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July 2, 2014

11 months

Dear Addilyn -

Only one more month of these pictures.  I can't even believe it!  Every day your personality comes out more and more as you're turning into this little person and so not a baby any more.  

You get so excited for things.  If I ask if you want to go outside, you start making the funniest little giggle and kick your arms and legs.  It is too funny and cute.  When the garage door opens you know daddy is home, you do the same thing, crawling on me to pick you up or crawling to the gate.  

Speaking of daddy, you LOVE your daddy.  When he's around you want him just as much as me, if not more these days.  I don't blame you though because he plays with you and is so silly with you, you love it! 

You started climbing up onto everything! The couch, ottoman, your little rocking chair, your toys.  You try to put your knee up on everything.  You are so proud of yourself when you make it up.  You clap and smile and look at me.  But when you don't get up the first try, you get so mad! You are quite impatient and don't like to have to try again!

When I ask you where your belly is, your lift up your shirt and pat your belly and laugh.  You think it's hilarious to find and pat our bellies too.  You know where eyes and noses are too.  It's so fun that you are learning so much and getting smarter all the time!

You're eating is about the same.  You'll try most food but spit most things out.  Except that you still love yogurt, cheese and fruit.  You get really excited when I start cutting up grapes or blueberries.  You're still nursing four times during the day and once in the early morning, usually around five.  You go to bed around 7 and still aren't sleeping all the way through the night but you go to bed easily and usually fall back asleep easily after nursing too. 

You love your little lamb.  I've started bringing it in the car with us or to the store and it has made you much happier.  It's pretty cute when you cuddle it and say "awwww."  You love sleeping with it and dragging it around with you.   You also love laying on Molly and still think she is the best thing in the world. 

tractor ride with grandpa

You take two naps a day.  One is usually around 9:30 and the other is around 2.  Most of the times you sleep a little over an hour for both.  Once in a while I lay down with you for a nap and I love it.  I miss you sleeping on me and hope that we can take naps together here and there for a long time! 

We've been able to do lots of fun things outside.  We play in your baby pool often, go to parks and have been to a splash park twice.  You love all of it and are really happy whenever we are outside. 

It's funny because twice this month someone told me they thought you were laid back.  I have to disagree as you rarely sit still, are pretty high energy and a little loud.  But I love how energetic, excited and full of life you are.  It amazes me how fast you are growing and learning.  I feel like every few days there is something new you can do.  I always get sad thinking about how fast time is going, but get excited thinking about all the fun things we can do together and how much you're becoming your own little person! 

I can't even believe you are going to be one in a month! This year has gone by so fast and I can't imagine our life without Addilyn Jane.  I love you so much!

your mom 

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Jodi said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

I love her little bottom teeth! I can't believe she is 11 months already. I can't wait to see what you'll do for her 1st bday party! Such fun times ahead.

J and A said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Gah I love her and just want to snuggle her!! SO excited to see her party!!

The Lady Okie said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Happy 11 months! She's precious. Can't believe it is almost a year!

two birds said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

She is so cute, Katie. I love how happy and excited everything makes her. And that picture of her and Molly is pretty much the sweetest thing ever!

Jessica said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

She's SO precious! Cannot believe that she is going to be a year old next month!

Kelly said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

She is getting SO big!

xx Kelly
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