and picked out some spring/summer things this time around from Shein.  (Even though yesterday it was 35 degrees, so I'm getting a little ahead of myself.) 

These shorts or super cute and I love that they're soft and high waisted and they are only $8. 

This tank top is perfect tucked into them, but is long enough it could be tied in a knot with regular shorts or teans, or even the back makes it long enough for leggings with a jean jacket or sweater for cooler weather now.  And it's only $9.  (Plus you can use code Q2forlauren for 15% off your purchase.)  

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